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  1. isaacsaunders277

    happy ramblers 7/8

    They said about having a lot of those problems with people like that on Saturday for practice. I didn't do crap racing. I raced 4-stroke and 125c. 4-stroke was mostly a-b riders, and I couldn't get going in 125c. I need to work on my suspension on the 2007. I was really getting kicked off of jumps and it didn't settle really well in the corners/ruts. The track sucked. They would put a ton of water down and didn't til it in. It was like riding on ice.
  2. isaacsaunders277

    happy ramblers 7/8

    Did anybody hear anything about the kid that got his neck ran over in 125c Sunday? It was pretty nasty, they had a ton of people getting hurt all day long.
  3. isaacsaunders277

    Doublin Gap

    Yeah, I'm going to be there all three days. I took off work tomorrow just to go practice. I need to work on that track, it was pretty tough last time. I need to get out there and work on the whoop section and the section after the first turn. Plus I want to look at some options in that first turn to see about getting a better start.
  4. isaacsaunders277

    Air Filter Oil

    I like the PJ1 spray on filter oil. You coat the filter evenly and then work it in with your hands. It seems to be a lot less of a waste compared to using regular oils.
  5. isaacsaunders277

    Doublin Gap

    Yeah, that track back behind the water tower is the new practice track. I went last Saturday to check it out. I bought their "membership package" to get a few free trips. (I think 2 times free for $45) It was ok. Not what I expected from Doublin Gap. It is basically natural terrain with one uphill double, three small jumps on one straight, one whoop section, and a hill with a lip cut in it. Track was dry and slippery. I think it will get better in time, but right now it's ok. Not great, just ok.
  6. isaacsaunders277

    Passing tricks ( how to get by)

    Gte really close to someone. If you get inside their comfort zone they will back off. This only works on slower people. I had a guy try to pass me in a rythm section one time. We were the same speed through it, but when he started inching over into my line, I backed down.
  7. isaacsaunders277

    Factory Question..

    I just changed the grips on my 05 for the first time. They were glued on, but there wasn't much glue at all. I used True Bond when I put them back on. It is cheaper then Renthal glue and it works a lot better. Then I wired them just to be safe. I've never heard of hair spray, how does that work?
  8. isaacsaunders277

    YZ250F Questions!!!

    My buddy had a similar problem with his. It would start sometimes and then if he stalled it, it would not start back up. Here is what he did, it may work for you and it may not: pulled the hot starter out and lubed the valve and changed the spark plug. If I remember right it wasn't a jetting problem. Also check in the YZ250F forum for similar articles. It may be a common problem on that year of bike. Before you do any jetting changes though pull your plug and see what it looks like...that will help a lot.
  9. isaacsaunders277

    rausch creek motocross....

    Plus doesn't Rausch make you pay some insurance fee? If I remember right it is a once a year fee, I'm sure that would surprise someone if they went the first time.
  10. isaacsaunders277

    Doublin Gap

    Where did they put the pit bike track? Also the paper they sent out about the track also said there is going to be a beginner track as well. And did Kinsley build those tracks as well, or are they built by Doublin Gap?
  11. isaacsaunders277

    Doublin Gap Saturday?

    Is anyone thinking of going Saturday? I'm probably going, depending on weather and if they are open.
  12. isaacsaunders277

    Doublin Gap

    The practice track is behind the parking lot. I looked at it a little Sunday, looks ok. I would have to ride it to say good or bad. I don't think they are going to have the main track open for practice. I might go Saturday morning to check it out. The race track is a lot of fun. Can't wait for the NE Classic weekend. What was wrong with the weather? Besides a little chilly, it was nice Sunday, no clouds at all. Yeah I saw that wreck up close. I was right at the fence watching the start. Was the guy you ran over ok?
  13. isaacsaunders277

    Suspension question

    I have heard everyone say that I need to get my suspension modified to me and my riding style. My question is: Am I really going to notice a night and day difference? I really like the way my YZ250F handles and acts right now with stock settings. I have never had it kick over a jump, only bottom when I have came up short on larger doubles, and get through turns without a problem. I'm a back of the pack C-class rider and have only been racing 2 and 1/2 years. I just keep hearing "I need to have it done", but I like and feel comfortable with what I have. Is it worth getting it done???
  14. isaacsaunders277

    Doublin Gap

    I didn't make it Saturday, but did get to go on Sunday. Track is awesome. It seems a little safer, but more technical. First turn is really tricky too. The off-camber really throws you off. Overall the track is great, it has many options and lines to make the racing more interesting.
  15. isaacsaunders277

    Where to buy: 06 YZ250F

    Hey, I know it would be a drive for you, but this is deffinately worth checking out...Martinsburg Motorsports. That's where I got my 2005. Call and ask them what the out the door $ is. 304-262-3500. The dealership is easy to get to (about 1 mile off I-81) and very friendly. Ask for Larry Presgreves. They have a web site too, but it is Suzuki only have to go to the showroom for the blue bikes. I got my bike for $5000.00. No taxes, no SET-UP fee. I know I will go there from now on to buy my bikes. Great people to deal with, just might be a long drive for you guys