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  1. They are ok. Just put on some scorpion pros so hopefully I will be able to find more traction.
  2. What is a normal voyager reading for input volts for you guys? At idle, At different throttle positions? Even just a little bit of throttle.
  3. These only look bad because the plastic matches the frame. At least a Beta with white plastics contrasts and looks good.
  4. The main point I got from this was don't let ethanol fuel sit for over a year in your carbs. Keep the gas moving!
  5. Right now I am waiting for a stator and they ordered a rectifier with it. The vibe I got is that they aren't 100% sure that is the charging issue I am having. In the shop they said they were getting 12 volts or higher. I told them I never seen it that high but they probably took the reading straight from the battery when I just used the voyager. Another issue is was severe hanging idle that the passive reset didn't fix. When the idle hangs it eventually drops to normal idle. My issue was the idle would stay high just like if you rode around with the choke pulled out on a carb bike. They plugged the bike in and reset the stepper motor and they'll see if that fixes it. Ticking noises that definitely aren't normal come and go. Of course it never happened when my friend was around lol. Issue with starting. Hold your throttle open and try to start the bike. That's the issue I would have that slowly became more frequent. Just general sputtering and bike has just cut out mid ride. I have a rekluse so not a stall. My gas cap oring has failed already(nope never over tightened the cap). Same with the orings on the oil fill plugs. Swapped the plugs because the transmission plug wasn't letting oil seep through. Did let less motor oil seep out but now both sides seep. Told the service writer about this and he said he'll get it. Talking today about new tires while they have the bike and he said I was supposed to talk to the parts guy for the orings to get ordered...... That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I had a video of some of the noises but had to reset my phone the other day.
  6. I understand what you're saying. That's just the assumption the lead tech had from symptoms my friend described. My friend is a former tech. I did the active adjustment a few times and it did fix some issues. While other issues still persisted. Believe me if I could fix this at home I would. Frustrating to deal with the dealer even with my friend still being bros with the service writer and lead tech.
  7. I have a 2019 500rrs and have loved it. Received my order in May. In the shop for warranty repairs... and they don't know when the parts are coming in.
  8. Got a call from the dealer. They suspect my stater might be acting up and causing my issues. Didn't realize how bad my charging was till this topic lol.
  9. Forgot to elaborate on this. Text from the dealers tech "They have a stepper motor that needs to be reset have to plug it in and see where it's at. The idle air control valve is also a pos design. Both will cause it to run like crap." This is what he suspects at the moment that is causing some of my issues.
  10. Yeah that makes sense lol. The dealer is picking my bike up tomorrow though.
  11. Usually take winter off for harder stuff. December to March. Will ride here and there though to keep the bike fresh.
  12. Soft reset did the trick. Funny how I didn't know about that even though my previous bike was efi. More questions though ? According to the Voyager my battery is at about 4 volts lol. Why would the Voyager be reading this wrong? After about 25 hours I noticed a rattling noise that sounded like how mirrors rattle. That slowly faded away till about 30 hours it kind of turned into a ticking noise that'd come and go. Now at 34 hours it's ticking always. Of course when my friend came into town the ticking was faint but he didn't seem concerned. Is it normal for valves to move that quick? I haven't been hard on the bike and regular maintenance according to the book.
  13. I tore my ACL twice in my right knee. Tried going the brace route but didn't like it. I also tend to fall on my left and not right.
  14. Yeah I wait for the fuel pump to get pressure but oddly never had an issue from the few times I hit start before pressure builds. I just learned my buddy who is a dirt bike mechanic and used to work for the beta dealer will be in town tomorrow. I'll run by the solutions you guys suggested to him.
  15. Since we are talking electrical issues. My 2019 500rrs has this issue hot or cold. Every now and then I hit the starter and the bike turns over but sounds like it's getting no spark. I stop try again sometimes it continues or the bike will start. Another issue that maybe related and only happened about twice is the bike just cutting out while idling and rolling along. Also anyone have issues with the bike running as if a choke is on? Happened three times when first starting and warming the bike up. So I assumed the ECU was just doing its thing like in cars except it's summer and over 90. It never kicked off though I had to turn the key off and restart to get normal idle. Twice though where I thought it can be dangerous out of nowhere when backing off the throttle the rpms stayed up. I'm not sure how high because the Voyager didn't show an increase in rpms, but the bike definitely was pulling almost harder than my brakes could overcome. Once again stopping and restarting the bike fixed the issues.
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