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  1. I do say that standing next to my kx450 and just move the bars left and right it takes a certain amount of effort,,,, next to my ktm turning bars it's like it has power steering,, big difference in effort. Rake of the forks ?
  2. I have the brass spoke wheel weights, not the issue. I will put a little torque on the stem nut to try. I know there is no play in the stem but will try an hour turn on the nut and see how the bars fall from null location on a stand.
  3. Shock at shop,, the hour glass on the rebound adjuster screw broke due to the thread locked up. Getting replaced with full overhaul to shock and new valving since my pds shock was maxed out on rebound dampening and still to quick of rebound. Now I'll be set in middle at present rebound dampening speed with adjustment on both sides.
  4. Inspected further and noticed the screw looks flush, pushed on it lightly and in pushes in a bit. Tells me the needle moves up,,, broke at the hourglass. So if I ride next weekend I will probly get the lowest amount of rebound dampening system has. Uggg.
  5. For stability in whoops I usually lean ass to back of seat and pound thru.
  6. 2013 ktm pds rear shock, I decided to turn in for more rebound dampening and noticed screw stiff, so I gently rocked back n forth, then loose. Still feel clicks but never stops,, obviously it broke. I have a big ride coming up and would like to run it like this for my outing, then have shock repaired. Question: Does my dampening stay where it was or 1 click away let's say from when it broke? Anyone know...
  7. I believe I've answered my own question, I appreciate the feedback but these are all things I've looked into a year ago. I believe the xcw with pds rear suspension has the rear end riding high relative to the frame position, even at the 115mm race sag. This maybe why folks dont care for the pds, not that pds is bad at absorbing bumps, but it makes the rear ride higher,,,, giving it the effect of forks up high in the triple clamps. I believe that is it gentlemen. IMHO.
  8. I have played with the rebound on these forks, it's not the rebound on the forks. You can be on a smooth dirt road, crank that bike up in top gear, let's say 60mph and you can tell the steering is stable and straight but its twitchy.
  9. No progressive spring. I can smoke the whoops fine, it's not like the bike is bucking. Its twitchy like most state online.
  10. Ya, i agree that would mask it. Just wondering if a tuner on this forum knows the geometry reason. KTM must have done this on purpose,, the bike turns like a dream..... Maybe it's a pds thing due to ride height at 115mm.
  11. Hi, I have had this bike for 3 summers now. Sprung for my 200lb weight, Valved for the springs @ enduro engineering. Sag set right, 115 in rear (pds), 65 front. I took allot of time setting clickers and 3 clicks from where I have it I can tell it decreases performance, so I'm set good. The bike is awsome in the 50" trail and I can crank quite well on it. My issue is when I get out on a open whooped section and dial up speed its twitchy,, I hop on my sons kx450 and that thing is soooooooo not twitchy, I could get bucked off that kx and it would go straight and take the whoops with me not even on it. My ktm if I was bucked off would tank slap and be down in 20 yards. I have played and dropped forks on clamps, not even close to solving issue. That 2013 has a nut to turn to add preload to the spring, yesterday I just started turning it in 1/2 turn at every break till I could tell it's too stiff,, didn't solve nothing so I dialed it back to where I like it. I assume ktm didn't tweak the frame steering stem from the sx. I do say, the bike is awsome and I'm faster on it in the quick 50" michigan woods trail than my kx450. But put me on open whoops or a moto-x track, the stability of the kx450 cant be matched to this ktm. So 2 weeks ago I hopped on a friends 2013 250sx, stable at high speeds like my kx450, I ripped right thru open fast whoops straight as an arrow. So has anyone figured this out? What I'd like to try maybe is drop my rear end from 115 sag to 130 sag just to see if it stabilizes the front. I like my travel and dont like this idea but does this pds rear ride high relative to the rest of the body I wonder? Thx.
  12. Polaris trail app. I'll 2nd that. Used it for years, got a 8 dollar sealed holder on my bars, works.
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