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  1. holeshotmaster17

    MD riders

    I live in Frederick. I mostly ride at Tomahawk but I've been to Mountaineer, The Landing, Rausch, Rocket, and Wolfmanns.
  2. holeshotmaster17

    hows the 05 250f's?

    The 05 is awesome! My Honda has $800 worth of suspension in it and the Yamaha stock suspension is just as good....if not better! Strongest 250f motor
  3. holeshotmaster17

    golden spectro 4?

    Spectro is the best oil out there!
  4. holeshotmaster17

    scratched up clutch cover..

    I dont think the carbon fiber covers scratch. But theyre alot of money.
  5. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    The weathers lookin ok for this weekend. Did you ever go up there hammer?
  6. holeshotmaster17

    Exhaust Valves not Intakes for Me

    What yr bike you have Chris?
  7. holeshotmaster17

    wolfs moto

    I've been there before. Its pretty nice- 121ft step up, rhythm section, whoops, 60 ft double and a 70 ft table (i think its 70). Check out this track www.tomahawkmx.com
  8. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    Yea were from frederick. We came in a black chevy pickup pullin a trailer. My buddy was with me too.
  9. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    Saturday was awesome did anyone go?
  10. holeshotmaster17

    Anyone know what this is?

    I went riding yesterday and washed my bike today. I noticed that one of the tubes just inside the front of the frame has some radiator fluid in it. It's about 2 inches up the hose. Is it supposed to drain? Should I add more?
  11. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    Oh yea i forgot to add thats it's guna be 60 degrees!
  12. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    I rode yesterday (Thursday) and the track was actually pretty good. Only some mud in like 2 areas-after the whoops in that turn and a little bit in the back. The track wasnt frozen and it should be even better for tomorrow (Saturday). I'm going out tomorrow also.
  13. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    Yea it was really cold today thats why Im waiting.
  14. holeshotmaster17

    Tomahawk Mx

    Sorry about posting so late. I'm going up Wednesday or Thursday. The track was frozen yesterday (Sunday) but it should be ok for wednesday. I'm also gunna go up on Saturday.
  15. holeshotmaster17

    any suggestions?

    The glowing is normal. Just don't let it idle too long because it will overheat.