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  1. deh839

    chain ???

    Is it ok to run two master links on a chain, with one link between the two? Chain was sent to short.
  2. deh839

    New 05 Impression and questions??

    I have two rides on my 05' and love it. I have had three yz250f and had some concerns before buying the crf450. I have no more concerns. It feels for like a 250 than other 450 I have ridden. The only thing is the front end tends to push out on faster sweepers. Anyone have the same problem and if so whats the cure? (I have allready tried raising the fork tubs 5mm)
  3. deh839

    Am I the only one still waiting???

    Well I am still waiting in Colorado for mine. Talked to the dealer today and they received one this week and think the second shipment will be in two weeks. Its hard being patient.
  4. deh839

    Colorado 05' CRF450R

    Any one in Colorado received there new bike?
  5. deh839

    Breaking in new bike

    Well still waiting for my new 05' crf450. This will be my first honda four stoke and wonder what is the best process for breaking in the motor?