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  1. vitruvianman

    will this work?

    WR went to the aluminum frame for the 07 model.
  2. vitruvianman

    Sudco LeakJet, same part number?

    http://www.sudco.com/cat32/132.pdf lower right page 40: 019-752 50: 019-756 If you're running a FCR-MX
  3. vitruvianman

    Opnions on Engine ice

    Never had any trouble with engine ice even in 110-120f. Plus it's blue!
  4. vitruvianman

    bike starts but wont stay running

    Clean your pilot jet.
  5. vitruvianman

    yamaha banner

    Why...ebay! I've seen plenty! I wish I had a garage....
  6. vitruvianman

    Who Makes A Good Magnetic Drain Plug Other Then Zip TY

    You can order the GYTR one from your dealer. Check out the Yamaha website.
  7. vitruvianman

    WR 250 OR WR 450 I cant decied

    Because this is the Yamaha forum.
  8. vitruvianman

    GPS units

    I used a Garmin Etrex Venture and it was solid for a while (1-2 yrs on a handlebar mount). It's seen better days at this point but stil reilable.
  9. vitruvianman

    Crap, there goes the neighborhood.

    A different agenda? Why can't we all just get along? It's easier to search one than two.
  10. vitruvianman


    It varies from state to state. Most likely yes. Especially in Connecticut.
  11. vitruvianman

    brand new '06 fuel question

    Do a search about "octane". You will find out everything you could possibly want to know about it. And then some more. The US uses a different equation for octane values than your manual. Our 91 is more or less 95 in Japan.
  12. vitruvianman

    What mods can be done???

    DO NOT forget the beautiful JD Jet kit available here on TT for a menial price that will bring you many, many wonderful mid and high end dreams.
  13. vitruvianman

    Wr250f comments???

    I built a small altar in worship of my 05. All around good stuff.
  14. vitruvianman

    Clutch issues on new 05 WR

    Mine was like that, but once she warmed up it was fine. After a few months of riding it was almost undetectable. I would give her a little time to get used to her new rider. If after a while there was no end in sight, then look into surgery.
  15. vitruvianman

    enduro race report

    Thanks. I haven't actually taken the plunge yet but that write up is inspiring.