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  1. Why don't you put your cams from the e on?
  2. What I did in the last 3 days... Installed new petcock o ring and ims gasket New front sprocket lock washer plus the threadlocker on shafts. New circa barends and new plastic for bark busters 2 new rubber bands for headlight New grips ( the old ones were so old and bad that they were literally melted/gooey at almost freezing temperatures. Air filter, oil change and filter New gas line with metal element filter New vent line for tank
  3. Man, instead of installing a fuel filter I should of just bought a new petcock like you....
  4. Thank you very much, hopefully no one else buys it until I get money :-)
  5. Thanks, I plan to... wouldnt I want to replace most of the gaskets? Don't they usually go bad after a while? Is there a really good chance that they are all okay and i should wait until I tear everything apart? The way my gas is smelling I'm thinking that everything inside is pretty well varnished :-)
  6. It seems like my pilot jet has something that really gets stuck in it every once in a while. Or it's just getting a little clogged up from the ethanol. Sometimes it works fine, most times it takes awhile for it to get going, need to clean out my pilot jet and might as well do everything. I am assuming that my motorcycle already has the JD jet kit but will check when I take it apart. But I'm assuming that my orings will be crappy and I might need the other gasket. I normally would order through the OEM on Rocky Mountain ATV but way too many things on the carb schematic for me to want to look them all up :-) What do y'all think?
  7. Yup, the service manual
  8. If you ride in warm temperatures, I would definitely get one. :-).... I put one on my Enduro and just have a switch for it. Looks like the stock fans are going for roughly around $60 on eBay.
  9. My 2001e came with Race tech Springs and valves, 4 gallon ims tank, Vapor instrument cluster, Yoshimura rs3 full exhaust, brothers triple clamp, larger handlebars, recluse auto clutch (taken out), upgraded front rotor, heated grips, added fan and a crap ton of crap extra parts.... I paid $2,800 US for it almost three years ago. Even though I got a great deal worth of modifications on the bike when I bought it, looking back, I would have preferred to bought a bike for a little cheaper that was stock and lower miles. I found out that most people don't know how or care to work on a bikes properly. Spent way too much time fixing some problems that could blow up on the trail.
  10. Thanks everyone! I have everything ordered. can't wait for riding season here soon... I was the guy whose CDI went out roughly 16 months ago... and since I did not believe that the CDI could be the culprit, I basically redid every wire and connection on the bike.. I literally spent 30 to 40 hours researching and problem-solving until I finally gave up and tried a different CDI........ luckily that happened right before the Moab trip The lock washer on my front stator nut was bad and within the first 15 to 30 minutes of me being in Moab, the nut came loose and a ton of oil came out. Luckily I had some medium lock threadlocker that held and I didn't lose Any more oil throughout the week. The little teeth that go around the splines were really jacked up and would not allow the washer to stay put.... a before-and-after on wiring behind the headlight. And a picture of the wiring on the frame
  11. I have seen your past posts and I was not questioning your information about filters :-) and I also see the logic in it, parts are in the mail! I live up in the Foothills and it's too far of a drive for me to go into Denver especially when I work normal retail hours. And also a big thank you! When I start getting into things, I like to learn as much as I can and I believe that I've learned a lot from your contributions to this site.
  12. Thanks, but my petcock is not leaking, just the gasket connecting you to the tank. If I would have had a little more patience, I probably wouldn't have torn the screen.
  13. Thanks alot... I got the oem O-ring ordered through rmatv and the gasket ordered through IMS, they only charged me $5. Looking at a petcock, it looks like I should probably use both gaskets? Good call on the filters. I was at Napa trying to find one that would work and I ordered one and I believe it's a paper element. I don't think I've even seen a metal one before. But good looking out!
  14. Well, the gaskets on my petcock between it and the IMs 4 gallon fuel tank decided to go bad and leak... the stock o ring was cracked and I have that ordered on backorder through Rocky Mountain ATV. I also noticed that there is an extra thicker gasket that is not stock that must have come with the IMs gas tank. They were closed when I tried to contact them on Saturday so hopefully I can get one of those gaskets on Monday through IMS. Otherwise I will make my own gasket or just use RTV. If y'all think that'll work :-) Anywho, in my haste to get the petcock out of my gas tank, I accidentally tore the screen on that little filter strainer on my petcock. The one on the longer one for normal gas. I can't seem to find where to buy it. I can't see it on Rocky Mountain ATV and I haven't found it in any searches..... I already went to Napa and ordered a small clear fuel filter that I can put between the petcock and my carb Inlet. But I'm a little worried that it might bogg out my carburetor. It only has quarter inch opening barbs... the ones with a larger diameter ooening have too big of a filter to fit where I need it.... so if I could get the stock strainer, I prefer to do that. Thanks