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  1. Just stepped through the 2020 BYOB. They still charge for the 2" lowering. $695. Also did not see any 4gal fuel tanks, I suppose aftermarket just doesn't have that ready yet.
  2. Dirtbike Magazine does not state anything about coolant running through the frame. https://dirtbikemagazine.com/beta-motorcycles-new-models-for-2020/
  3. I certainly agree with you! There are more vertically challenged riders than tallboys out there!
  4. So I read from Dirtbike magazine something that I thought was conflicting information, well at least redundant. BYOB in the past already had the options of 2" lowering, it just cost $600+. So I don't get why this statement is 'new for 2020'. "Also new for 2020 is the ability for customers to order any RR or RR-s model straight from the factory with a 2" lower seat height over the stock models. These "lowboy" models have parts installed inside the front fork and rear shock to lower the seat height."
  5. Hopefully they can innovate and get that 4+ capacity like other bikes get. Katoom 500 has a 4.5 gal tank from IMS, and its FI also, so I do believe it's in the realm of possibilities considering (low pickup) is the same design consideration the 450L is looking at. I do carry a rotopax now so total fuel is 3.75 gals. I'm trying to 'going forward' carry all fuel up front so that my gear isn't laying on top of the rotopax like it does now. Will make for a lower profile and lighter on the rear setup. You know how it is, in my head, I want it a certain way and don't want to compromise on this aspect.
  6. Did they mention intended size, or is that still tbd?
  7. Havent heard anything myself. Though my purchase of the 450l hinges on a 4+ gallon tank being available. Otherwise Katooom I go. Sent an email to IMS throwing my vote in for a 4+ gallon tank, hopefully that helps.
  8. Ma Man! The 250L has a 34" seat height, and 10" of ground clearance. I can womp anywhere I need to on the 250L , so this lowered 450L oughtta be just fine!
  9. I have multiple vehicles, each for an intended purpose. I cannot deny your logic here, a bike for each purpose sounds smart to me!
  10. So I am currently balancing the choice of going Beta (430,500), or Honda 450L. Very interesting perspective to see you looking overboard at the 450L from one of my prospect bikes which you acknowledge is a great bike. Regarding your Beta, i'm sure they will solve the issue. We know the wiring can sometimes a bit of a weak spot on the Beta right? Honda most likely wont have that same issue. If any issues regarding wiring that is. You have had a good amount of problem free operation, I bet that will continue after the starter issue is solved. I'm curious to know what the resolution is btw. For the Alta's-The LIthium Ion's cant stand up to the cold, they Amperage output plummets and the chemistry can get a dangerous if pushed (drawn from) while in a inhospitable climate. In an example- Tesla's have battery heaters and those will turn on when temps drop too low. Alta's probably wont afford that.
  11. My dad has a Husaberg 650, my buddy has KTM 525exc, nother buddy has Beta 430, and KTM 450. Maintenence intensive bikes right? We all do a yearly trip that in it self, is 500-700 miles in four days. Been doing that trip for 7 years now. Then we ride weekends on end during the spring,summer, and into fall. Sometimes we have to do over 100 miles sustained on the highways, albeight butt breaks to get back home from where we rode too. I always think 'This is the year they blow up on the trail or highway', yet they dont. We adjust our valves, we change our oil, and maintenance as needed. If you keep up on the bike maintenance (High strung or not), it will be fine. Infact my dad pushes his maintenace out to maybe double or triple of what the book calls for (except oil). I think the 450L would fit your use case wonderfully and last longer than you expect. I have learned over the years that these (high maintenance) bikes can take some abuse, and to not worry so much about it, just dont make a habit of not doing it you know? With Honda being Honda, you have a leg up on what you may suspect is abuse, when really there is a conservative safety factor worked into those maintenance intervals (IMO).
  12. I also haul my Honda Dirtbike with a Honda Ridgeline ? ... 240k, and only maintenance performed, very reliable.
  13. Awesome to hear you are enjoying the 450L! Can you give me your opinion on how accurate the 'fuel used' info from the dash is. Possibly compare the dash info, to what you actually put in the tank? Also, do you have to reset that meter manually?
  14. Oh absolutely will. Beta's are very cool bikes, very nice bikes. Beta's have the same scope as the 450L, a trail to trail road legal dirtbike. Not racers themselves, but breed from them. I rode a buddies 430rr this summer during some weekend riding and a poker runs, I had a ball on it. Suspension ready for woods and single track out of the box. Fabulous for riding in the PNW. Just like the 450L as you reported. I guess either way, i'll be on a red team lol. Next is to ride a 450L for myself, though I suspect that may seal the deal. There is a certain comfort in going with big red. I know there is quality there. One difference for me as a major pro to the 450L is the intentionally beefed up rear subframe. It is important as I do some hefty load ups for dual sport camping trips. Additionally the after market 'will eventually' be there for anything I want. As an example: My 250L, its farkled out good now, and it happened over time as items came available, which was cost effective for me as it spread out the cost over time.
  15. Thanks for the info Bryan! This is very exciting news, and I am glad that your review went so well. I have been waiting for this to help settle my choice in choosing between a Beta 430rr and Honda 450L. I am leaning towards the 450L though the Beta 430rr is a fantastic bike as well. What a great tough choice to have!
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