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  1. Jazzman

    Speedo cable

    Have a '08 450 EXCR and had the misfortune on the weekend for the front disk rotor to cut through the digital speedo cable. Have replaced the cable but now the instruments are throwing out all types of really weird readings, such as speed alternating wildly and trip meter all wonky. Have checked that the two magnets are still in the rotor, so have no other clue as to why having this problem. Anyone else had this experience?
  2. Jazzman

    Brake Fluid: DOT 4 or 5.1 ???

    I'm still confused (not the first time!!). My manual for the '08 450 EXCR also says to use 5.1 whereas the reservoir cover stays to use 4. (Why does KTM do this to us??) My riding is confined to forest and farm trail riding (no on-road stuff at all) at a medium level pace (read careful!). Am an experienced rider but am no expert so the bike isn't getting a hammering all the time. So should I conclude that 4. would be Ok?
  3. Jazzman

    Disc rotors

    Have had the new '08 450 EXCR for a couple of months now, and 10 hours riding. The front and rear discs have gone from being nice and shiney to covered in what appears to be surface rust. This is over the entire rotor, not just where the disc pads touch so it's not pad residue. Anyone else experiencing this or have what I thought would be stainless steel rotors been substituted by steel???
  4. Jazzman

    Best Exhaust KLX450

    So if the stock pipe is replaced with an aftermarket system does this screw up the new bike warranty??
  5. Jazzman

    Anyone got a TTR600?

    Yo. There's a few down here in New Zealand. I've come across about six on various trail rides throughout the country. Had mine since new (2002) and have done 9,500kms now, mostly off-road. Can't compete with the light-weight, high revving, water-cooled dirt bikes we see everywhere today, but I'm more than happy with not having to rebuild the engine every 2,000kms. Mechanically speaking, unless you want to race, I'd settle for decent enough performance, reliability, tons of torque for climbing our mountains, and a soft saddle. Go well, oh mighty 600.
  6. Jazzman

    TT-R 600 no spark!

    Disconnect the horn - they are known to short-out the whole system sometimes when they get mud and water on 'em.
  7. Jazzman

    ttr 600 wont start when red hot

    Man - you don't want to be hanging around for 20 minutes!! I've had my 600 for 3.5 years now and have had all the hassles with hot starting the beast. I find the best solution is to simply put the kill switch in the off position, wind out the throttle to fully open, kick her over 3 or four times, then throttle back to closed, kill switch to on, then one kick should fire her up again. Remembr though - no throttle when going for the restart. I would add, however, that as the bike has got older its got soooo much better. Now with 8000 dirt kms on the clock it just doesn't fail to fire up when hot on the first or second kick, irrespective of whether its been dropped or stalled or whatever.
  8. Jazzman

    Are Your Front Brembo's Noisy?

    Yep - same with me. Get the buzzing when applying front anchor, has been this way since new (2002) and no issue - works real good. Not to be confused with (1) the scratching sound when there's mud and crap on the pad/disc, and (2) the metalic squeeking when the pads are shot!. Cheers Jim
  9. Surprised you rate the TTR600 behind the DR650. The 600's suspension package alone (Ohlins and Paioli) eats the DR hands down, ground clearance is superior, and the tank ain't metal. But it is tall and a struggle to haul out of deep bogs (but what isn't?). Biggest bitch for me at the moment is the chain, having just snapped the second one in 7000 kms. Not a great experience when 10 kms up in the hills, away from the ute! Can only be explained by the horse power and me using it on hard-out off road terrain - albeit no crazy jumps! Now fitting an DID x-ring, instead of the o-ring, and gearing it down to 14/46 (from 15/44). Cheers
  10. Jazzman

    tt600r help needed

    I'm aware that the horn on the TTR600 can also short out the motor - it's happened to me and a mate a couple of times, sometimes simply through a hunk of mud building up on the terminals. Try disconnecting it - worth a try before taking the engine out. And start building up a secret stash of cash for the bike - no one else needs to know!!
  11. Jazzman

    ttr600 disconect ign. retarder

    One thing I can assure you of is that the longer you have the bike (& use it) the better it gets. At 2000 kms you'll really notice how it's loosened up (and you'll have mastered the bloody kick start). I've just clicked over 7000 kms (mostly off-road) and to quote my mechanic "it's running better and better the older it gets". Just wish I was!! Cheers
  12. Jazzman

    ttr600 disconect ign. retarder

    Mine was disconected from assembly - it's an Aussie requirement for road legal bikes but not mandatory here. I have never even considered reconnecting it. I understand the 600 has 43 horsepower as standard, and the retard could sap about 5 of these.
  13. Jazzman

    TTR600 what do you know?

    Haven't seen the need to change the pipe and silencer - have more than enough power as it is and I don't need to excessively hear a dirt bike to enjoy it. Have fitted Renthall 'Jimmy Button' high bend bars, Ego barkbusters, Metzeler MC5s, slightly lower gearing at 46 tooth, a hotter plug, and a long carb breather tube up and under the tank so no more water issues. You should also secure the plastic instrument housing. As the bike ages the rubber straps on the fork heads holding the light and instruments seem to get more flexible and with the bumping around of the quite heavy speedo, light and bracket I have broken on two occasions the housing at its weakest point - where the lug is at the steering yoke. Have used a couple of long cable ties to tighten it all down on the bars and stop it bouncing and breaking. Have also bonded one of the rocker shafts to the engine housing as had noticed it rotating. This has been seen on other 600s too.
  14. Jazzman

    ttr600 disconect ign. retarder

    There's three options and two are connections for the rear indicators. These are squareish and the retard is a rounder connection (black/red I think). have a play - no damage to be done; you may just end up without a flasher working!
  15. Jazzman

    TTR600 what do you know?

    I've had my TT600R since 2002 (out of the crate) & have done 7000 kms on it now, with only about 500 kms on road. I use it for hard out trail riding and adventure rides. The only time it sees black top is on transit stages when adventure riding (see the Britton Adventures website for details of our magic adventure riding here in New Zealand). The bike is heavy in bogs, and not one to do massive jumps, but it is strong and has heaps of torque which I need for my level of skill on the steep stuff. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone less than 6 foot tall and 90 kgs. It's cost a fair bit in maintenance, mainly due to wear and tear on the swing arm linkages, fork seal replacements, and crash repairs!! But I wouldn't be without it.