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  1. markc522

    Quick Fork Question

    2001 XRL Can someone snap a picture of the stock fork mounting in the clamps? I'm not sure if the PO lowered the front end. I have the OE manual but it just states to install the forks where the line on the fork is at the top of the top clamp. Of course, I am questioning the line.... Thanks
  2. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    OK I put fresh oil in and turned the pump by hand to flush about 3 qts worth. I put a clear hose on the oil pump outlet and pumped the oil into a container. I believe I am sand free! The oil lines have no sand and the tank has no sand. I will change the oil and filter every couple hundred miles and trust the filter to do its job. I am waiting on the parts I ordered to reassemble.
  3. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    Last night, I disconnected the oil lines from the frame and flushed the frame with a light mixture of water, degreaser, and compressed air. Once I felt the sand was all out I put about half a can of WD40 in and sloshed it around, hooked up to compressed air and blew most of it out. I think the WD will help prevent rust while I let it all air dry, and also it pushes water out. Come to think of it, diesel would have been a good flush Next, I will take the oil pump off and clean it out as well as the oil lines. I will also pull the valve cover and check for sand up there and try to flush it out best I can. Once this is all done, I will fill it with cheap oil, run it a few mins and then drain and refill. Ill do this many more times before Im finally finished. Yes, I ordered the o-ring as well. (the original o-ring is still there, but since I was ordering new, I just ordered a new ring also. That's also why this forum is great. I cant take my bike to anyone trusted, so I have to ask silly questions here. Fortunately, I haven't been flamed too bad yet!
  4. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    Pulled the left side cover, there was nothing fishy going on. There was no sand and the bottom screen was clean, I guess the oil filter did its job. I will try to clean out the fame tank more and just change the oil alot. Once again, I have a bike that is missing part number 13, I think the service manual calls it a collar... I am ordering one now. http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Honda/Motorcycle/2001/XR650L+A/OIL+PUMP/parts.html this guy
  5. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    Well.... I found some sand it the oil. I drained the oil. the magnetic plug has some gunk on it. But the scary part is that there was some sand. I pulled the oil strainer from the frame and it had some very minor metal flakes and some sand. The oil filter and housing also had a little sand. I will pull the clucth cover off and check the other screen and see what I can see inside the case. What would be your next step? Just keep changing the oil and filter to remove the sand? (assuming there inst a pile of it inside the case) Disconnect the oil lines and make sure they are clear? I will do a valve adjustment on it also and see what I can see up there. Hopefully no sand..... I assume it all came from when the frame was powerdcoated. Im guessing the guy didn't get the sand out of the oil tank after being sandblasted. The bike only has 50 miles since then so I am told.
  6. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    Well, I bought it. Its got some discoloration on the head and some rusty fittings and bolts from sitting near the ocean. Nothing that wont clean up. I got it home and fired it up and found that its a cold nature beast. To the point its nearly just useless. (the ambient air temp was in the 90's....) I did some looking around and found that daves mods elleminates this. I did the mods (I did not have the proper main jet so its stock, but I did shim the needle and swap the pilot for a 55) The guy had removed half of the smog stuff, so I removed the rest. The bike fired up right away and was ready to run with no choke in just a short minute. My 1st impressions are that runs better, smoother, quieter, and slightly more powerful than my '89. I can feel its a tad heavier and that the suspension and brakes are way better than the '89. I feel this was a good move, now, on to trying to sell the '89!
  7. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    I think Im going to do it. I talked with the guy and I am going tomorrow afternoon. He has taken the add offline and says if I dont buy it, he is just going to keep it. Here is a teaser photo. $1600... The problem is that this will be the 5th bike in the stable and the wife says some will have to go. Anybody want an '89 600 or a '74 GT185....
  8. markc522

    What us it about these pigs?

    Sorry, I posted in the wrong thread....but, WOOT WOOT. I like XR's.
  9. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    Im confident in sorting out the title. I will be riding more street than dirt. I plan to take trips camping and right now, I just dont have the confidence in the 600 to stray to far from home. (I have been trailering it to the dirt) With the 650 I will be riding to and from, as well as the occasional commute to work.
  10. markc522

    Should I upgrade?

    A few months ago I bought an 89 600. I had little trouble with it. It stopped shifting, I found that it was an oil flow problem yada yada. I didnt rebuild, just opened the right side cover and free'd the shifting lever inside. Then ensured that oil was flowing. I have been running trouble free for 600 miles. Being an 89 and not knowing its past, I feel like its a time bomb and Ill have to rebuild anytime now. Things like the countershaft have already been discontinued from Honda. Im worried rebuild will be expensive and take a lot of work tracking down parts. I have spent some money on this thing, tires, DS kit, Vapor, GPS/mount, Clarke Tank, choke plate, gaskets, rear pegs, tags, inspected, insured, etc. Im in it around $2300 total. I wont get that for it, even though its running awesomely. Yesterday I found a guy that has a 2001 650l for cheap. As cheap as the 89 was... It has 5k miles, sat on a porch in a salty ocean climate and the frame surface rusted. The current owner has stripped it to the frame, powder coated, and cleaned all the rust off. Carb was rebuild and it was generally just cleaned up. The catch is NO title. (I have gotten titles before, so I am familiar with the process) I can only afford to have one DS bike. I already have my street bike and a vintage bike...and a baby on the way..... 1. Buy this bike, get title, sell, make small profit. Set profit aside for future 89 600 rebuild. 2. Buy this bike, sell 89, enjoy newer 650. 3. Skip this bike, cross fingers and ride the poo out of the 600
  11. markc522

    88-90 vs 91 on carbs

    I will pull the carb tonight. I have a new ACV that I will install with new gaskets. I will check float height while I am in there. I will also check the plug again.
  12. markc522

    88-90 vs 91 on carbs

    What is the difference? Why are the jets on richer on the 88-90? If someone did what Scott Summers recommend to the 88-90 bike would you use his recommended jetting? Jet Stock Mod --------------------- Main 152 155 Pilot 62 68 Airscrew 2.5 turns out I ask because I havent quite got my 89 right on the jetting. I am running a UNI, stock twin header and muffler with baffle removed, ground header welds. Right now I have 165/65 with screw 2.5 out. Checking the plug, it looks a little rich. Im getting an very slight miss at cruising speeds/steady throttle. The bike fires up 1'st kick no choke hot or cold. The usuall off idle bod isnt even that bad once the bike is warm.
  13. markc522

    Trail Tech Temperature Range

    Thats good to know. I wont worry. I like it because it also tells me oil is flowing up to the top. I would imagine the temps would get on up there if oil flow stopped/weakens.
  14. I installed a Vapor on my 89 600 and I am seeing temps around 200. As you know, the sensor is installed between the head and upper oil line. I assume this is reading oil temp? I see people talking about 300+ at the head, but I have never been anywhere near that. Highest has been ~220. I can actually keep it right at or just below 200 most of the time. What temperatures should I be seeing here? Am I right in thinking its reading oil temps (even though its at the head?)
  15. markc522

    surging issues

    your stock jets should be 165 main / 62 pilot Main: '88 to '90 #165; after '90 #152 Pilot: Up to '88 #62; after '88 #60 I have an '89 with stock exhaust, baffle removed, airbox uncorked and I am running a 168 main, 68 pilot, screw is at 2.5. With these jets I am a little rich, but I prefer a little rich over lean. It isnt perfect yet, but Im still tweaking. I think you typically adjust the needle clip last. (I would leave it int the middle slot) Mine will bog/kill the engine with a quick off idle twist of the throttle, especially if it isnt totally warmed up. (the 68 pilot really helped with this)