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  1. rmccool

    05 blown fork seals already??!!

    2002 model, original fork seals, disassembled and cleaned 4 times. All inverted fork bikes will pick up dirt/mud and eventually leak. The sealsavers are as close as you'll get to a fork boot. If your spring rate is too soft for your weight you will encounter leaky/dirty seals more often(from my experience) because the fork travel is reaching the dirtiest spot more often.
  2. rmccool

    Titanium axle questions

    Another thing to consider. The axle will wear fast at the point of contact with the bearings if not coated with a teflon, or Ti Nitrate, or something better. The increased surface hardness still doesn't stop the problem, just slows it down. The wear time is proportional to the agression level of the rider.
  3. rmccool

    How Do you All handle This?

    And for a real shocker, check out how much frame you have lost from the gas tank rubbing!
  4. rmccool

    The toughest race ever is.....

    Of races still running it would have to be the Erzberg Enduro.
  5. rmccool

    How many have NOT had valve problems?

    First valve adjustment after 8 months of riding. The truth: if you race a 4-stroke you will have valve issues at some point, just accept it.
  6. rmccool

    Are all boots offer the same protection?

    I've got Sidi Force SRS, Gaerne SG10, and 'stars 6 & 8. Of all these boots the SG10's have the strongest ankle protection. The Sidi's are more comfortable and have more ankle protection than the Alpinestars. The Sidi's did take some massive lever adjustments. My wife was running the SG10's but opted for standard boots and 661 ankle braces instead. Didn't like the feel of the boots. Wore the soles out on the Tech 6's, no ankle support though. End result was the Sidi's.
  7. rmccool

    Unsprung weight reduction????

    lightening any of these would reduce unsprung wt: rims, hubs, spokes, tires, tubes, chain, sprockets, axles, linkage bolts, chain slider. Also remove any disc guards, skid plates, etc...if you're serious about it.
  8. rmccool

    Sold my 450 today bought KTM now broken ankle

    I do miss my KTM front brake...but that is all I miss
  9. rmccool

    Anyone see X-Games tonight?

    Showtime ruled the Step-up!
  10. rmccool

    Texas Ski Ranch

    Greenvalley is closed.
  11. rmccool

    Texas Ski Ranch

    Once you try Cycle Ranch the other tracks are secondary choices Big, fast, REAL track prep & maint., and the best dirt you can find. Stadium lighting coming soon too! Texas Ski Ranch is easy, small, hardpack, and for the most part unprepped. However, they did start hauling in more dirt/sand along with installing lights this month. With every track in the area at $15, variety may be the spice of life but you will enjoy Cycle Ranch the most.
  12. Although, Cycle Ranch should be first on the list
  13. here you go: Texas Ski Ranch Cycle Ranch Cross Creek Austin Del Valle Paradise Harmon's Dirt Bike Club of San Antonio Austin Motorsports Association
  14. rmccool

    Was there ever anyone as good as Bubba?

    I thought Bubba's dad annoyed me but the Alessi dad is much worse. I think more rubbed off on Mike than did Bubba. Right now I'm on arrogance overload with Mike.
  15. rmccool

    Fork shim stacks

    I don't know if the 04's have a two stage stack or not, I haven't had the opportunity of opening one up. But the low speed stack always goes on top of the high speed stack. High speed being the one closed to the base.