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  1. Typical tire thread, no one answering your question and everyone giving other recommendations.
  2. J and i just got back from up in the hills right behind our house. We heard a big boom back thete on Sunday. And today J found a facebook video of some knuckleheads blowing up an old fridge with a bunch of tannerite. Went up there before dark, there is probably a half acre of debris now. Called the Sheriff and we went up there with a deputy. Showed him the facebook video. Someone is now in big trouble, really pissed off the deputy. Turns out he's a dirt biker, has an 07 CRF450R and a 17 CRF450RX.
  3. I was just informed I was going to be racing BITD and SNORE.
  4. Not sand. Rock and more rock with sand and gnarly sticky clay when wet. Its some of the most brutal terrain you can imagine.
  5. They're holding up great in the NW New Mexico desert and southern San Juan Mtns trails.
  6. Desert, like Baja, etc.
  7. Tim and Jesse are the ones that know what they want to race. I'm (willingly) along for the ride. We'll definitely need the help!
  8. Yep, its something we've been working towards for a couple years.
  9. Speaking of 4 wheel vehicles, we're going to start buiding the desert racing team very soon. We have a Cherokee, a Ranger and we're seriously looking at highly modifying the CJ or keeping it stock configuration and going vintage. We now have a full scale shop with the exception of a tube bender that is going to be purchased within the next few weeks. We're looking at 2019 to get a couple vehicles ready. The Ranger will probably be chase, we have a very slick protoype long travel suspension for it. Looking like a whole lot of fun (and sweat) coming.
  10. Yep, I have the wheelie one,too.
  11. Most notably the absence of 2 rear shocks. My MX360 was one of the last of the Japanese MX bikes with them.
  12. Ha! I've been fighting this for a long time. A lot of the trails in my area are rock and dirt, and suddenly you will drop into a wash made of bottomless sand. I've always struggled with sand, but lately I've had good luck with a low tire pressure up front, standing or sitting back and keeping the revs way up, with no sudden closing of the throttle and no sudden moves. I don't like sand, but I've learned not to hate it.
  13. Ugh.
  14. Thank you, you reinforced what I've said twice in this thread.