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  1. jakePawoodsrider

    Thinking of getting a DRZ400. What other options are their?

    Go with the wr drzs are heavy and you have to do minimal work to make it street legal example dot tires,turn signals and inspection and your wr450 is street legal
  2. jakePawoodsrider

    Engine ice question

    Okay do I need antifreeze and I'm draining the antifreeze out of my new bike and have half a jug of engine ice from my my old bike is that enough? Or can you only get one fill up with the jug?
  3. jakePawoodsrider

    What do people have against trail bikes?

    I will take a stock or modded woods yz250 over everything
  4. jakePawoodsrider

    Need a new rim help

    Okay so my 06 yz250 has a gold excel 18 inch back rim and a stock front rim I also have a different cores gold excel rim but looks tweaked my stock rim is bent and I'd like to get the same color rim doesn't matter brand and under 200 here's the bike
  5. jakePawoodsrider

    Yz450f must do mods for the trails.

    I had an 03 terrible bike it overheated like no other
  6. jakePawoodsrider

    New bike! I'm pumped

    Hey thanks and I'm gonna go around and check it here soon Thanks man
  7. jakePawoodsrider

    New bike! I'm pumped

    So I just bought another yz250 it's a 2006 after selling my 05 yz250... I ride woods and was goin to make the 05 into a woods bike like everything top of the line woods bike but I ended up sellin it and buying this within the hour it needs a gasket and front wheel bearings but hey only 25 bucks right
  8. jakePawoodsrider

    Best 2 stroke transmission oil

    I'm guessing its motor oil... Your yz doesn't have motor oil if its a two stroke just tranny oil...your raptor is a four stroke and oil goes on the cylinder walls and such your yz the oil mixture does that
  9. My yz125 leaked from the power valve tube no big deal its a hose that will go from the front of your motor down the frame
  10. jakePawoodsrider

    Best air cooled 4t trail bike

    Then I'd definitely get xr400 I've heard they are nice bikes and have some power
  11. jakePawoodsrider

    Best air cooled 4t trail bike

    An xr400 if your dead se on air filled but trust us on this a liquid cooled two stroke is just as good as a air cooled four its lighter and buy rad guards and braces you'll be fine and like the guy above said right stuff on air cooled? Never overheated my yz250 and I would sit with it running in tight stuff forever climbing hills and creeks and rocks just add a flywheel weight
  12. jakePawoodsrider

    1987 honda xr200 worth rebuilding?

    No the only bikes in your collection you'll get your money out of is the z50 and the can am no buddy wants a xr200 even if its old but that's just me If I where you I'd part it out that's the only way
  13. jakePawoodsrider

    Winter riding

    I have extra tires that are like 40% if not more I'd like to stud them myself as I don't wanna buy 800 dollar trailborgs is there a kit or just drill self taps in
  14. jakePawoodsrider

    Winter riding

    I plan on winter riding this winter but heard stories of bikes blowing up because of the cold. I have a yz250 2t and want to know what to do when riding I live in western pa and will be riding in weather between 25-50 degrees I use belray gear saver 80w and run 32-1 yamalube 2r and have engine ice in it. Any input will help thanks