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  1. Toby_S

    JD Tuner Question

    I removed reeds and "salt shaker" screens on my 2017 EXC 350. I received my JD tuner with the open exhaust settings that were in the manual, and it was totally plug and play. The bike runs perfectly, in my opinion.
  2. Toby_S

    Numb Hands

    Look at Pro-Grip Rally Grips. I get carpal tunnel, and they help a lot. If you're really into it, Neken now makes bars that actually get thinner on the ends (like for kid's motocross bikes), and then the grips are even thicker. This sounds expensive - you'll need a new throttle tube as well as the bars.
  3. Toby_S

    rear shock hook wrench sizes??

    I can the nut by turning the spring on a linkage suspension, but I can't do it on my '17 non-linkage bike.
  4. Toby_S

    2018 exc-f 350 first valve check

    "The valves are not opening all the way." is insignificant. They are stopping less than one thousandths of an inch short of where they would if you shimmed it. That's about .5 % I would probably shim it, just because I'm anal retentive, but I don't think it needs to be shimmed. If it were tight, I would definitely shim, because that can burn valves. - Toby
  5. Toby_S

    2018 exc-f 350 Exhaust Upgrade

    I pulled the reeds and the two "salt shaker" screens in the exhaust, and installed the JD tuner with the recommended settings. It was plug and play, I haven't touched it since, and the bike rips, and runs perfectly! It's all I need.
  6. 13/52 for me. It will cruise 50 mph fine, but any more for more than a few minutes, and it feels like it's not good for the engine. Some people say 13/50 is optimum, and that's probably true, but I'm too cheap to spring for a rear sprocket. Maybe when mine wears out, I'll do it.
  7. I am totally happy with my JD tuner. I haven't tried a vortex, but one person who tried both said he didn't think you could feel the difference in the seat of your pants. A 350 four stroke that runs clean is all I need, and that's what JD delivers for me, with no fiddling. I'm going to use the "extra" $500 for a steering stabilizer. I'm talking about a '17 EXC 350 with reed valves and exhaust outlet screens removed. Removal of these items was a big boost in power. The JD tuner enabled this without worrying about running lean.
  8. Toby_S

    '17-'18 EXC Key Relocation?

    I tried one of those relocation brackets, and I thought the key hung out too far on the side, and might get snapped off or pulled off during a fall. I went back to the stock location. My setup uses the BRP handlebar clamps with Cycra Pro guards. My bars are back some, in the second from closest to rider position. I can reach the key okay, but not great. I just stretch the front plate forward a little to put the key in. I had a friend who hole shot a motocross race on his Honda XL, went into the first turn, and his leg turned off the key and snapped it off. Not that this is relevant, but it's a fun story.
  9. Toby_S

    rear shock hook wrench sizes??

    ragingspeed, Please let me know how the wrench works, and what part number you got. I'm in the same boat. I have to take my shock off to get a good enough grip (which, fortunately is easy, but has extra steps.
  10. The AT81s have awesome traction, but wear fast. I prefer the non-desert type (more flexible sidewalls). Maxxis are good and wear very well. I am short so I like the 110-90 X 18. I get a little shorter tire with good traction. The Maxxis do not come in that size. Also, since I have retrofitted tail light wiring, the Maxxis hit the wiring, where the AT81s did not. I need to fix that, but I'm actually probably going to go back to AT81s for both reasons (shortness and clearance).
  11. Toby_S

    GPS Recommendations?

    Cobra46, What do you use for software? I just got a Montana, and I'm either going to add TOPO 24K or City Navigator.
  12. Toby_S

    2017 KTM 350 exc-f Build

    Wow, nice build! Where did you get the tail light? Is it about the same as the stocker? It looks pretty good. I'd like a larger one than what I have.
  13. Toby_S

    Uncork the 2017 350 EXC-F

    I removed the reed valves and two back muffler screens. I put on the JD tuner with the out-of-box settings, and my '17 EXC 350 rocks! Easiest mods ever, and it's still reasonably quiet. Google 2017 exc mods, and you'll find some good info.
  14. I love my 2017 EXC 350! I pulled the reed valves out of the airbox, and the two screens out of the exhaust cap, plugged the smog tube and added a JD Power Tuner (Google this). That is all you need to have a ripper! This bike is awesome! I don't need more power. Maybe I would if I weighed a lot more (I'm 150). I've been riding, and sometimes racing, dirt for 50 years.
  15. Toby_S

    Handle Bars

    I'd start by cutting 1/2 inch. You can always take more off, but putting on is more difficult.