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  1. I've got the cycra pro bends and I think there some of the best ones you can get
  2. Turns out assembly lube isn't slippery enough I put oil in instead of assembly lube and it turned fine after that
  3. As far as I know yes they are the original ones and yes
  4. I'm rebuilding a 2007 yz250f and the intake cam seems a little stiff to turn but I'm wondering if it's fairly normal since there's more contact on the head because there's 3 valves there instead of 2 put a straight edge up to it to see if it's warped but I didn't see that it was. When it warms up will it loosen up? Is this normal?
  5. I ended up ordering the 139 kit the other day. Had been planning to go with eg 144 but went to go order it and saw he wasn't excepting new work until May because he was so busy, and I need my bike by May so I went with max power. Does anyone here have one? What's a good base line for jets to start out with at sea level?
  6. I'm not even close to being a pro I don't drive it hard enough for that so I don't think it's that
  7. At the start of last season I noticed my v force reeds were chipping in a few spots so I replaced them and with only 25hrs on the bike there's small chip already. This can't be right. Anyone else have this problem. I'd also think the little chipped pieces going through the motor wouldn't be good for it, there are a few scratches on my piston that I'm wondering if they caused. Anyway if anyone has a stock reed cage or boyesen cage they'd want to trade for this one lol it's for an 06 yz 125
  8. thanks I figured it was something like that but couldn't find anything on it
  9. I'm trying to lace up my wheels for my 06 yz 125 and I'm having some trouble. In the kit I got there are 3 different lengths of spokes and on the ends of them there are numbers Y9 Y5 and Y4 there are 18 y4 then 9 of y9 and 9 of y5. Y9 the longest, y5 the second longest then y4 the shortest. I thought I had it laced up right but all the Y9 are sticking out too far. I can't find anything about 3 different lengths
  10. People get clapped out bike and dont maintain them because they know nothing about dirt bike maintainance. They think that if they clean the air filter and change the oil once a year their good
  11. I was test riding a 250f I just rebuilt and I was just in shorts because it was just going to he quick. Front tire washed out, thought a scraped my leg so I kept going then when I got back I realized I burnrt the whole inside of my leg right down to my ankle
  12. Watch youtube a couple times first should be fine that's how I learned
  13. I got a hod rods in mine but think im gonna switch to oem because the hotrods seems to vibrate quite a bit
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