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  1. ibbw

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?

    I'm not sure what you are talking about. California, I don't know what they are doing and I'm sorry but I just don't care. Voting in or out people is the only was to effect change. You gotta get in there and get dirty.
  2. ibbw

    YZ500 for 2019? Is it real?

    Sounds like y'all got some voting to do.
  3. ibbw

    Zach Osborne on "da" 4-5-0

    Develop? He's been a pro for 12 years. Develop?
  4. ibbw

    dirt bike for old man

    If 40 something is old, I'm a relic. Stay away from 450 motocross bikes unless moto is all your gonna do. That said yamaha and honda both make off road specific models of a 450. Go that direction if you must have a 450. I'd say look for a clean, older DRZ or XR. Less maintenance, electric start, more fun. There are a ton of KTMs 2t and 4t that have electric start in all displacements. Personally im not a fan of ktms but theyve had the off road thing covered for years so finding something used is pretty easy. Good luck
  5. Your yz450f needs new valves. 5 Ti valves, 600 bucks. 2Ts are expensive in what way? Some poster called it a fad? That's funny. Motocross, yeah. They made it impossible to compete on 2ts. Woods racing? Go to your local harescrambles and see what the A and AA riders are riding. Fad. 🤣
  6. I just like to ride motorcycles.
  7. ibbw

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    I don't get it. Looking to be mad? [emoji305]
  8. ibbw

    Evil handling front end

    2strokes gots jokes........🤣🤣🤣
  9. ibbw

    Evil handling front end

    Those things always seemed like useless bling waiting to create a problem like that. Actually it led me to discover that not using the air as a "spring" in the fork made it have a totally different feel. I'm gonna take it and run with it.
  10. ibbw

    Evil handling front end

    I got to really ride this past weekend. I'm gonna have to change my original post header from "evil handling front end" to "adventures in poor suspension setup" By accident I broke off a fork bleeder with my tie down. I had no idea it was missing. Rode for maybe an hour. Never once did I lose the frontend or run wide in a turn. I noticed the bleeder missing about this time. A trace of oil was on the fork cap. I went to the truck and removed the other bleeder and made another lap. Ride got even better. You know where this is going. Later I had a stupid tip over trying to get around a downed tree, broke my clutch lever and pulled my groin. I'm gonna change my name to lucky. Anyway. I've got some parts ordered from smartperformance I think it's called? Base valve changes, a shim and a different spring for midvalve. Sub tanks are going on. I think I'm done. Now. If I can just get one ride in without an injury.
  11. ibbw

    1994 KX500.

    Dude I had a 91' I'd give my left nut to get it back. I actually de tuned mine a bit. A true do it all motorcycle.
  12. ibbw

    1994 KX500.

    Why can I never get that lucky. The bike is better than good condition. Lucky buck.
  13. ibbw

    Evil handling front end

    Got a little more time on the bike this weekend. Got a baseline on the settings. Instantly I have twice the traction and the rear wheel is following the front wheel under hard acceleration. Even leaned over hard. I still can't ride except on smooth ground but I can still tell a big difference. I've got a good grasp now how the fork works after many hrs combing thru many pages here. I picked up a 48mm set off a 02 kx for free. I'll tear into those to see what I'm up against. I've found two different solutions for the mid valve and a couple base valve stacks to compliment the changes. Onward and upward.