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  1. TroutRunner

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    I was ready for Aztec but not surprised it got cancelled, hopefully, they come again in the spring or fall with riding is better.
  2. TroutRunner

    Twisted engineering or Fasst Flex Bars?

    I have the Fast Flex and love them, they really work and you don't notice any change in bike function, just that your hands feel better at the end of the ride.
  3. TroutRunner

    Rider Weight vs Springs

    Well, I went ahead and emailed BetaUSA before I did my BYOB. In our conversation, thats what I was told. My rec to people who want to know, just call them or email them, they are very fast to respond and will help you with your decision. Easy.
  4. TroutRunner

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    I may have misread what stock was. I just remember we went up one step on the forks and two in the rear. I think a 6.0 in the rear is 3 steps up. I did 3 steps up both front and rear.
  5. TroutRunner

    Rider Weight vs Springs

    The Beta weight charts are in riding gear.
  6. TroutRunner

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    Rear Spring Choices: 4.8 kg Rear Spring (100-129 lbs) (AB-10150-48) 5.0 kg Rear Spring (120-139 lbs) (AB-10150-50) 5.2 kg Rear Spring (140-159 lbs) (AB-10150-52) Must be a spring in here for stock .54? 5.6 kg Rear Spring(180-199 lbs) (AB-10150-56) 5.8 kg Rear Spring (200-219 lbs) (AB-10150-58) 6.0 kg Rear Spring (220-239 lbs) (AB-10150-60) 6.2 kg Rear Spring (240-259 lbs) (AB-10150-62) 6.4 kg Rear Spring (260-279 lbs) (AB-10150-64) They don't, see above.
  7. TroutRunner

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    Front Spring Choices: .42 kg. (110-129 lbs) (AB-12048-42) .44 kg. (130-149lbs) (AB-12048-44) .46 kg. (150-169 lbs) (AB-12048-46) .48 kg. (170-189 lbs) Stock (AB-12048-48) STOCK!!! .50 kg. (190-209 lbs) (AB-12048-50) .52 kg. (210-229 lbs) (AB-12048-52) .54 kg. (230-249 lbs) (AB-12048-54) .56 kg (250-269 lbs) (AB-12048-56)
  8. TroutRunner

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    I'm at 210 with clothes and sneaks on . On the BYOB I emailed with BetaUSA and they recommended .54 (221-239 lbs) front, and 6kg (225-239 lbs) rear. I've been happy with them. My riding is flowing desert, sandstone, sand and sand washes, and some mountains. I ride with a guy who has raced his whole life, so, I spend time hammering it and trying to keep up. I had some bottoming out jumping off 4-5 ft ledges to sandstone, but this was fixed with 3 compression clicks to the front and 2 in the rear. Still never harsh for me, I hear all the talk on here about suspension and I have no issues. Works for me! Spring it correctly for your weight plus gear, ride it in the middle and go from there. Nope, I replaced the plastic gears with the metal ones at 90h.
  9. TroutRunner

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    I'm just going to follow the Beta recommended interval. Using premium oil, I have already done 5 changes at 5hours, 30, 60, 90, 120 hours in one year. My airbox is always pristine, the machine still runs like new. I've read all of Kran's threads. I know this means nothing, but the oil comes out looking really clean. Regardless, it works for me. I'll be the control for Thumpertalk and we can all see what happens when you follow the book. Back to loving my Beta after 1 year. I'm signed up for a Beta Demo day in January. Could either be 45 degrees and awesome or it may be 15 with snow. We will see, I'm pumped to ride the Beta 2 strokes, I've ridden Gas Gas and KTM TPI's only for 2t's.
  10. TroutRunner

