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  1. My 01 520 EXC has a lexan lens with a 35W/35W bulb. I'm thinking about replacing that guy with a 60W/55W bulb since the EXC has the 110W stator. I've been told that the lens would melt from the 60 watter. I thought that the lexan lens was pretty tough and stronger than glass. Thanks, Concho
  2. Concho

    New 400SX hard to start.

    If its been sitting, I would try some known fresh gas and try blowing out all passages on the carb. My YZ400 started to get hard to start so I did the carb treatment and it worked wonders. The carb on these two bikes are pretty much the same thing. Later, Concho
  3. Concho

    Anybody got a PDS 3 for sale?

    Shameful self promotion...
  4. Concho

    Scotts, Wer, which stabilizer questions

    I've had a WER on several bikes in the past with no leaks. I don't understand your viewpoint on the WER. I've been really happy with it. Just set it up and forget it. I really never adjusted it unless I was in a really rocky area, I would bump it a notch but usually just left it alone. Later, Concho
  5. I've called around and they seem to be on back order. I was just wondering. Thanks, Concho concho123@attbi.com
  6. I sent my radiators off to get unsquished, and I'm now in the process of putting them back on my bike. One problem. The rubber radiator grommets have a thin side and a thick side. I can't remember which side goes where. Could some take a look to see how these guys go on. The manual is sort of fuzzy on this. Thanks, Concho
  7. Concho

    Bah, stripped my oil screen bolt.

    Chris, You can take the little screen off. I was having trouble with that area on the last oil change. The screen is held onto the plug with a o-ring at the end of the screen. These two pieces will come apart without any damage. Later, Concho
  8. Concho

    PC T-4 Exhaust

    Are you guys running with the stock spark arrestor cone in or out on the T4? Thanks, Concho
  9. Concho

    PC T-4 Exhaust

    Are you guys running with the stock spark arrestor cone in or out on the T4? Thanks, Concho
  10. Guys, As I was contemplating my next rear tire purchase at the local bike shop, I was wondering about using a wider 120/100 on my 520. The bike's got more than enough power to push the extra rubber. Has anybody traveled down this route yet. I'm thinking about it but I'm wondering if this will make the 520 a wheelie monster. Anybody tried this yet or know anyone that has. Thanks, Concho
  11. Guys, I got my Pro Circuit T4 exhaust system yesterday and noticed that the T4 came with a spark arrestor pre-installed. Are you guys using the spark arrestor cone or are you taking the screen baffle out and running it wide open? I might be a little confused but, is the spark arrestor and the quite core the same thing. The spark arrestor baffle screen that I removed from my T4 sure looks like the quite core accessory item shown on the PC web site. Thanks, Concho
  12. Concho


    I had the same twitchy problem with my 01 520EXC. Too much headshake. So I lowered the suspension in the triple clamps to where only about 1 mm is shown between the caps and the triple clamps. I also switched to 7 weight oil and raised the level by about 10 mm from stock. In the back I've tightened the shock adj ring two full turns. I weigh about 230 with gear so this is working for the present but might be altered as I get more time on the bike. I've toyed with the idea of going back to 5 weight in the front with a higher level and will probably try that next fork oil change. Later, Concho
  13. Concho

    WaterPump Splooge revisited...

    Guys, The more that I examine my 01 520EXC the more disturbing its becoming. This bike has less than 150 miles on it. I'm now thinking that the gunk in the pictures above is partial melted or knicked off remnants of my impeller. The ends of the impeller and impeller wheel base are scratched with grooves that look like impact surfaces. Also one impeller paddle is cracked and looks like it might break off if left on. Add that to the parts list of a bike with less than 150 miles on it. I'm now wondering if I have a foreign object(s) in my radiator fluid pathways. This engine choked on itself the very first breakin ride. (broken starter pin off the case another friggin sad story for another day) After waiting 8 weeks to get my engine back from the factory mechanics at KTMUSA in Ohio. What took KTMUSA and my local dealer 8 weeks to complete my warranty work? I'm finding this type of crap. I must state that I don't know for sure if in fact I do have something floating around in my engine but I am finding evidence that points that way. Does anyone know how deep into the engine the radiator passages carry. Do the fluid jackets extend down into the cases? I'm planning a search into my engine and radiators but I'm wondering how successful I'll be without splitting the cases. What a total friggin bummer. Here's another angle of the scratched impeller : Here's a picture of the seal carrier. The weep hole is slightly above 3:00. I've learned from this board that this weep hole should be at 6:00 so that any radiator fluid will leak out so that fluid will not build up and leak to the oil side of the seals. Is this the general consensus guys? Makes sense to me. It seems to me that the seal carrier will get to half full or more before weeping will occur. What makes me scratch my head a little is why there are waterpump seals driven off the camshaft. I'm sure its to save weight and to move the waterpump away from the bottom of the engine and the obvious seperation of fluids. Those cam lobes and rocker arms produce alot of vibrations and heat. That's a pretty violent area for a highpower big bore engine. The cam bearings are of a smaller diameter than my YZ400s cam bearings. The YZ motor has two camshafts with two larger bearings per shaft with bearing guides. IMO, KTM is going for weight savings here but at what cost to reliabilty? I'm not an engine builder so my viewpoint might be total bull**** but aren't these questions worth asking? Also, one of the cam bearings lie right next to the outer oil waterpump seal. Are there heat transfer issues with these seals being adjacent to the rotating camshaft bearing? Is the reason for the new seal carrier washer and the new ultra tight metal jacket seals? Well guys I hate to vent so much over the internet and being a faceless flamer.(I've included my email if anyone would like to respond privately) But after repeated emails to KTMUSA have been ignored and getting the ole "there's nothing wrong with this bike" and "as far as KTMUSA is concerned this is user error" from the local dealer my faith in those institutions has been shaken and fowled. Actually I was so pissed off when the local shop mechanic/sales guy tried to explain what a reserve was on my gastank that I just packed my bike and left the dealership. I added up in my mind the number of reserves that I had bought/changed over the years for other brands of bikes (1 RM,2 YZ,1 YZF) and just got even more pissed. Maybe that was knee jerk reaction but one that I haven't regretted doing. Saying all of this I have found others at KTM that do seem to care and have provided good to excellent service. The KTM dealership in New Orleans gave me an excellent price and was very detailed on what to service and what to watch out for on my new 520EXC. The local dealer down "south" of town has provided me with good service on calling back about part availability so not all is bad in the land of Orange. The members of this and other bbs are helpful and insightful. I'm just wishing I could get this whole ugly 5 month long process behind me and get on to racing my bike and having fun. At this point you can only stomach being pissed off for so long and I admit I'm being stubborn about doing all the work myself at this point. But man, who else is going to take care of my bike as much as me. Apologies in advance for any innocent bystanders to this post. Concho ============================================ tele72thinline@Hotmail.com [This message has been edited by Concho (edited September 13, 2001).]
  14. Concho

    Another olorado pic -

    TBob, Did you use your digital camera? I've packed my Olympus with me on some mtb bike rides but I do get a little nervous about it since the viewer screen in back doesn't look crash proof. So far I've used some bubble wrap and a small study carboard box surrounded by a plastic bag(keep out the dust). I would like get something a litte more crash proof, but luckily so far I haven't had an actual stress test. Shots from Downieville CA downhill course (16 miles from 7500' to 2500') http://members.home.net/concho123/Bikes/HippieBuss.jpg http://members.home.net/concho123/Bikes/DV_Stream.jpg http://members.home.net/concho123/Bikes/DVGullie.jpg Man! I want to go to Colorado and Utah right now! Later, Concho