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  1. Tekime

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Yeah got a guy that's helping me out
  2. Tekime

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Well, for comparison my HF wire feed was about $100, requires no gas or special setup, just runs out of the box and handles 95% of what I need it for. Even if I could get an AC TIG for 3-5x times that price, I'd have to get my shop wired for 240V and an Argon tank. Something I'll do eventually but it's far from simple or cheap compared to steel.
  3. Tekime

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Attempting to fix my subframe. Just patching in 5" on the back, luckily the rest is solid. I don't have access to TIG (or the required skills..) so I'm prepping it for a local shop. As it turns out, literally nobody makes extruded square tube 6061/6063 aluminum in a 20x15mmx3mm thickness. So I got some 1/8" thick L bar and will fab up about 5" of square tube to weld in. Man, I wish there was an easy/affordable way to weld aluminum!
  4. Tekime

    2013 250xc parts recommendation

    You can gently pry off the fork dust seals with a small screwdriver. Pull them down by hand, clean carefully, then lube with bit of oil and re-seat them by hand. Primary Drive has some affordable sprockets with good reviews, check out rockymountainatv.com. I'm running SuperSprox rn but might try them just to taste some different gearing combos.
  5. Tekime

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Then in 2021 the pitchforks come out!
  6. Tekime

    2003 ktm250sx blown

    Having flipped a number of machines and rebuilt a few bikes to ride, it's easy to lose money fast. But you can make out pretty well if you're patient and meticulous about it. $1,000 with serious engine problems is high for a bike that'll fetch maybe $1,500-2,000 in perfect condition. Maybe a good <$500 project if you have plans to ride it. Before I buy anything I lurk on Craigslist & FB marketplace so I *really* know what they are worth. Take the average asking price and subtract 20-25%, then you can comfortably guess what you'll be able to sell the bike for in excellent condition without sitting on it for months. Any bike 10+ years old is almost guaranteed to need more work than is immediately obvious. Gaskets, seals, bearings all get worn out. Especially with an enduro/MX bike that has probably been thrashed on for a decade. So you always want some wiggle room for extra bits & pieces, fluids, cables, etc. Chains/sprockets/rotors/pads all add up in cost as well. Patience and timing are key. When a really good deal comes up you need to catch it immediately and have cash in hand. The great deals go fast. If something has been on the market for several weeks and hasn't sold - you can be guaranteed there is a reason for it, usually it isn't a great deal. So anyway, just my $0.02 but there's definitely money in rebuilding but you need to be business about it. Be patient, inspect the machine up and down, know your market prices & costs for repairs, but know a deal when you see it and jump right on it. Also don't go halfway - a "ready to ride" bike is always going to fetch more money in resale because a surprising number of people can't/won't do their own repairs but they have cash and want a bike they can just fire up and ride away.
  7. Tekime

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Woah! There are small brook crossings all over the place on our local trails. The section in that photo is usually a tiny creek but we've had *lots* of rain. Most of the larger brooks/streams have wooden bridges maintained by local clubs or towns. As long as you have a sticker & stay on the marked trails everyone is cool. I'm all for preserving the environment and local wildlife, but do worry that we'll just see more and more unreasonable regulation going forward.
  8. Tekime

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Spent four hours beating on my pipe in a vain effort to straighten her out, fixed the silencer mounting, tightened/cleaned chain & tried some new Motorex cleaner & lube. Rode for four hours today - just a beautiful day. About 40°F with tons of rain here lately. Just had a blast in the water, leaves, ice. Have a bad head cold and I think it cured me for a few hours there.
  9. Time Left: 20 days and 13 hours

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    Brand new Vertex B piston & Winderosa full top end gasket set for 2000-2002 KTM 250 SX. Cost over $165 new, bought for a project last spring that never happened. $150 shipped to contiguous US states


    Falmouth, Maine - US

  10. Tekime

    DR350SE transplant questions

    Nice. Very nice! I've yearned for a sight glass on my DR for years haha Be interesting to see how that pipe affects the motor/performance (if at all). Should be fairly quiet though.
  11. Tekime

    DR350SE transplant questions

    Well I know some guys run heated gear just fine - but a rad fan has a lot of pull. Your main load now would be coming from the headlight, depending on how much draw there I would think a suitable fan pulling 50-70W max would be just manageable unless you're spending a lot of time idling. Easy enough to test once she's running get your battery charged, wire in a fan and watch voltage drop at full draw. If you've still got close to 13V under power you should still be charging. A good battery and maybe LED lights might help ease things up? The 1990 S model I'm working on now can barely keep the headlight steady at idle without the battery, so yeah, they aren't pushing a ton of power but the battery helps a lot. It would be extra cool if you added a kickstarter lol ;)
  12. Tekime

    DR350SE transplant questions

    Awesome project, wow! That motor looks so good. I would definitely watch temp, and maybe oil pressure as well. If you're doing an external oil cooler, it might be easy to wire up a fan for some extra cooling. Download the service manual and look at section 4-7 in particular for oil pressure/flow diagram. Here's a flow cutaway I extracted from page 86 of my 1990 dirt-model service manual. Flow in/out of the case is fairly straightforward - you have two main lines, plus a hard line pushing oil on top of the gears.
  13. Tekime

    92 DR350 Dirt to Street Wiring Help!

    Right on! Just thought I might save you a few bucks. :) You might find the battery only charges when on the throttle, at least that was my experience. Going LEDs should help substantially. Those decal kits are crazy expensive, I haven't found many good deals myself. I crash my bike often enough to ruin any decent decals anyway so I stick with plasti-dip and whatever random stickers I have around. When I first finished my build I did some vinyl work, suffice to say it didn't last long, haha!
  14. Tekime

    92 DR350 Dirt to Street Wiring Help!

    I converted my 1990 DR350 dirt model to street here in Maine where we need *everything* (high/low, blinkers, independent front/rear brake lights, horn). I added a battery and used a Trail Tech Regulator/Rectifier with the stock dirt stator. It actually did okay but quickly decided to upgrade to a DR350S stator and VRR to get some extra juice for my Vapor speedo & charger. I still have the Trail Tech VRR in basically new condition I could probably sell ya. I might also have a good DR350S stator & VRR off a 1990 DR350S parts bike I'm disassembling now. Was going to keep it as a spare for my other S model but might put it up for sale. They're getting hard to come by I didn't see any on eBay last I looked... Its been a while since I did the conversion but I think there are some other cheap VRRs you can use with the dirt stator instead of the Trail Tech.