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  1. I changed my Crank Seals in my 1983 CR480 yesterday. After I completing the job I found a weird washer on the floor in my shop. I am not sure if it goes in my motor.
  2. essin

    83 cr480 won't start/ backfire

    I had Eric Gorr do a compression release button on the head. My wife can now start it !
  3. I need help identifying this. Honda dual nitrogen Pro Link shock.
  4. I built a 1983 CR480 for ARMA racing. It was a full frame rebuild. I raced it in one national and feel the rear suspension needs some help. I am currently running Race tech springs and emulators on the front and back. Does anyone know about the Simon Link? I hear it changes the ratio so the Mid stroke is softer. I am trying to figure out what Spring rate I will need if I buy this and if anyone has tried it. Any help is welcomed-
  5. essin

    Shock Adjustment Q

    I spray WD40 on the shock threads - It makes it easier-
  6. essin

    Show me your motocross bike

    A bike that I found on the side of the road. Not sure if its stock or not-
  7. Before works forks left- After works forks right.
  8. essin

    Calling all Showa A-kit owners

    I ran across this old thread and thought I would share this- My A kit has wider CNC lower lugs. The titanium Axel is at least 1 inch wider then stock. This along with good triple clamps keep the front and end planted straight at all times. When I crash my stock practice bike I usually need to straighten the front end because the front wheel is not aligned with my handle bars. The A kit set up keeps everything straight. Look at the difference in the picture below :
  9. Factory 1g MM DLC Shock shaft Ti Spring
  10. Factory A kit suspension with wide axel lugs.
  11. essin

    Yamaha YZ250F 2016

    Thumbs up!