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  1. Lindenberg

    E model won't turn over

    I'm stumped! The battery is good, the two fuses by the battery are good, the starter button and kill switch are OK, (tested with an ohm meter) and when I turn the key on the headlight doesn't turn on. I left a battery charger on the battery for a few days and kept it on while while trying to start and everything is dead. Now that I think about it I haven't tested the ignition switch. Any ideas???
  2. Is there a wire on the 2005 Enduro model that indicates the bike is in neutral? I'm adding a Acewell speedometer to the bike and it will show the bike is in neutral if I connect it to the correct wire.
  3. Lindenberg

    "Must do" trails in Big Bear

    Are there any trails or areas with jumps up in Big Bear?
  4. Lindenberg

    "Must do" trails in Big Bear

    What are your favorite trails up in the Big Bear area? A group of us with DRZ400 will be camping up there and we don't want to miss the best of what Big Bear has to offer.
  5. Lindenberg

    Rear brake is very weak

    I have a 2003 and to activate the rear brake I need to push the brake pedal farther than I would expect to. I made the adjustments to the pedal and it was much better for a while. Now I must push it way down again to stop. The pads are good, the resivour is full and there aren't any leaks. On my other DRZ the plunger doesn't travel very far into the master cylinder but on my problem bike there is about twice the travel. Any ideas what the problem may be?
  6. Lindenberg

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    This was in the hills to the West of Silverwood Lake two weeks ago. We were not expecting the snow.
  7. Lindenberg

    IMS gas tank?

    On the IMS 4 gallon tank I was wondering how the gas that is located below the petcock is used. I emailed Just Gas Tanks and asked them. Their reply was... "Yes, you might have a .25 gal tank that might not be used. The way the tank is made the inertia from the fuel sloshing gets the fuel back and over to the petcock. We sell a ton of these and have had good feedback. Ben North Coast Motorsports LLC Just Gas Tanks 760/758.3725 T 760/690.9116 F"
  8. Lindenberg

    Dual sport rides in So. California

    Does anyone know about any dual sport rides in the Southern California area that use roll charts for the trip directions?
  9. Lindenberg

    ? my drz400sm with Clarke tank plastic ???

    Coat the inside of your plastic tank with epoxy sealer then you can paint the outside without getting bubbles in the paint or you can ad stickers. http://www.caswellplating.com/aids/epoxygas.htm
  10. Lindenberg

    stapling a seat

    I bought a used seat on eBay to practice with. If I don't mess it up I'll use the eBay seat and keep my original seat as is.
  11. What good is the lower portion of the IMS 4 gallon tank on the petcock side of the tank? The fuel petcock is above the bottom of the tank so how does the fuel get into petcock? I can understand if you are running low you can lean the bike over to the left to transfer the fuel to the other side but the fuel below the petcock is not usable. Am I missing something?
  12. Lindenberg

    IMS Tank or Clarke

    In the IMS 4 gallon tank, how does the fuel that is below the petcock and carb get used? Is it sucked out?
  13. Lindenberg

    IMS Tank or Clarke

    I have two '03 DRZs. One has the Clark tank on it and the other has the IMS 4 gallon tank on it. The tanks were on the bikes with I purchased them. The DRZ with the IMS tank on it also has Unibiker rad guards installed. They fit but I don't know if the previous owner had to do anything special to make them fit.
  14. I was planning to replace my front tire with a 90/90 Michelin AC10. They are now only available in the 80/100 size. Any problems with this size on a DRZ400S?
  15. Lindenberg

    California motorcycle driving test

    I'll be taking my motorcycle driving test this Christmas on a Suzuki DRZ400S. It is street legal but the tires are not DOT approved. I know the DMV will check the brake lights, blinkers and horn but was wondering if they will look at the tires. This bike is new to me and most of my riding is in the dirt. When these tires need replacing I'll be getting DOT tires.