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  1. BOAB

    Enduro tyres

    Kenda Ibex. Purpose built tire for endurocross and extreme enduro.
  2. BOAB

    Any four stokers using these fluids?

    Just be careful with using the Rotella in a car with a catalytic converter. They have a high zinc content, in fact the last time I looked at a jug of Rotella (can't remember which one) the passenger car certification was no longer there. There was a thread about this a year or so ago.
  3. BOAB

    Is bigger better?

    ...although on a 125 I can kind of see the logic of less traction at times. A friend of mine has a 125 2T and a 250 2T. When he trail rides the 125 just for fun he wants that back end to be able to slide around, tossing that 125 around like that can be fun. In any other circumstances other than what I said above...no.
  4. BOAB

    Is bigger better?

    Lol, the only time I could ever conceive of wanting less traction is when you really, really want to roost someone.
  5. BOAB

    Any four stokers using these fluids?

    I always choose the Rotella over the Ricola.
  6. BOAB

    Any four stokers using these fluids?

    Not really. Its a convenience thing. When I buy it I do so because I'm not in a position or mood to mix it.
  7. BOAB

    2002 XR250 oil flow problem

    Figured it was worth bringing up, though. Fairly common mistake.
  8. BOAB

    Colorado High Country Conditions

    Afaik he didn't go over.
  9. BOAB

    2002 XR250 oil flow problem

    Filter in backwards?
  10. BOAB

    Colorado High Country Conditions

    One lane by the avalanche, but, yes, it's open. Last weekend was a cluster, expect the same this weekend. People were in the traffic jam for 4 hours.
  11. BOAB

    Colorado High Country Conditions

    Good grief, yet another!
  12. BOAB

    Decal Material

    Have you tried contacting Factory Effex directly?
  13. BOAB

    Any four stokers using these fluids?

    That is a really good price. Thanks.
  14. BOAB

    camping and singletrack SW colorado?

    The biggest issue is the weather turning when you are 2 hours out. In July all you do is get wet and cold, in late September that can be just a bit different. But, like enduro-ince said, they screwed the system up. I'm not sure it is worth the bother and I only live a couple hours or so away.
  15. I can't really believe this question was asked. I guess no one rode in the woods until dirt bikes started coming with e start. Good grief, learn to ride and learn to use the clutch and you won't have to start it every 30 seconds. I'm not trying to be a dick, but c'mon.
  16. BOAB

    Wash air filter with Dawn dish soap

    Best thing I've found is Totally Awesome. A buck in the dollar store. And it's environmentally friendly.
  17. BOAB

    camping and singletrack SW colorado?

    I know what the maps showed, but haven't even been there this year. Just hasn't fit into my schedule, its either a very long day or overnight. Late September is going to be pushing it weather wise, you never know at that point what to expect.
  18. If it is a reputable company like Wiseco, etc. why would they say that if it wasn't true?
  19. BOAB

    Colorado High Country Conditions

    Well, that didn't take long. Black Bear opened yesterday. Today it is closed. Someone rolled on the stairs and they had to close it. I was figuring that would happen this weekend, but it took one day. I'm not going anywhere near any of the passes this year, the idiots are out in full force. Amazing.
  20. Your kids is what you leave for the future. That is the best most of us can hope for. That's why I don't understand people that don't want kids.
  21. Are you sure the 2T is making more power or just feels like it due to the light weight? Having never ridden a euro 2T is why I'm asking. I know they are light, that's about it. I guess the type of riding is a very big factor, too. Around here we have very little use for bikes that spend most of their time at low speed. That's why the big Japanese MX bikes are so popular around here for trails. You see a lot of Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha 450 MX bikes being trail ridden around here. My sons both have CRF450Rs. You really don't see that many euro bikes, an occasional KTM or Husky, they are usually guys from Durango, though. Never ever see Betas, occasionally you will see a Sherco because there is an older guy here that is a Sherco dealer, him and his buddies all ride them.
  22. BOAB

    First time knee brace user

    FYI, BTO has a selection of braces on sale right now.
  23. BOAB

    Groms Everywhere

    OK, that's it. After reading that I'm definitely getting a Grom.
  24. Sounds to me like you are comparing a 2T trail bike to a 4T MX bike. The big reason for the modern crop of euro 2T trail bikes is weight. They have tweaked them to make more power lower down, unlike older high strung 2T MX bikes. 4T trail bikes make gobs of useable power right off idle.