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  1. JustTakeItEasy

    mx Lighting Kit

    tk2stroke's solution is way easier if you simply want light to ride off road. You can light it up pretty well, fairly cheaply. I used to rig one on my old CRF450, and now I still carry an LED helmet light in my pack on long rides for safe measure. Isn't street legal in states, but will do the job on trail at night.
  2. JustTakeItEasy

    Ever Ridden in Hail?

    That's not a bad idea. Makeshift yourself a lean-to with the kickstand downhill or in the softer ground. Hell, on longer rides I carry a space blanket – I could build a fort lol. Next time I won't try to ride out of it. SnowMule said it perfectly. It's terrible.
  3. JustTakeItEasy

    Ever Ridden in Hail?

    I know CO gets a lot of hail, but we don't see it as much AZ, especially Phx and its outskirts. Granted, we were up north during monsoon season (4000ft ---> 7500ft ride). Got shelled. 45 min storm. It did accumulate like CR250-182 said he saw. Couldn't access phone to capture it all. We had to book it to elevation for cover, and all tech was in waterproof bag in packs. Those bruises were actually from dime-to-nickel size hail. It felt like napalm of paint balls – about the same size/weight. Got to Flagstaff, grabbed some bbq and pints, and discussed the maths. We argued about and googled how fast hail falls (still being debated, although we all agreed less than terminal velocity, lol). Let's just say the hail was falling at good speed, add in the 25mph wind, plus us riding at 25 – 40mph during that stretch, and you're looking into a 100 mph bombardment (minimum). The faster we tried to ride, the worse it got. Tried to keep my head down a bit to not expose my neck. At least half the time during the switchbacks we were riding with the wind. That bit of relief reminded us of coasting downhill on a pedal bike or rests between sets when working out. It also helped that my entire backside is covered in gear and packs. I can't imagine golf ball or baseball-sized hail. No thank you.
  4. JustTakeItEasy

    mx Lighting Kit

    I did it earlier this year on my 13' 450 SX-F. It was a pain in the dick! The better move it to just get an XCF, W or EXC, but I couldn't find a good deal on one I liked. Albeit, it is amazing to have a street-legal MX bike. I swapped sprockets to handle better in tight trails, which was easy. The electrical work was way more than met the eye. Note: Most of these headaches are because the SX isn't setup to accommodate such mods. Had to buy the EXC rear fender for the LED tail light kit to fit. The LED under fender rear kit I bought does not fit the SX rear fender. There may be some that do, though. The stock stator for SX doesn't output enough to run any of the HID or good headlights. I think it's either 30-watt or 40. LED use less power, and I liked/bought the Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED headlight. They're nice, lightweight, 4 sets of very bright LEDs (4,300 Utilizing 4 Cree XM-L2 LEDs). The Squadron Pro draws 42-watts by itself, plus tail light, plus radiator fan, plus trailtech gauge, required me to upgrade to a 70-watt stator. I was told the SXs can't handle the 110-watt, so 70 was the most I could get. Plenty for the LED lamps. The trailtech gauges draw virtually nothing. Rad fan uses significant draw. I didn't have to do this, but if you have an older bike (perhaps before 2010), you may need to get the DC power conversion kit, too. Also had to get the EXC front fender because the SX fender doesn't have post holes for a head light housing. Had to buy a $40 special wiring harness for the light b/c the bike didn't have the proper stock wiring. You'll be running quite a bit of wiring & harnesses. While in there, upgrade your battery to the best. If you don't have a battery, you must not have the e-start or EFI. I bet adding a battery under the seat will be tricky, but just guessing here. I bought the TT gauge that reads volts rather than RPMs. I felt that was crucial given I don't have a kick start, and am running the Rekluse, which means bump starting is not immediately available. I want to know if the power system is draining even a tick. Not sure if you want to ride on tarmac, or what laws are in Australia. I also had to / wanted to get the best mirror I could. Got the fold down Doubletake. Pricey, but awesome. Had to buy and install a rear brake switch. Not sure if that came with your kit. Didn't get the front brake switch – because I was tired of wiring shit. I also didn't install the high/low beam switch for the same reason. Headlight on is good enough for my needs. Also needed the license plate holder. Not expensive, easiest bit of all of this. But that meant I also needed (by law) the light/bulb to illuminate the license plate. Not bad, but another pigtail to f with. The four bolts on the inside of the stator cover from factory are very hard to remove. If you're not a master wrencher, you will likely damage the bolts and probably the stator cover itself. Take it to dealer or person that knows how to get them off without issue. New stator cover is $100+. Then, there's the lame horn situation. I did not put a freggin horn on. But, I'm not using this as a commuter or pub-hopper. I wanted it streeted for forest / fire roads, the occasion asphalt need, ability to ride anywhere when required. I seriously doubt ranger will give a crap or ever ding me, on a dirt forest road, for not having a horn. This is why I say just get yourself an XCF or EXC. I too, thought it'd be fairly simple to add the street kit to the SX based off some things I read, and the sales pitches for the "Kits" that are available. I'm really happy with my bike now, but I also spent more than I'd like to admit to make it happen – both in cash and effort. I'm not too savvy with electrical work, so I had more costs in labor for help. Not dealer shop rates, but still lots of hours. Pics attached of before, during and after. Good luck!
  5. JustTakeItEasy

