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  1. thumperjohn

    XR200 Cam help ....

    Got a cam and rockers off Evil-Bay. For those interested, A cam and rockers from an XR250R WILL FIT the XR200R (RFVC years)
  2. thumperjohn

    XR200 Cam help ....

    I'm interested. can you send me a picture of the parts? t-tully@sbcglobal.net Brennan, thanks, but my bike is a 4 valve head.
  3. thumperjohn

    XR200 Cam help ....

    Hi all, Just bought a 1985 XR200 It needs a Cam and rockers.. Figured I would replace the rings while I'm at it. Any suggestions for a Cam and rockers? where? who? I would be happy with stock, but an extra kick in the pants would be nice too, if it's a drop in situation. I have been on the board for some time, just don't post much. Have an XR650L also. [] thanks, - John T. http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/2660/1im1.jpg http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/3901/2rd1.jpg http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/408/3yw5.jpg
  4. thumperjohn

    silly question?

    2004 XR650L What carb. is on the bike? Is it a CV ? I am ordering jets from sudco and want to be sure...
  5. I personally wouldn't ride it without jetting it. The bike is lean from the factory. My $0.02
  6. thumperjohn

    Im gonna build a street bike

    I agree, buy a frame. Do some research on rake and trail and if you want to go with an extended front end. Just be practical, don't go 40'degree rake, 12 over with apehangers you'll have a hard time in tight places, not to mention if some old timer pulls out in front of you, and you need to react quick. Building a chopper is a lot of fun, I am helping a friend build one now. BMW powered/shaft drive hardtail. The "WarPig"
  7. thumperjohn

    Online jets

    Does anyone know where I can buy main and pilot jets online?
  8. thumperjohn

    XR650L stock pipe mods

    OK, I pulled the baffle out. A quick grind with a Dremel tool, a slight tap with a small cold chistle, and it popped right out. Heres a few pics. ( I bolted it back in until I get it jetted, it's loud, but not TOO LOUD ) If I want to tread quietly, I'll just pop it back in
  9. thumperjohn

    XR650L stock pipe mods

    Thanks for the replies. I am going to use daves receipe for jetting I found some info on a race baffle here http://www.geocities.com/wwbagwell/ I am currently searching the web to find one. Is the pipe /endcap on a xr650R the same as the 650L ?? as in, will a race insert from an R fit an L ?
  10. thumperjohn

    XR650L stock pipe mods

    Does anyone have any info on modifing the stock pipe/baffle? I thought I read somewhere that you can buy a race endcap from Honda OR drill the end out... It looks like the baffle is tack welded in... I just bought an 04 XR650L and will soon be ripping the smog stuff off, and jetting. I don't want to spend the bread for a high dollar pipe... any suggestions? OR should I just run the stock baffled pipe as it is? thanks!