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  1. mxman502

    2013 with a blown shock seal that's exactly 7 days old

    Both mine leaked oil, not air after about 8 hours. The bike does not like sand or mud for sure. I sent to Factory Connection and no issues since. FYI FC does amazing work on the bike. It's shockingly better.
  2. mxman502

    2013 KX450 for 6' 2" guys opinions?

    6'2" 240lbs..... The bars are forward, pegs low, Windham RM, Mid bend. Love the bike, very comfortable.
  3. Guys, My clutch on my 08 is almost impossible to pull in. I replaced the cable about 5 months ago and still not much better. I've tried the stock perch and a Sunline perch. My riding buddies a re suggesting getting another new cable and trying a differanct perch. The plates appear to be good as is the basket. Any suggestions ??
  4. Guys, I have had my suspension done by a local company and love it. I picked up a FC Linkage and rode with it for several moto's. The linkage make my suspension act like it wasn't there. Super harsh, kicking it sucked big time. I called my suspension guy and he said pull it off the bike that it was valved for the stock linkage and the FC linkage would just not work unless he revalved the shock again. Anyone heard this or found a fix ? When I put the stock linkage back on it was like butter again. Thoughts ?
  5. mxman502

    My 08 450 is close to being done!

    Nice looking ride..... Did you custom make the frame grip tape or is that available somewhere.
  6. mxman502

    Taller Bars for my 05

    I just bought the CR Hi Renthal Fat bars along with bar risers w/1 1/8 fittings. I'm in heaven !!!
  7. mxman502

    fastwaypegs a good decision

    I'm on my 2nd set and love them..... My bolt did snap off after being on the bike for about 2 years. It's a pretty hairy thing to happen landing a jump with no right footpeg. No clue why it happened but it didn't stop me from buying a pair for the new bike.
  8. mxman502

    Need help getting my bars raised

    The tallest bar is the Jimmy Button bend......
  9. mxman502

    08 Bar Mounts

    I was reading the manual and it states if you turn the mounts 180 degrees it moves to bars 6mm forward. Has anyone tried this and if so can you tell the differance. Thanks
  10. mxman502

    Waiting on 08 RMZ450

    Every time I asked my dealer the date got moved farther and farther back. As of last week it was February. I couldn't wait and picked up a Honda on Friday.
  11. mxman502

    foot peg help

    I have found only 3 MFG's that make pegs that move back and down. The down part may not be to helpful for ya though. Fastway, IMS and Pivot Pegs all have settings and or models to change the position. Check there websites for specifics.
  12. mxman502

    It may time to go Red....

    I rode the 08 CRF450 yesterday. bad mistake on my part !!! :thumbsup: After riding several 06 Honda's, 07 Honda's it never made me too excited and I always went back to my 05 RMZ and been happy. Well after riding to 08 yesterday my RMZ felt old, slow and really heavy. Now I haven't ridden the 07 RMZ but the new Honda was amazing. It handled and tracked tons better and the power was everywhere. I sure hope the EFI 5 speed is awesome I hat to go Red.
  13. mxman502

    cant get shrouds off

    It's amazing that the 05's, 06's and 07's all do this. I would think Suzuki would have fixed the issue by now.
  14. A buddy showed up yesterday with his brand new 08 450. I don't ride a Honda but I can tell you that the Honda was incredible. My current ride is a 05 RMZ 450 and it made my bike feel like a 500lb pig. The Honda handled incredibly, the power was there and I mean everywhere. Other than feeling small to me which can be fixed the bike was definitly better than the 07 CRF's I have ridden. I'm guessing it's time to go red unless the EFI is something speacial.
  15. mxman502

    Changing Top End....

    Guys, It's time to change the top end on my 05....... Is this something someone who is dangerous with tools can do ? I could tear down a 2 stroke top end with no issue but the 4 stroke seems much more complex. Can a moron do this himself ?