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  1. bucket list

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    I know you showed me a post where a guy showed that part # as a Wiseco, but later in the thread, Shushup1 showed a link to a Denis Kirk site that shows the part # as being CW with a Vertex piston, so who knows it's obviously not a common occurrence and like you said, it had alot of hours on it. I knew the clock was ticking, just glad I replaced it before it went KABOOMSKI'S.
  2. bucket list

    Strange running DRZ400SM

    You said you "rechecked valve timing 3 times" or did you mean clearance? If valve clearance is ok, I would be doing a leak down test on the engine to see if it's losing compression past rings or valves.
  3. bucket list

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    No That's a vertex , CW, big bore, but with alot of hous/kms on it. I've not heard of any piston breaking on these engines. Most engine failures seem to be valves, cam bearing or piston seizures. More maintinance and riding issues.
  4. bucket list

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    Just before it gets to this point.[emoji27] Actually i was up to 30% leakage and i knew it had alot of hours on it, also chasing an engine rattle, so i just threw a new BB kit at it. Didn't see the crack under that carbon on the crown, but the young guy in the shop with much better eye site than i have, saw the crack over the pin, so i cleaned off the crown and YIKES. New kit sure quieted down the engine though.
  5. You OCD people, you know your going to cut them off no matter what others say. I was almost fooled by Rino's semi smart idea, but the the idea of removing two bolts just to remove a wrench for one nut, well that doesn't make any sence to me.
  6. bucket list

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    24,000 kms that I know of, talking to P/O, piston could have been closer to 40,000 kms and 700 hours. Of course the piston manufacturer is going to go conservative on the intervals, but I believe how you maintain it and ride it has a HUGE influence on how long it will last.
  7. bucket list

    Random pics.

    Thats going to be a beast!!! And a good looking one[emoji291]
  8. bucket list

    Big Bore Kit Brands

    That's if you supermoto racing it, a safe max performance interval. I know several guys that race 250f mx bikes and replace them 40-50 hours with out problems. I went over 400 hours on my last CW vertex piston 434, though it had a big crack down the middle of the crown, thats cruising around adv riding.
  9. bucket list

    Suz DRZ400 coolant overflow reservoir - is it critical??

    Don't tell momma, wahhhhh.... Come to think of it though, I should secure that baby bottle behind the rad for a cleaner, less hose, out of the way install. Thanks for the idea!!!
  10. bucket list

    Suz DRZ400 coolant overflow reservoir - is it critical??

    And who would want the possibility of coolant (just as slippery as oil) to get splashed onto your back tire ?
  11. bucket list

    Stumbling and dying off idle...

    Well as with any tuning, most bikes won't be exactly the same, you'll have to just do some trial and error. I would start with adjusting that accel pump timing since it's external and easy to try going in one direction, did the adjustment make it better or worse.
  12. bucket list

    Advice on dual sport boots

    Sis, have you ever tried Fortnine out of Quebec? They have awesome web site, great selection with some sale prices with reviews that feature sizing(whether they fit big or small) I get free delivery out here to BC and don't pay the prov tax.
  13. bucket list

    Here we go!: Slow boat to wide-ratio 462

    Thats a great find Anthon. I keep looking around here for some spares, but that is over the top. After searching and test driving other bikes, i realized the DRZ is the best adv touring bike for me, so ya a bunch of extra spares would be nice. Once you get the engine in the bike let us know how you like that wide-ratio set.
  14. bucket list

    Stumbling and dying off idle...

    I'd be ok with auto carb cleaner, as long as it's just sprayed through the passages, then blown out with compressed air, but yes definitely not soak the carb in it.
  15. bucket list

    Stumbling and dying off idle...

    Yes those extended fuel screws will work.