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  1. Glad you saw this thread and appreciate your input. With the info available it is difficult to evaluate the different brands. Sort of like what KTM owners sometimes think, my bike cost more so it must be better. But, you have explained where you are coming from on price...thanks. After all the give and take (and the experience this past weekend with hand mounting a very stiff Washougal II rear) and further research, when I am ready to buy it will in all likelihood be the real deal.
  2. This.
  3. Car. If you guys remember I almost was killed in my CJ a year ago. Way too many people around here driving like idiots.
  4. Remember TGP and I talking about how dangerous the streets are around here? Well, this morning my youngest son's best friend's mom was killed in a wreck right in front of the mall in the middle of town. Severe bummer.
  5. Never been an issue in our dry climate. I suppose maybe in FL or somewhere like that it may be. Sometimes freezing the bearing is the only way to get it in.
  6. I always throw them in the freezer many hours or days before I need them. If they make your hand cramp when you hold them they are frozen.
  7. I was thinking about that when I was running this morning. Has Webb ever won a race on a 450? Not heat, actual race or moto.
  8. He looks a little like Cooper Webb.
  9. Never known anyone that wore one, but here it is:
  10. Orange is not magic. There are a number of very good Japanese off road bikes. Yamaha makes 3 of them.
  11. It will be.
  12. Is that the one downtown?
  13. Between the flat billed diesel boys and the drunk natives you don't drive a classic on the street around here. And you don't ride a bike on the street.
  14. So the bike is still holding together!
  15. You must have been living in a cave for the past few years if you hadn't heard of 6D. They're what all the cool kids began wearing, mainly because they can say they are wearing the most expensive dirt bike helmet. I think they are probably decent quality, but I'm not going to put the safety of my head in a helmet made by a company that has barely been around 5 years. Bell, Shoei, Fly and a bunch of others have been around a long time. I'll give 6D a few more years before I hop on the 6D train.