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  1. I just cut off the neutral/signal/hibeam section from the dash and zip-tied it to the bar.8
  2. The SHRINE, the meeting place for the club that maintains this place and a testimate to nastyness of it, a real bike breaker. View from the bottom of the shrine and the top.
  3. Good job Blue !!!! Blue cross on the wall? And is that a toilet clean out in your family/eating room ?
  4. Shaker, what ever your doing, the way your riding it, maintaining it, your doing good !!! And some guys have gotten even more kms out of these without doing any work on them, but the next 20 or so thousand kms you are playing with a ticking time bomb. If your not comfortable doing the work your self, at least have a good mechanic do a cyl. leak-down test on the engine and have him recommened if any internal work needs to be done soon. I would be changing the piston and rings just because of the kms/hours factor. They are stressed much more then your average car. And the stator is the other thing that can let you down on these bikes. I'd be putting in a good quality new one. If you do these things and loctite flywheel/starter clutch bolts and continue maintaining it well, you'll probably get another 50,000 kms of trouble free enjoyment out of it.
  5. You trying to get HEALTHY. Add a beer and you got all the food groups covered.
  6. Too bad your not closer to me, I'd buy that stock muffler your taking off.
  7. You could be on to something.
  8. Yes, super has it right, it won't be wobbly when the float bowl is on.
  9. Since your fairly new here, I'll share my solution to the gearing dilemma on the DRZ. I agree with you that 15/39 is a great choice for comfortable hiway and mild off-road, but for tight narly off-road you need lower. My solution, using the same 110 link chain, is 16/42 (same ratio as yours) then 13/42 for tight trails. Simple, easy, same chain, leave sprockt cover off, no lock-tite, 10 minutes to swap sprockets and adjust. Been doing this 4-8 times a year for three years now, never had the nut come loose. I have the money, was going to do the wide-ratio box, but I think this is a better solution.
  10. Do you get a little extra attention from smokey with those numbers on your bike, it looks fast just sitting still.
  11. I believe with my aftermarket dash, my fan doesn't come on till it gets to about 104c or about 218f. It's got to get really hot.
  12. We'll wait and see what the magazine's come up with on the CRF450l. I suspect it will be very choked up, but should have good potential. Probably be cheaper to dump in some mods on the DRZ.
  13. Yes, mine did the same thing. That dip stick is difficult to thread in properly, even with a lot of mechanic experience. Just get it REALLY hot and change the oil.
  14. haha, ya, I'm not only old school.... I'm old too. But thanks , I will try a LED in my large lens.