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  1. bucket list

    dr z400s

    Yes, the DRZ is a good all around, do everything bike, just a little heavy. But once you get that suspension dialed in, can be very enjoyable hitting things at speed. What desert area do you ride in?
  2. bucket list

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Great answer Ohio, no disrespect Roley and dg, but sometimes we try to engineer our way out of a shoebox, when the best way could be to just open the lid.😎
  3. bucket list

    dr z400s

    Ya, Don't lower it if you Don't absolutely have to. Once you get more comfortable and faster off-road you'll appreciate the full suspension travel. If the mechanic has the forks apart, it would be a shame not to massage the valving a little. All these forks need to be real good is the right spring for your weight and riding. And some more high-speed compression damping. If you have a few hours, you could read the fork reshim thread, or just get someone who knows what their doing work on that high-speed compression stack.
  4. bucket list

    DRZ400sm Starting Issues

    It could be that the timing/ pick up coil part of the stator is NG, but they don't usually fail with those symptoms. You could try your buddies in there. Possible plugged pilot jet, should still start with choke. You must first though, know if you have enough compression, otherwise you could just be chasing your tail.
  5. bucket list

    Idle issues

    Most common problem with those symptoms would be a plugged pilot/ slow jet. Get yourself a new one, sometimes hard to get cleaned out. Did the carb come with E motor, or do you have stock CV carb?
  6. bucket list

    dr z400s

    Just below the front of the swingarm, somewhat parallel to the ground. The lowering links do slightly mess with the geometry and suspension effectiveness, but it depends on how and where you ride as to whether you will like them or not. The forks can be pulled up in the triple clamps about an inch to help keep the bike levelish. As JJ said a better way to drop the back would be to have the rear shock internally shortend, but wouldn't go more than about an inch- inch 1/2. What type of riding do you plan on doing?
  7. bucket list

    Another big bore question

    Thanks Rev , now thats a gear set i could get excited about, i'll just have to wait till i sell a home to afford it. [emoji3]
  8. Ya Phil, Erik is a great help to alot of guys on this forum. I haven't had to do my water pump yet, so i can't be of any help, but i have next week off, could you show me some of the cool rides around Squamish ? Maybe next thurs. ?
  9. bucket list

    DRZ400SM 2018 Jetting Question

    Try that vent hose like Ohio says, it gets rid of a random surge at hwy speeds.
  10. bucket list

    No Fork center pin

    you are right
  11. bucket list

    Another big bore question

    That is a good article. But come on...... do my own research. I've been adventure riding, trail riding, researching and modding my DRZ for over 3 and a half years now. I've had my engine cases completely apart and considered the ACT's, but not every one loves the wide gear spacing. I've read comments like "you never seem to be in the right gear". I'm one who likes to ride at the speed I want with the engine at the rpm I want and not have the trans. spacing dictate what speed I'm comfortable going. Erik even says he talks as many people out of doing the ACT's as he does install. If your happy and they work well for you fantastic. My solution is to gear it tall 16/42, so when I'm cruising most hwy's at 100kph (62mph) the engine is in it's smooth happy spot around 5,900 rpm, I try to stay off the interstates. And I do most of nasty off-road stuff I encounter just fine with the really tall first gear. I used to carry a 13 or 14t front sprocket with me and quick change on the trail if I really needed to, but just found that I didn't need to. A lot of experiance off-road and MX racing helps there I believe.
  12. bucket list

    Another big bore question

    Don't worry about the reliability of the BB, they have proven to be very good. And the taller gearing works fine with the BB kit, like I said I run 16/42 and even do some single track with that. You just can't ride it like a trials bike , you have to keep a little momentum going, but I've never had to abuse the clutch.
  13. bucket list

    Another big bore question

    how do you like that wide spacing of all the gears? OP has to realize what he's getting into, before he drops in that ACT, it would drive me nuts with that wide of gear spacing, as it is with my tall gearing, the jump from 4th to 5th is quite large. Of course the big bore and other power adder's will help.
  14. bucket list

    Another big bore question

    Sorry but that doesn't sound right. With my stock gearbox and 16/42 i'm running about 6,100 rpm at 65 mph. Your only turning over 4,700 rpm? And your first is way lower at 15/44. If that is true, that ACT box must be spaced ridiculously WIDE.
  15. bucket list

    Random pics.

    Nice welds[emoji106]