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  1. Great avatar.....Good to see the youth of this country not buying the snake oil this guy is selling. Kudos!
  2. islandboy

    all the bikes weve owned in the last 30 years

    Can others post there old bikes here?
  3. islandboy

    Red River, home of Last Man Standing

    Why do we all have to die? How does he know I am full of sh*t?
  4. islandboy

    Vintage graphics on 2005 Suzuki

    Scary, but 80s is vintage now.
  5. islandboy

    quadtards at their best...

    That was kind of funny...That took some skill to control the quad from that trailer. This was really thought out unlike all the other quadtard videos we see.
  6. islandboy

    Pics of the new (08) 500AF inside....

    For a Honda that is a sweet bike.
  7. islandboy

    Saddle Mountain Ride report w/pictures - Thursday 1/3/2008

    Awesome pics and it looks like it was a great ride.
  8. islandboy

    Another Newberry Springs Play Day

    What kind of range do you get with the 3.5?? I am thinking of getting the IMS or the Clarke. Thanks again for the directions.
  9. islandboy

    Another Newberry Springs Play Day

    Walt-On your 300 is that a 4 gallon IMS tank?
  10. islandboy

    Rain in So Cal

    STORMWATCH 2008 No Rain as of 10:50 AM 1/4/08-Orange, CA
  11. islandboy

    Riverside County Riding

    This past weekend we saw a bunch on Toyhaulers and bikes out in Beaumont. Don't know if they were there legally or not.
  12. islandboy

    Corona Hidden Hills

    Is this that place off of the 71?
  13. islandboy

    Calico-Best place to stage and general direction...

    Tim-Thanks for the info.
  14. Planning on exploring the Calico area-Can anyone let me know where the best place to stage is and some general directions for the area? Thanks ahead of time.
  15. islandboy

    new (to me) 426

    How do you like starting the beast? I had an 02 YZ 426 and it took me awhile to get used to it and then I switched the cam. Nice bike though.