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  1. DanielMerrick

    New yz450f no tuner?

    You have to Install it. I built mine from the crate and it was in a bag with all the hardware to build it.
  2. Made some mounts up. 9/16 offset to the center fits a 7" bar perfectly. Could Bend out some flat bar to achieve the same effect.
  3. I PMd you, but this is how I will be going this year
  4. DanielMerrick

    Yzf450 battery

    This is what I'm using for this winter. Was 75$. Fits perfectly. I have a booster pack that plugs in quickly for the -30° days but its been okay. I had issues with stock last winter.
  5. DanielMerrick

    2018/19 yz450f oversized tank

    Thanks a bunch! Just ordered one !
  6. Hey guys! Does anyone have a oversized tank on there 18-19? Curious if i could get some pictures of it installed !
  7. DanielMerrick

    18 YZ450 Radiator brace recommendation

    I just picked up a set from moose racing. They are braces and cages combined. I used gytr cages on my 14 and 16, they helped but hard hits would still wreck a rad. Enduro engineering allitle cheaper same style https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253961677504
  8. DanielMerrick

    2018 yz450f avgas

    I'm going to be running av gas since I have 10 gallons left from my turbo snow bike. I'm sure it can't hurt anything. It's first tank was avgas and it's not even fully built. I pay 1.93$ per litre here in northern Ontario Canada where premium 91 is 1.48$ per litre with up to 10% ethanol unless you hit a good gas station.
  9. DanielMerrick

    '18 YZ450 Owners... You HAVE to try this map!!! Seriously.

    Thank you ! Definitely going to try this ! Started building the bike today. But we still have 4' of snow. Do you have an exhaust ? I've installed a full fmf 4.1 with MB header. I know the Preston map didn't work well on my buddies 14 with a pipe vs my stock 14.
  10. DanielMerrick

    2016 yz450f premature valve wear ?

    It appears you guys are right, he never oiled the contact surface on the back of the filter. Guess that explains a lot.
  11. DanielMerrick

    2016 yz450f premature valve wear ?

    Air filter was always clean we rode 60 hours together and my 14 has no signs of wear. Believe it or not it was the exhaust side giving the shimming issues.
  12. DanielMerrick

    2016 yz450f premature valve wear ?

    I wouldn't say anything more then amateur. But it's a mix of riding, we did about 15 hours of single track during a trip last fall. Most riding is trails to sand and hill climbs.
  13. Done some research with no luck, seeing if anyone has had any valve issues with the 16. Buddy of mine has had the valves wear into the seats with around 70 hours on it. Causing excessive need for shimming until the we ran to the smallest size. The exhaust is stretched the worst but the face on the intake is finished. New valves, springs and the head have been sent out for a valve job or new seats
  14. DanielMerrick

    2011 YZ450F - Only bump starts

    leak down test ? had an older bike that would not start by kicking it because of low compression but after a good push down the trail it would fire.
  15. DanielMerrick

    How Much Damage Can An Improperly Cared For Air Filter Cause?

    i always used Spray nine cleaner/degreaser or purple power with hot water, it doesn't break the filter down overtime. I was able to maintained the same air filter for over 6 years on my last bike (04 yz250f).