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  1. nice effects
  2. I almost stopped by your house last night Greg. I went for a little 60 kms ride through and around Glen Valley, so much nicer to ride that bike when it doesn't sound like a diesel. You know I've been chasing that engine noise for a long time now, just didn't realise I was so close to it exploding.
  3. So you really think the T6 5/40 oil would not carbon up the cc as much? Hoping with new cyl piston and rings it will stay cleaner, longer. I'll probably have the top end apart again this winter after my big loop through the western states.
  4. Ya that's why I asked, the old racing 2 strokes run lean would ping like crazy and of course seize if you let it go too long. I like running the DRZ lean down here on the coast for good gas mileage and so it still runs well up in the mountains. Cheers guys.
  5. So with regards to my question on lean condition causing a Knock, I imagine when lean the combustion would just extinguish before giving the full power stroke, but not nessesarly causing a knock?
  6. You don't think that's a normal amount of deposits for a very worn set rings?
  7. Ya, i run a 145 main and it runs really well, but still lean, the plug is whiteish. I love that the engine is so quiet now, only on hard acceleration can you hear a bit of engine knock, which i believe you'll get with any single cylinder four-stroke. It's certainly not pinging, i'm running the full base gasket and good fuel, so who knows why that piston cracked. At least now i'll be heading out on my two long trips this summer with alot more confidence in this engine. Yaaahooooo, can't wait.[emoji3]
  8. So do you think too lean will cause pinging on these engines, or is it more related to octane/compression.
  9. Funny, I'm shopping for a race bike. See what I mean about smarts. No, I really enjoyed my come back years, battling with my son. Probably lots of race bikes for sale in WA, their season is up in the air because a Judge awarded a rider a bunch of money for doing something really stupid on the Pacific Raceways track. Their having trouble getting insurance now.
  10. I used that in my CBR600rr road race bike, worked well, when I rebuilt that engine after 3 years of 15,000 rpm racing, the motor was very clean and wear free. We change the oil so often in the DRZ that I don't think we use some of the advantages of the type 4 synthetic.
  11. Rotella 15/40
  12. Ok, ya maybe we get a little less daring, but a lot more stupid. At 53 i should have known better then to try and lift the bike back up on it's wheels when sliding along on my hip and shoulder. The result hurt a little.[emoji33]
  13. Weren't we all that daring and stupid at 25.
  14. Shell 91 non ethanol I know It's running on the lean side cuz if I go one leaner main or needle it surges like crazy and if I take the air box cover off it barely runs at all. The plug always comes out white to light grey, so I don't know why the piston looks like that, maybe oil carbon? Oh $hit It's past 5 o'clock here now, past my bed time.
  15. Just thought of something, there was mention of preignition or detenation, I run this thing very lean, these susceptible to pinging with lean conditions or no? The engine makes so much noise it's hard to tell sometimes, I'm hoping with the quieter piston in it now that I will hear if any of that is going on.