    Best looking KTM contest: post pics

    2013 450 SXF. Pic taken before street/dual sport mods added.
  6. JustTakeItEasy

    Ever Ridden in Hail?

    This was a first for me. Anyone else experience a heavy duty hail storm on the bike? Ouch! Weather was in the 70s when we dropped trailer, so all I had was my Thor impact rig, which is basically mesh anywhere that isn't armor. Temp dropped 25º in 10 minutes, it was relentless, loud as hell under helmet, painful, low visibility, mad distracting...a f'n grind. Needless to say, that was some intense riding. We were in high desert when it hit, and had no trees to hunker under. Powered up 1800ft of switchbacks – up to some pines and took cover. If anyone knows the trick to riding in that sh*t, do tell!
  7. JustTakeItEasy

    Looking to ride in Arizona/Scottsdale area

    That's rural neighborhood with desert in between, right? Near Vista Verde golf course? I'm down to check that out area. How long of a loop do you think it is. A trail fairly close to you that I've done once is called Wildcat Pass, which is just north – pretty close. Take Cave Creek Road east from Pima, make right on Bartlett Dam Road. It's on your right, just past ranger station. Single track, pretty easy stuff. However, if you can't get bike to trailhead, that might not help you. Also, there's a trail system over near Wildcat, that's closer to you (off 136th st) which I believe is simply called Tonto National Forest Single Track. http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=3305021&code=a8ecc5578f65b260ed8530c919d4451f You will have to prolly ride dirty on some roads to get there, but I can't imagine you being messed with too much up there unless you're lifting the front tire near those nice homes. The beauty of having a street legal dirt bike...nothing is off limits. The latter of the two appears to be the south end of the wildcat trail system, so they may connect. Not sure, but as soon as the weather cools off a tick more, I'll be riding more often. Will try to connect with ya.
  8. JustTakeItEasy

    Looking to ride in Arizona/Scottsdale area

    They have carriers which is another option if you don't have a pickup. I have FJ, but seen these work for Jeeps, SUVs & SUTs, even minivans. Seeing the one on a minivan was classic. It was in Ocotillo Wells / Borrego Springs, CA. Young dude with what was obviously his mother's van, his 2t smoker and working it with tow hitch hauler! Here's a pic of my setup and it's perfectly awesome setup. Only shitty thing is during travel, you can't easily open rear, and will find yourself spiker monkeying from the back seat if you need to get to items in rear. Pack the whip accordingly. Do you ride in Rio Verde? Do you have garage-to-trail options near your family's place? If not, here are four places fairly close to you/them. If you're street legal, they are all close enough to Rio Verde that you can ride to, rip and ride home. That is, if you are street legal dual sport. If not, you will need to figure out way to get your bike to trail heads. Rolls OHV is very close to you. FourPeaks recreation park is close to you as well. Sycamore Creek is out there too. Bulldog Canyon, but you need gate code. Call for day pass. I've never ridden in Rio Verde. If you have some sneaky awesome trails up there, do tell. I'd drive up there and ride. That's only 30 min from me. Cheers,
  9. JustTakeItEasy

    Pro Moto Billet Rack-It

    Very awesome, expensive
  10. JustTakeItEasy

    Doubletake Mirror Enduro Mirrors

    Very easy to adjust with muddy wet gloves on. Solid, great flat black material. not shiny, nor rattle.
  11. JustTakeItEasy

    Moose Racing Removable Rear Fender Pack

    Coupled with PMB rear rack. Like.
  12. JustTakeItEasy

    Seat Concepts Seat

    Much better than stock!
  13. JustTakeItEasy

    Trail Tech Striker Digital Gauge

    First one received, got it installed very cleanly. Got the volts unit (not rpm) b/c I added dual sport street mods. Volt meter in unit was faulty. Returned it to TrailTech. They sent me out a different unit that had way different mounts. Would not work with how I have flexx bars and space in limited. Had to send be back original mount from unit I returned and we used it with new model. Happy with product now, but what a pain in the dick that was.
  14. JustTakeItEasy

    Pro Moto Billet Kickstand

    Expensive, but incredible.
  15. JustTakeItEasy

    Baja Designs Internal Stators

    Street legal with a bad ass bright headlight on my 450 SXF