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  1. Besides heat and lack of oil changes that others have mentioned, I believe vibration could be a killer of these engines when doing lots of hiway miles. Like others have said, every engine has a sweet spot where they are very smooth. Mine is between 5,800 and 6,000 rpm so I cruise in that range. If you were to steady cruise for hours in an rpm range where the engine is buzzing, the engine life will probably be shortend.
  2. I'll take you up on that offer, in Sept. I'm doing a big loop through the western states on the DRZ. Vegas is definitely on the planned route. I'll PM you when I get down close.
  3. Dam , the link didn't show up. The thread was titled " metal in filter".
  4. Ericp, I did a thread early last summer with looked to me like a huge amount of aluminium in the filter. And since that thread I have another 8,000 kms on the bike, still runs and sounds the same. That filter may have been left in there through one oil change (I do them every 1,500 - 2,000 kms) Supsequent oil changes have seen much less aluminum. I believe it's just wear from the aluminum clutch basket fingers, you know those little notches from the fiber plates. I wouldn't worry about it, just keep up those frequent oil changes.
  5. That is cool, our trailer resort up at the lake had an identical one, restored beautifully like yours. Was used to pull boat trailers in and out of the lake. They sold it to an orchard up the road that has about 30 old tractors lining the hiway. I'll get ya some photo's next time i'm up there.
  6. [emoji38] hahaha, but i almost believed that.[emoji54]
  7. One thing, there is certain time delay on gps speed, it's not as accurate untill your cruising at a steady speed.
  8. Like the Trailtech product's. This is one up from the vapor, the Voyager, which also gives you a simple gps. Helps you from getting lost, but that Vapor gives you a lot of info and rpm is always nice to have. It isn't exactly plug and play, you have to wire up power and ground and mount the wheel speed sensor, but a man of your ability shouldn't have any problem.[emoji106]
  9. good try, but it's leaving JFK out of NYC.
  10. From the cockpit of a 737 Anyone guess the city? It's BIG
  11. Lithium batteries are at a slightly higher static voltage then lead acid, so many "smart chargers" will stop charging the lithium before they are fully charged and also the DRZ should have the "free power mod" done to get the charging voltage as high as possible to keep the lithium charged enough on your bike. Guys above mentioned cold weather performance, lithium works better in cold weather if you warm the battery up first, with a heavyish draw then let sit for a bit to warm, then it will have stronger amps.
  12. I think your just getting OLD.[emoji38] Gee, what would they call their electric engines ?
  13. Thank you Son of a New Zealnder.
  14. It was a good answer.
  15. Gee Bermuda, you been around long enough, how did you get sucked in by a 10 year old post?