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  1. CazCaz

    Riding Schedule Sucks! Saddle time needed!

    I hear you on that. I work in Saudi Arabia 28 days on 28 days off. Living in Canada with my rotation, there are only a few hitches off I can ride before winter kicks in. Gotta keep my wife and 2 young daughters happy too in the meantime when I'm home. But I ride when I can and love it. I have had 2 stroke dirt bikers blood since around 1978. I will always have the blood, but now days I have to be a little more cautious as I don't want to get laid up or injured bad as I have my responsibilities. I remember watching the movie "Ben Hur" in my early 30s, and as Caesar was waving to his thousands of cheering admirers, his religious advisor whispered in his ear, "Remember, thou arth mortal". The first time I thought about that saying again, I was 35 years old and still in my wild days, and I was passing a semi at 100+mph in a raging rain storm with my BMW 650 Dakar, hydo-plaining and getting wind gusted around, just so I could get home to party and chase my wife when we were first dating. Pretty much the only time I ever have that thought now days is when I am on a bike pushing the limits but hey, gotta live a little too. It's been over 3 weeks since I've been home & rode my 300, another week till I get home, then a week holidays with family before their school starts, then I'll get to ride. Yay .
  2. CazCaz

    Show me your...BETA !

    My 2014 Red Headed Italian became a Blonde. Not a natural Blonde as she's still red in the front. (White front fender on back-order) 2013 Decal kit from Blackbird Racing. JT Racing Lightning Bolt, to remind me of the Hurricane Hannah days, from DC Decals.
  3. CazCaz

    2016 is HERE!

    What is the latest info on the 2016 Beta Adventure bike? I was hoping something might have also been announced about it.
  4. CazCaz

    2016 is HERE!

    I have a 2001 BMW 650 Dakar and I rode that thing as much as I could like a dirtbike for a decade+. It is more than a capable bike for off-road. Might not be able to race it competitively or get too crazy with it, (as it is 400+lbs), but I would push it to its max (and mine) but it is a great bike. Could still fly 100mph+ down some logging roads too. Now I have just rode it 2 times a year since I got my 300. When I ride it, I notice the acceleration is similar to the 300. Back to the 2016's. I have faith in the oil injection. I've had oil injection on my old Yamaha GT-80, DT-125, RD-400, RZ-350, RZ-500 and never had no problems. Also had the old white & red YZ-100 & YZ-250. The YZ-100 was the funnest bike ever. I take that back...the 300RR is the funnest bike ever.
  5. I have nothing against the sachs. Just don't like the new orange colored fork. Stillwell has the TTX internals for the sachs that I have been dreaming about. I am sure they are more than what is required for me but hey. If the 2016 300RR Race version came with a more upper end fork, along with the oil injection I may have to update. I also dream of the Boano Sach forks. My bike stock was probably more than enough for me, but it sure is fun adding things.
  6. They look more orange than gold. Have to see if the 300RR Race comes with ohlins for forks. Then I might update my 2014. If not, I might have to get some ohlins from Stillwell and call her a day.
  7. CazCaz

    13 300rr Sach forks Oil Change

    I changed my fork springs and oil but had a "F" of a time trying to get my fork caps back on. Followed instructions from America Beta but I still couldn't get it to work where after installing, clickers would just spin freely. Brought it to my old local dealer who used to deal with Beta and he said I F'd the caps. Went to my new local dealer to order new caps and he said to bring them into him and he'd get them working. Talk about a pain in the butt trying to get them caps on where the adjusters would click. Somebody tell me your secrets because I shouldn't have to bring to dealer every time I want to change my oil. When I get back home I will rectify.
  8. CazCaz

    Stillwell Beta 300 rr settings..jan 15 dirtrider ?

    This what you're looking for...
  9. CazCaz

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    I think this officially became the longest thread here on Beta Thumper Talk in just over 6 months time. Not bad for a bike that is just starting to arrive.
  10. CazCaz

    300 Pipes

    Thanks for the info and look forward to your updates.
  11. CazCaz

    300 Pipes

    What rate of springs did you get. I'm 220 w/o gear. I ordered 4.6 springs for my front forks from Race Tech and ordered a 5.4 for the rear from Get Dirty but he sent me a 5.6. Working on my bike the other night I see that the rear stock spring installed is a 5.2 instead of on the beta rate chart says stock should be 4.8. (I was overseas working when I ordered my springs) Now what should I do? Don't know if I should order another set of stiffer front springs and go with that heavier set or order a 5.4 as I first wanted. I'll probably order both and end up having a few spare springs laying around for when I loose some weight. By the way I have a 2014 300RR I want set up for endure/hare scramble + odd mx track. Being this is a pipe site,, I have my local dealer finding me a pro-circuit pipe.
  12. CazCaz

    Beta 300rr clutch cover options

    That XRC looks pretty bullet proof. I haven't hit any major wipeouts yet but seeing that photo on Thumper Talk about 1-1/2 years ago where the one thumper put his brake petal through his case, and seeing the weak link there, I thought I'd get extra protection. + it's a little more bling...
  13. CazCaz

    Beta 300rr clutch cover options

    I got the carbon fiber guard from get dirty dirtbikes. I just doused it with black silicone & clamped it while it dried. Best picture I have with it installed.
  14. CazCaz

    Beta Frame Colour

    Dave at Get Dirty Dirt bikes has some.
  15. Here's an accessory for the Beta to cure the winter time Blahhs. The Yeti Snow MX for Beta. Only about 9000-10000 Canadian Dollars for the kit. Argyll Motorsports in Edmonton should get them in March. http://www.argyllmotorsports.com/default.asp?page=xNewInventoryDetail&id=1058870&p=1&make=yeti&s=Year&d=A&t=new&fr=xNewInventory