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  1. EndGame

    1st track day on WR426

    Better off going to supermotojunkie.com with this kinda stuff. Not nearly as many supermoto guys on here. I'm endgame over there.
  2. EndGame

    Torn between crf450r wrf450?

    You can do the CRF450X transmission gear swap that they do here on CRFsonly.com... I've got a 06' CRF450R supermoto going through a complete bare frame build up. I'm building it to race WERA and AMA(if I could ever get out to west coast). I built it as a street legal dual sport for the first year I had it(2014) and it did fine with taller gear sprockets, but I caught the supermoto bug. I'm going to build in quick disconnects into the head light so I can swap it out for a number plate for actual races. It's not going to see a huge amount of street time, but I do want to bomb around town every once and awhile. If you do a stainless steel valve job on your head it'll fix that problem. You can't go wrong with a WR or DRZ though especially if you're doing a huge amount of street riding.
  3. Are the 2006 CRF450R and CRF450X clutches interchangeable/identical? Thanks in advance!
  4. Will a 2005 CRF450R cylinder head fit a 2006? I can find anywhere online that will answer this question. Thanks in advance guys/gals!
  5. I went to the Secretary of State today, and they told me I didn't have to titled my bike as "off-road only" because it was a 450cc motorcycle? I was suspecting that'd I'd have to get the special form to have it checked over by a police man for all the street legal hardware, but she said since it had a 450cc engine that I didn't have to. Mmmmkay? I didn't see that info posted anywhere, but it sure saved me a bunch of running around! Also, I've been looking all over the Michigan SOS website for something that matched what the lady told me, but it's nowhere to be found... Maybe she just thought I was purdy sexy, haha...
  6. EndGame

    Bunch of upgrades for my 06' CRF450R

    I don't have a oversized front rotor, but I did upgrade to Race-Driven front and rear rotors and pads. It's only going to see limited street use right now. I'll upgrade to better brakes when I get a Supermoto setup.
  7. EndGame

    Bunch of upgrades for my 06' CRF450R

    She's done! Went around the block, and everything is working great! She's got some kick that's for sure. Knobby tires not a fan of paved roads...
  8. EndGame

    Yoshimura RS-2 Comp-Series Full System

    Came on the bike from previous owner. Sounds great!
  9. EndGame

    Works Connection Radiator Braces

    These things sure work and keep my radiators in good shape!
  10. EndGame

    Enduro Engineering Evolution Debris Deflectors

    Heavy duty and look great!
  11. EndGame

    All Balls Swingarm Bearing Kit

    Install was easy. Works good.
  12. EndGame

    Trail Tech Kickstand

    Definitely needed this for my dual sport build. Didn't feel like leaning my bike up against shit all the time.
  13. EndGame

    Trail Tech Stator

    Well haven't got the bike running yet, hopefully tonight! Heard some warnings from other members, but I'm hoping this works and lasts.
  14. EndGame

    Renthal Ultralight Rear Sprocket

    Renthal always makes good stuff! Switch out for taller gearing.