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    I just hit my 1 year mark with my first dirt bike. Started riding at 42 years old, never ridden motos before last spring. Cut my teeth on a KLX140G to learn clutching and to see if I like riding. I did! Now I have over 2500 offroad miles at 130hrs on the clock. Live at 6,000ft, have ridden up to 13,000ft. Loving the EFI, works flawless for me. I always do a 5 minute warm up, you can hear the motor smooth out after it gets warm, when the engine is consistent, it is ready to go. I got it BYOB with the springs for my weight, hand guards, radiator armor. Added FASST Flex handlebars last spring. I ride mainly packed dirt and sand, desert style. Did one run at elevation in the mountains and rocks. I've ridden brand new KTM TPI 250 and 300 2t's, KTM 450, Husquvarna 250 and 500, and Sherco 300 4t. Only, the idea of having a 2t as a second bike came to my mind. I saw nothing lacking in my Beta, compared with all those bikes. My buddy races and his KTM 450 has special suspension, mouses, and ecu mods, loved the bike, but I didn't "Need" it. He's ridden mine and was pleased with it, "It's everything you ever need, can't complain, I'd run it." Lifts the front when I want it too, gets grip all over the place. Rips on the straights, can go slow and balance in the tight. Low seat height works for me. 6'2", handle bars in stock position, factory pegs, factory seat. I stand a lot, except in tight corners. I do wear the KLIM Tactical Short that has a cycle pad in the crotch. Swapped out the factory tires and ran Dunlop AT81 on the front and a D606 on the rear to 2000 miles. These were much better than stock. The 606 wore out and would just slide all over, I have now moved to Goldentyre Fatty Front, with a GT333 in the rear. Given how dry and sandy it has been these have worked really well. I'm not sold on the Fatty Front, I can feel the rotational spin of the front and it feels like it wants to go straight in the corners. Loving the rear, not wearing like the 606, but that was expected. Will try a skinnier GT front next time. I'm running heavy duty tubes, usually 12-15psi. I weigh 210 without gear. Played with the suspension more recently. Moving faster through the whoops I was noticing some rear kick and was bottoming out on some jumps. Added some front and rear compression and slowed the dampening on the rear and it feels really good. I can hit G-outs without issue and drops 4-5 ft no issues. Some have issues with the suspension, I don't. I've ridden sweet race spec bikes and they are "different" but not better for what I do. I have changed the oils and filter every 30 hours with the recommended MOTUL. Have 2 air filters and change them at 15 hours, clean both at 30 hours. Lube the chain, spray off the mud and dust. Pretty easy. Lost a few bolts from vibrating loose. I pay better attention now. I get around 40 MPG running pump super and occasionally no ethanol. I never realy measured but the gas light comes on at 70 miles after a full fill up. Running a 14t front with the 48t rear. Problems: 2 weeks after I got it, the check engine light stayed on, turned out to be an "open circuit" that fried my ECU, fixed under warranty. Had a flashing gas light, on occasion, but that has fixed it self, I think the float was sticking when it was new. Speedo stopped working 3 days ago at 2500 miles, wire at the plug was broken, re-stripped wire, recrimped and back in business. Wearing KLIM Mojave shirt and pants all summer up to 98 degrees, it was hot but what did I expect. I also have a Leatt jersey, breathes really well. Spit water down your chest, keep moving and the air will keep you cooler. Wore KLIM Dakar shirt and pants with layers in the winter. Both outside of the boot pants held up really well, other than a few burn spots they look great and the pockets are nice. I always wear a backpack with tools, battery jumper, and a 3L water bag. Wearing the Gaerne S12 boots, no problems, comfortable, very protective, wearing like iron. I'm very happy with my first dirt/moto bike. TR
  11. TroutRunner

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    Get the 2018, race or regular. If you want to mix, get the race, if you don't mix: get the regular.
  12. TroutRunner

    RPMs slow to return to idle after throttle blip

    Agree with what all have said. I always start my bike and let it warm up for at least 5 minutes while I put my gear on. If it is a major change in weather or altitude I let it warm up until the fan comes on, then shut it off. When I first got my 2018 390, I felt like on downhills it wanted to keep going, then it settled in and now it is a scalpel of control.
  13. TroutRunner

    Beta in racing

    These guys are so dang fast! Someday....
  14. TroutRunner

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    I have not received word either. I'm doing Aztec also!
  15. I've run mine for over 105 hours and 2100 miles without the strap. No issues, no complaints. Found the O-ring strap in the box of goodies when I bought it, but had no idea what it was until now.