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  1. deputy400

    white brothers header pipe

    Yes, I Have The Same Exact Problem. It Drives Me Nuts With The Back Firing. I Am Trying To Find A Stock Header For A Really Low Price So I Can Go Back Completely Stock. My Bike Did Have A Full Wb System But The Thing Was Too Stinking Loud! Plus I Am Not Fast Enough To Need An Aftermarket System Anyway.
  2. I have a 2003 YZ250F that I bought used. upon getting it home I began to find all of the little problems. Not a real big deal as I am somewhat mechanically inclined. The one that is getting me is the idle adjustment screw on the carb. It seems to be frozen and will not turn. I could just replace it I guess but the part is about $50.00 stinking dollars. I have soaked the mechanism in WD-40 and it still has not come free. Any suggestions on this? Also, what is the possibility of running a carb off of another bike like say an 02 YZ426? Any wisdom into this the newest of my dilemma's would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I just bought a used 2003 YZ250F and realized I needed to replace all of the linkage bearings. WHAT A FRIGGIN NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! The old ones were fused into the dog-bone and the little shock mount piece. Needless to say after about a hundred bucks on ebay and having to cut the old linkage off I just may be able to ride this weekend. That is if I can get the new bearings pressed in. The little jerk could have taken better care of the bike and greased the thing every now and then. Either that or he used a pressure washer and held the nozzle about an inch from the bearings for an hour every time he washed the bike. The needles were dry as a bone and just fell out. The little punk! I'll have to buy or make some kind of tool before I tackle the swing-arm bearings.
  4. deputy400

    3rd Degree Shoulder Separation...

    Been there done that. Do not have the surgery. I tore all three ligaments in 2003. My doctor told me that I would net about the same range of motion without surgery as I would with. I opted out and I cannot tell a difference in range of motion. I am a police officer and have had to fight several idiots since then and have not had any problems. Every now and then it will remind me of itself when I fall asleep on my right side. Now when I tore all of the ligaments on top of my left foot that is a completely different story. The same doctor says that it may take up to a year to heal. I can't run very good right now and if I put the right twist on the foot it hurts like heck. Anyway, stay away from the surgery and do the range of motion exercises the doctor gives you.
  5. deputy400

    450 for a 250

    I am just curious if there is anyone out there on the eastcoast(near Virginia) that might be interested in a possible swap of an 04 CRF450 for a CRF250? I have an 04 450 and it is just too much for me and my skill level. I would be much more suited to the power of a 250F. If so PM me and I can give details and try to send pictures. If I can't go down to a 250F then I may be forced to just get rid of the beast. I love riding but the power scares the you know what out of me. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. deputy400

    What brand and rate of springs do I have?

    Thanks, I'll straighten him out tomorrow. Maybe he does need a refresher course on Honda suspension. Of course I never said he was an excellent mechanic, ha ha. Now I just need to get hold of a service manual for the spring rate.
  7. deputy400

    What brand and rate of springs do I have?

    OK if that is the case then why did the Honda technician tell me that they were not Honda springs. He said that Honda springs were smoother on the bottom where the hash marks are(mine are not real smooth). He also stated that they were definitely stiffer than stock. He told me that Honda did not put marks like that on their springs. I know that my suspension was redone by TBT racing by the previous owner. I don't know what to believe here. The tech at my shop is a good friend of mine he wouldn't be mistaken would he?!. If they are Honda springs does anyone have a service manual they can check and tell me what rate the springs are? They have three marks very close together with a fourth about a half inch or so away. Any help would be great. Thanks, Shane
  8. I just had the seals changed on my 04 CRF450 and I know the suspension has been redone. When we had the springs out I wanted to check the rate. Well the rate is not stamped on the springs but there are four hash marks on them. Three of them are very close together and the fourth is separated from the other group by an inch or so. Does anyone know what brand they might be and what rate? Or can anyone tell me how to research this to find out what company pits these marks on their springs? I do know that they are stiffer that stock. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. deputy400

    Question before I make an exhaust mistake

    That is what I mean. If I came across a deal that I could not pass up on a complete system for an 03 would it fit on an 04? If I am correct didn't Honda change the frame a great deal in 05 but not much at all from 03 to 04? I may be very wrong on that but I am no Honda expert.
  10. I always see exhaust systems for the CRF450 listed with part numbers for 02 and 03, then 04 and 05. I thought they changed the frame from 04 to 05. If they did then how can the exhaust systems be interchangeable? Am I correct in thinking that if I use the entire system from an 03 that it will fit an 04? I thought i read that in the search system here. Will someone give me the real skinny on this issue? Please!!!
  11. How hard is it to change the fork seals on a CRF450? I have never done it before and am wondering just how difficult it is. Can anyone give me any advise or tips? Thanks, Shane
  12. deputy400

    In need of honest advise!!!!!

    Hey CRFBoy, that's funny! If you live anywhere near Madison,NC there is a VERY NICE track that is going to be opening there soon. The guy that owns it built it behind his go-cart race track. I have ridden it and it is real good. Just over two minute lap times. He wants to start having night races like Rolling Hills. He has ordered the start gates and has priced the lighting system. I'll let you VA and NC guys know when it is officially open for business. One of my best friends and riding buddies designed the layout. Oh, the owner is a retired engineer and has all of the turns banked and has the drainage worked out good. It'll be fun. Later, Shane
  13. deputy400

    In need of honest advise!!!!!

    We are just now getting tasers. I live in a very small town our only claim to fame is the Martinsville Speedway for all of you NASCAR guys. Also, I tend to give breaks to fellow riders first. We do have the nastiest pepper spray known to man and Asp's. I was only a half step away form the guy when he decided to punch another idiot. So I just hooked his arm and rammed his head into the bank. That is when I tore my foot up. I probably will keep it and I do want to add a few things to it. I just really have a strong desire to ride now that I can't.
  14. deputy400

    In need of honest advise!!!!!

    Thanks. I'm not in a postion where I have to sell the bike, it just hurts my feelings to see it there all alone. I don't know I just sit here wondering sometimes what is the best thing to do.
  15. Okay guys, I need some honest advise from you all. I just recently bought a used 04 CRF450R. I haven't been able to ride it yet due to work and mother nature. The thing is awesome and ready to go. My problem is I am out of commission for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I get to walk around on crutches and an Orthodox shoe due to a 16 year old punk! I am a police officer and I had to tackle two guys for fighting on the 5th of this month. Stinking juvenile had to be let go to his mommy. I'll charge him later, anyway. I unfortunately tore all of the ligaments across the top of my left foot(HURTS LIKE A %$@!$#&$%%^#.) My question is should I sell the 450 and try to find another one in two months? Or should I just let it set and gather dust? If I were to sell it I think I would get a 250R. I had an 03 YZ250F before the 450. I don't know if I will be able to take the power when the doctor finally clears me. If anyone has any words of wisdom I would greatly appreciate it.