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  1. ridered50230

    the day before thanksgiving

    would i be better off going (1 day only) up the 15 or east on the 10 to go riding I would THINK vegas traffic would be a pain and I REALLY wanna hit up ocotillo...
  2. ridered50230

    Can anyone help me?! please

  3. ridered50230

    Which Bike is faster

    (Dust devil has a small wee wee)
  4. ridered50230

    Recurring Lower back pain

    I went to the Chiropractor today twice we looked at my x rays I am 16 and have a back of a 40 year old Not nearly enough curve and I'm alll jacked up treatment starts next thursday when i get back from NY
  5. ridered50230

    Recurring Lower back pain

    Do you happen to know the name of any of the stretches? thanks
  6. ridered50230

    Recurring Lower back pain

    My back has been hurting me for the past 8 months, periodically A lot of the time, I will be playing basketball, jump, And then it seems 1/3 of the time I am crippled and have to sit out the day. Or baseball or Golf or Football or any sort of running Its always always the same spot on my lower right hand side of my back tonight was my last straw. I was in some of the worst pain. I think I shuold go to a chiropractor, but am not sure. I am only 16 and just don't know what it can be Just something in my muscle? bad back? any one with similar experience that could kinda lead me as to what I should/may need to go through? Maybe exercises/stretches that could help? especially in times of pain. ya ya i wouldnt ask the doctor for jeting help but he hasn't had experience riding a bike, many people here have probably had back troubles sooo don't even give me that. thank you very much
  7. ridered50230

    How to replace brake pads?

    How come, when I try to even place the Front caliper back on the disc? Its like its squeezed too far shut and wont open enough to slip on? Much less even switch it out and it is nowhere in my manual I'm just trying to sell this damn thing, don't want to buy a service manual really or anytihng
  8. So I need to sell my Crf 230. My friend wants to buy thing is, last time it was taken out (same friend rode it), the fork seal began to leak. In turn (according to someone here) the fork oil basically f-d up the brake pads (being the reason the front brake doesn't work) I think I fixed the fork seals, but I took the brake caliper to take a look. But weent to put the caliper back on, it would not go back on? Also, How would I go about Changing the brake pads? I don't have the service manual and don't plan on buying it as I'm selling the bike anyways. thanks!
  9. ridered50230

    Diesel w/ Bio Diesel

    its cheap now until there are means of production and it becomes like gas stations
  10. ridered50230

    I love my new ford

    we had an aerostar for 10 years and an expedition for 8 without a single problem it would be hard to get my dad to NOT want a ford But we looked at everything else and that was the only thing the whole family actually liked
  11. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/ridered50230/IMGP0382.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/ridered50230/IMGP0383.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/ridered50230/IMGP0381.jpg http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/ridered50230/IMGP0384.jpg just thought I'd share
  12. ridered50230

    Colorado vs. Tacoma

    Predicament solved F150 Crew cab
  13. ridered50230

    Sequoia vs Excursion

    Ah! we just traded in a BEAT UP expedition (it took a lot of hits), 95000 miles, 1999, leather, 6 disc, 4.6 v8 got 4500 bucks and thought that was generous BUt its OK Now theres a F150 in the driveway
  14. ridered50230

    Sequoia vs Excursion

    how yall gonna tell him the gas is too much in the excursion i think to cover the 8000... will take a LOT of drivin