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  1. So what? Where does it say that someone can't buy whatever they please? I'm sure there are plenty of people who buy 450s when they would be better off with a 250. I don't even have a diesel but I'm thinking about getting one in the future. And no I won't be towing a house with the truck. If i was the OP I would take that deal in a second.
  2. tyler259

    1996 dodge ram 1500

    DO it! Do it!
  3. Awesome, I will always love the 2-stroke.
  4. New quiet silencer and the snorkel for the win man.
  5. tyler259

    AMR Iron Maiden Graphics on the 09 CRF450R

    Awesome, I love Maiden.
  6. Get well soon. Definelty invest in that neck brace.
  7. tyler259

    Riding near college?

    thanks check the new hampshire WHERE TO RIde section for tracks and stuff. but i know their is a large interconnected trial system in new hampshire and maine and into canada it is for snowmobiles quads and some parts are for bikes.
  8. tyler259

    Riding near college?

    hey i am looking at these colleges as well just wondering ur gpa and SAT scores? pm if u'd like thanks
  9. tyler259

    4X4 Offroading in CT

    rocky hill meadows? is that right near the track ive been to CT River motocross many times but where are yall talking about?
  10. Sweet truck. Throw some nice beach blondes in the back and it would defiantly look better. IMHO.
  11. tyler259

    4X4 Offroading in CT

    Hey a couple of my buddies have lifted jeeps but we can't find anywhere to legally or illegally take them offroading. I was wondering if any knows any trails or places to whip and mud the jeeps around a little?
  12. tyler259

    Canadian Border

    nothing just don't want the hassle
  13. tyler259

    Canadian Border

    Off topic but i thought i would receive some more answers in this section. I was wondering if there is a place that i could cross the border illegal or not makes not differnce that doesn't have border patrol or the mounties don't search your vehicle? I know at some crossings they check your whole car and i was bringing a box of Cohiba cigars back to they states and they took em'. So any help is appreciated.
  14. tyler259

    minibike rider arrested!

    This was pretty stupid of the cops to scare a little kid like that. I honestly hope something is done with this situation because what right did the cop have to treat the kid like dirt handcuff him and yell. SO he rode his bike on the sidewalk. All the cop had to do was bring him back to his mother and not make a big deal about it. what an idiot.