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  1. Zippo_72

    250 XC-W ride reports

    I have the 250 XC and it is awsome. A friend of mine was going to get a 300 XCW but the dealer said that it wont pull 5th gear in washes because the gears are to spaced. I am geussing it would be the same on the 250
  2. Zippo_72

    metal in gearbox

    Well its either from your clutch or possibly your piston. Pull off your head pipe and use a flashlight to look in there and see if there is any obvious wear on the piston.
  3. Zippo_72

    Where can I get the TVC exhaust valves?

    ktm parts .com
  4. Zippo_72

    Where can I get the TVC exhaust valves?

    Well I answered my own questions. Here they are for anyone who might want to know. The bike comes with the middle auxilary spring installed. The springs only cost 72 cents to a little over a dollar depending on what spring you get. You can order them from **************
  5. Zippo_72

    Who has a 250 XC?

    Just wondering who else has this bike. What do you guys think of it?
  6. Zippo_72

    keep or sell and get another bike

    Keep the YZ for sure it will be faster than a 01 wr250f be unique it is cool you are the only 2 stroker out of your friends
  7. Zippo_72


    Ktm 250 Xc
  8. Zippo_72

    What 2006 450 should i buy?

    Why is that? What are they doing to it next year?
  9. Zippo_72

    Fourwheeler or bike?

    Quads are safer. You will crash more on a bike and get hurt less but a quad you will crash less often but when you do you are more than likley going to get hurt pretty bad.
  10. Zippo_72

    Where can I get the TVC exhaust valves?

    Also does any one know what spring comes in it? I read the manual and couldn't find it.. I am guessing the middle one?
  11. I just got a XC250 and I didn't get the TVC exhaust control valves in the kit. They are suppose to come with them right? I bought this bike out of town so I didn't have to pay sells tax so I don't think going back there to get them is an option. Does any one know where I can order these from? How much do they run? thanks
  12. Zippo_72

    Is this better?

    KYM 85. That is suppose to a fast mini. I see a lot of kids flying around the tracks and desert races on that bike. This desert season in the 80 class a kid on a KTM 85 went undefeated and had at lest a 7 min lead every race on that bike.
  13. Zippo_72

    Power Springs

    How do the springs work that are interchangeable on the KTMs? When you change them does it range from more bottom to more top or does it measure the amount of hit and how smooth it is? Basically I want to know if you can change the spring to make the XC hit harder more like an SX.
  14. Zippo_72

    SX 250 or XC?

    Hey guys. I'm going to get a new bike this weekend I need some comparisons here. I am looking at the 2006 SX250 and XC250 but if I pick the SX then I may look at the YZ as well. I understand that you can change the power valve springs on the SX model. Can this also be done with the XC? Does the XC come with lighting capabilities or is that just the XCW? I race desert and gp races and do some motocross. The XC seems like the perfect bike but I am worried that the hit will be too tame. I am getting a 250 2 stroke because of the lighting quick snap and hard hitting power band that make it a blast to ride and I am scared that the XC wont have that hard hitting nature that the motocross models have. Has anyone rode the two? How does the power compare? I am coming off of a 2003 YZ125 That I have ridden and raced for 3 years. I am 6'1 and about 140-145 pounds. Thanks for the help
  15. Zippo_72

    250 four stroke Poll !!!

    Ok..... I have a funny story about the streak thing... I was out in the garage one night and was looking at my bike and the white sreaks on my front fender (funny story on how they got there too but basicaly my sister stoped for no reason on the 4 wheeler and I ran into it) and I decided to try to get ride of them with a blow drier. 1 blow drier didn't work so I went up and got another one. I plugged both of them in on the same socked thing and turned them on and all of the lights just went "sizzle cracle zizzzzzz" and I blew a circut.