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  1. Yep, we already decided we are on it next year. That trail system closes in 11 days, something to do with elk I think.
  2. Actually stuff to do with the cell tower. We rode all that way to check out the eclipse and then pick up the single track trail right there. It disappered! I called the Pagosa Ranger District rigjt from the top since I was 10 feet away from a cell tower, lol. The ranger said they did not do any maintenance on it this year so it was totally covered in deadfall and overgrowth. You can get to it from a ways below the top, but you can't make a loop. So we rode that gnarly, horribly rocky atv trail. My arms are like spaghetti now. That area is so lightly used it looked like no one had ridden any of it in ages. It is pretty remote.
  3. That eclipse was a real bust. We made it to the top of Devil Mtn. just before the eclipse was full for us at 82%. Other than Jesse saying he was turning into a lizard man (that's him in the blue gear) the light got slightly dimmer and that was it. Bfd. 30 mile ride, 90% of which was rocks, rocks and more rocks. All 3 of us are beat.
  4. Not censored on the version I have.
  5. My all time favorite sketch:
  6. I have the complete boxed set, all umpteen dvds. I started watching in high school and never stopped. One interesting thing about the show, we almost lost the entire thing. BBC reuses tapes, and they were about to erase and reuse the tapes of the entire show when one of the members, Michael Palin I believe, stopped by and caught them right before they disappeared forever. Fortuitous to say the least.
  7. Weezer the Geezer on here is older than that. See the senior riders thread.
  8. Not a 6D fan at all, but I would probably successfully argue they are currently the industry leader, with Bell not far behind.
  9. When guys would bring in a flat to the shop we would charge extra for having to clean that crap up.
  10. Oh really. I'll bet several other manufacturers would argue with that statement, including Bell and Leatt both of which I would buy before a Shoei.
  11. Colorado

    Going to be riding the single track up top during the eclipse on Mon.
  12. You just couldn't resist using the orange crap could you?
  13. One step colder plug would be the easiest thing to try.
  14. My dad is 87, my mom is 84, 3 of my 4 grandparents died well into their 90s. I think I probably have a few years left.