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  1. Nope, that is exactly what I said earlier, soak it in warmed up 50wt. At least that is what we did 40 or so years ago.
  2. BOAB

    Nitromousse Plushies

    These are Nitromousse, you are referring to Michelins.
  3. BOAB

    Nitromousse Plushies

    As can be seen by this new product, mousse technology has come a long way.
  4. BOAB

    Nitromousse Plushies

    That's what they say, but my son is running mousses and has never had to. Just make sure you put one of those plugs in the hole for the valve stem. And if you did relube, to me sure beats dealing with tire pressures. I'm actually anxious to take his off and see how they are after over a year. We have a fresh set waiting.
  5. BOAB

    Nitromousse Plushies

    Mousses are easy once you get the hang of it and have a Rabaconda. And if you go to Nitromousse's website they do acknowledge the lack of adjustability, but the zero maintenance factor is what some guys are after. A mousse weighs about as much as an hd tube. For the type of riding I do I run relatively low pressures with tubes (~9 lbs.), but I don't constantly adjust the pressure. I've found a pressure that works for me and leave it. For a lot of guys this may be the answer.
  6. Why on earth would anyone run weed whacker and chain saw oil in a bike? That is the bottom line with this thread.
  7. Well, well, looks like a Tubliss killer to me. The benefits of low pressure without the hassle of air and the possible flats. Anyone run these yet? I am anxious to try them. supposedly give the feel of 6-8 psi. ­čśÄ http://nitromousse.com/?utm_source=CC&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=CC NITRO
  8. On the torque wrench? Most will click when you get to the desired setting.
  9. BOAB

    Stolen motorcycke, Tucson

    No word yet I take it? Probably in Guatemala by now.
  10. Until idiots on kwads come around a corner out of control, like my thread about kids on kwads. I was being cautious, unfortunately you can't control others.
  11. This^^ I want the original plastics, if not on the bike I want to see them. Will tell you alot about how it was cared for and how often and badly the owner crashed.
  12. I am totally convinced that chains and chain lube are the most discussed thing with bikes, and there are a million different answers. Sort of like the nut on the tube valve stem, where does that nut go and do you even use it.
  13. If I remember right the earlier bikes were regular chain, they started that oil mess with the shovelheads... I think. It has been a lot of years, but I think that is right. The primary had that oil drip and mist mess to make your Harley leak, lol, and the final drive was regular chain. Somewhere in the early 70s, I think, they started playing with alternatives. I may have my time and history off a bit. Anyway, all the bikes were treated that way, Japanese and others, chain came off during a full service and was cleaned in the parts washer (dumb, but that's what the owner wanted) and then soaked in the ever present pan of warm used Harley oil. The owner was a real cheapskate, always reused stuff. On bikes with points and condensors he made us leave the old condensor in and clean up the points with sandpaper and charge the customer for new ones. I never did that, I always snuck new ones on.
  14. In the real old days at the Harley dealer we would soak the chain in a bucket of warm used 50 wt. straight out of a bike.
  15. You are absolutely right about that junk. If you want to turn your chain into a big gummy ball of wax, then by all means use chain wax. I don't know why they sell that stuff, if you use chain lube there are many that are better. Even the $5 Liquid Wrench brand is better than chain wax.