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  1. Spending a week in carolla and wouldn't mind hitting a track while I'm down there. I seen a place called 5 points....??
  2. How much did that run and do you feel it was worth it??
  3. I have a 17 350sxf that I've been thinking about getting something done to it to wake it up a little. What's the difference between getting my ecu remapped and something like a vortex and is it a noticeable difference because honestly I'm not sure I can tell a significant difference between map 1 and 2 ... sometimes I think map 2 feels a little snappier but maybe I'm just assuming it is.....
  4. I did ride a 16 ktm 450 a couple weeks ago at the track and it was only a couple easy laps but I have to say I was really surprised at how easy it was to ride.... now I don't know if ot would be that enjoyable all day but I was pretty happy.... now I'm shopping for the best deal on a ktm or kawi
  5. I was hoping I could find someone who could tell me how they compare. I had a 13 kawi 250f that I really liked but I learned that I like riding a little taller gear and lugging a little. So I ended up with a 17 350 sxf. I do enjoy it but I have never felt as good as I did on the kawi. I constantly fight arm pump and fatigue on the ktm even with racetech spring conversion kit. I will say that I only get to ride 1 or 2 times a month now so that definitely doesn't help build my stamina. But I'm missing that kawi feeling and I'm wondering if the 350 tires me out, will the 450 be even worse or is it simply the ergonomics and feel of the ktm that's been bothering me....??? Can anyone out there relate??
  6. I went with the race tech spring conversion. It feels better, tracks better, more plush... (too plush some times) but definitely bottoms too easily. I sent it back for a stiffer spring and have also added more oil which has helped a little. Someone else on here told me they tried race tech and ended up going back to air and adding a mx tech mid valve. You might try researching that option as well.
  7. Pretty much mx only. Just got back into riding a few yrs ago myself
  8. A lot of guys like tomahawk. I thought it was ok .if you're up that far you really need to check out breezewood proving grounds in clearville PA. Intermediate and advanced track, groomed several times throughout the day. Probably our favorite place to ride. Mx only though.
  9. You could spend a week riding Hatfield and McCoy trail systems but wv is lacking on good mx tracks... at least where I am up north. We have to travel to OH and PA for mx.
  10. How's scrubndirt after a rain? Does it dry out good or hold water? And thanks for the info
  11. Traveling to Monticello Ga next week on a riding trip. Planning on checking out durhamtown and monster mnt. Any other good tracks we should try? I heard good things about scrubndirt. Average mx riders, ideas plz and anyone welcome to join
  12. And yes we agree on the spring feel. What's the best way to add oil? Sticker says left fork is at 525 so I will refill it with 535 for starters. I read something about a syringe through the bleeder valve while at the track...??
  13. Will new oil alone help firm it up? Oil has about 25 hrs on it...
  14. Thanks mog, I believe the race tech levels are different than stock but wasn't sure if I should try adding oil to the spring side as well.... could I add too much that I might blow out the seals??
  15. I have the aer48 on my 17 350 sxf with race tech spring conversion. It's definitely plush but bottoms out too easily. I sent it back and went up a spring rate but it still needs to be about 20% stiffer. I'm going to change oil and seals and wondered if adding a little extra oil would help hold up a little better and with the bottoming or do I need to have it revalved?? Also if I were to add extra oil what's the procedure? Do I add oil to both sides or only the dampening side? Inner or outer chamber? How much??Thanks for any help.
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