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  1. Yeah, he got all butthurt that I told him his idea was dumb.
  2. I wonder how many warning points you get before you are banned. I just got 4 more for calling the OP of the dirt bike detailing thread a snowflake.
  3. I like to get that slimy old chain out of the way. Just pull it through.
  4. utah

    No its not. If you watch the video, where the other bikes are watching is where it is legal. That guy should be shot.
  5. We're still waiting for the full story, though.
  6. According to old comedy movies the peels are slippier than the banana itself.
  7. Umm, nice boots.
  8. Sounds like you need a stress reliever. You could go for a nice slow ride on Sunday with me and Jess and Tim, or you could do a fast guys ride with those 2. We'll be around either way.
  9. Did you break something there buddy?
  10. Go to the OEM parts section on a website such as RockyMountainATVMC and order the parts shown above.
  11. Not Lucas.
  12. We were just there sitting exactly where those bikes are. It is blocked off by yellow cable typed fence. There are openings in the fence for people to walk through, but it's pretty obvious bikes are not supposed to be there. There aren't any signs, but it is obviously off the Poison Spider trail / jeep road. And someone actually putting a video of that on the internet should be shot and thrown off that arch. The crown jewel of SUWA's efforts to shut us down is the Moab area, and stuff like that gives them ammo.
  13. Isn't that what is known as Little Arch? I believe that is illegal. Someone correct me if I am wrong. The usual viewing area is where the other bikes are.
  14. I thought it was illegal to ride a motor vehicle on an arch? Am I wrong here? I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Possibly nerves. Did you have the bars in a death grip. Being nervous will cause you to do that resulting in bad arm pump. Relax.