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  1. bucket list

    2008 DRZ 400S Starting problems.

    Depending on the light, the spark can seem weak, as long there is a steady spark while cranking you should be good.The BB kit will make the bike run a little richer, may not have change jets, but run the 22.5 pilot and the fuel screw at only 1 turn out (aprox). Check your compression and after cranking for a while, does the plug look wet or dry?
  2. bucket list

    2008 DRZ 400S Starting problems.

    Just open the screw at the bottom of the float bowl, fuel should run out of the drain for around 5- 10 sec. Turn the peacock onto prime (straight down) let the float bowl fill, then try it again. Have you checked for spark at the plug yet?
  3. bucket list

    Britanica Composites fairing

    Love my little Parrebellum wind screen, takes the wind off my torso but doesn't effect the steering.
  4. bucket list

    2011 DRZ400S OR 2005 DRZ400SM

    I think you would enjoy the S better, with good tires like the Shinko 700's. and set up to turn well it would eat Ninja 300's through the twisties and much better through the trails if you deeper into exploring off road. The taller, longer suspension travel of the S is good for a guy your size, just may have to get it set up for your weight if it hasn't already been done.
  5. Trumps going to come after you.
  6. Try just tightening the steering head bearings so there is a little drag, it helps.
  7. bucket list

    Oil brand change advice

    And i've also seen racing engines, run with the best most expensive oils, expire with those same problems. Though i believe build or material issue's were to blame. And yes with a high stressed racing engine i would move up to a group lV I ran T6 in my CBR600 for years bouncing off 15 grand many times a lap.
  8. bucket list

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Yes, that whole Squamish to Whistler area is one of the best for alot of things.[emoji106] Your friend ever coming back for his DRZ ?
  9. bucket list

    Random pics.

    Some one you know?
  10. bucket list

    Oil brand change advice

    Smart man. If a 6 to 7 dollar a liter oil can keep your engine clean and wear free, why do people spend twice or more on oil. ? I guess to feel good that they are doing the best they can for their engine, or they Don't know any better.
  11. bucket list

    Random pics.

    Ya , I need the wife to wipe my ass for the next few days.😣
  12. bucket list

    Random pics.

    Carving some turns before the afternoon nap.
  13. bucket list

    Still can’t get a good answer , drz400s burning oil

    Hey, ride it like you stole it, is a proven method.
  14. bucket list

    Drz battery question

    Sure, always good to save a couple of pounds on a 340 lbs bike.
  15. bucket list

    Random pics.

    Not us that grew up on Husky's.[emoji3]