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  1. panhandler

    Asterisk Knee Braces

    So what do you recommend?
  2. panhandler

    How to get used to a track faster??

    Dude that avatar is disturbing!!!! I too have problems learning new tracks. I always contributed this to my limited experience (2 full seasons practicing), my age 35, and my desire for self preservation.
  3. panhandler

    Pretty kool MotoGP vid

    That's an awesome video, those guys are sliding all over the place. I didn't see Nicky though?!
  4. panhandler

    2005 crf450 rg3 upper clamp?

    I have the 20mm RG3s on my 05 as well and they are awesome!
  5. panhandler

    favorite tunes

    nice avatar.......
  6. panhandler


    Here's a workout I got from those RacerX fitness articles from the net last year. Has worked great for me. I have a cheap rowing machine ($200) that has been awesome for cardio and I also hit a 60lb punching bag for cardio (works wonders if you have a leg injury but you still want to keep your aerobic fitness) It is in excel but I saved it as a jpeg, ignore the pictures of the stock 05 450R. Please let me know if you can't read it or open it. You may have to enlarge the photo in a new screen to read the text. Sorry bout the clutter, I got kinda crazy with the stickers. Regards,
  7. panhandler

    CRF450R Engine Pictures

    Those are cool - Thanks for sharing!!
  8. panhandler

    CRF450 Hour Meter

    I have the SanDec one from Sears. Works great after a year of service. I have even forgotten it was there and blasted it with the power washer and it still works fine. It reads down to 1/10th of an hour. My I believe goes up to 999.9. It stops after you shut off the engine but doesn't reset. Pretty easy to install as described above like the DrD. I have mine on the left side velcro'd and ZipTied to the frame under the radiator shroud. Does not read peak RPM like some of the fancy ones. Good luck.
  9. panhandler

    Lets see those 450's!

    If you are refering to the #70 bike, those are RAD MFG hubs laced with heavy duty spokes to Excel rims. I ended up selling the wheels to another guy on the board here last year. There are nice, but the rear didn't fit my 05 with the stock spacers and they are a little heavy. Here's a link: EAST COAST WHEELS Thanks for the compliment!
  10. panhandler

    Lets see those 450's!

    Here's my 05. I posted these same pictures last year it's now a little more "seasoned" but still not too bad.
  11. panhandler

    Post pics of your STREETbikes.

    Here's mine. 1956 Harley Panhead Chopper and my 2003 Sportster powered chopper on the way from Ohio to Sturgis another pic
  12. panhandler

    Black spokes red nipples

    That's funny!! No offense to the original poster, but I can relate. I put a ton of cash into my 05' last winter and after one season it looks like it's been through a wood chipper!!!! I tried to go for function over bling, but everything on it looks worn so it is effectively de-blinged. I wish I would have saved the cash on a few of those items. Just my 2 cents. Brent
  13. panhandler

    lets see 'em!

    05 CRF450R
  14. panhandler

    CRF450 vs. RMZ 450

    I have 22mm RG3s (they recommended them) on my 05 and it's completely stable at speed - even in the rough stuff. I love the way it turns. I have had many instances where I get jacked up and come into a turn too hot and think "here we go" and it just slices and dices. I rode it with the stock clamps once and I didn't like it. PS that with the 756s front n rear. My 2 cents. Brent
  15. panhandler

    450 pics

    Thanks for the replies. I meant that picture was taken before the season started, if I took a fresh picture you'd see some battle damage