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  1. I installed the Zeta, and I have to agree with halfmt1, it's a great mod.
  2. I have the IMS 4.1gal. I have lowsided at 40kph with it on, on a sand/gravel covered asphalt road, no leaking issues, no fitment issues, it's scratched it a bit, that's it. It does protect the rads nicely. The only issue I have with the tank is when you are low on fuel, you need to lay it on its side to get the fuel to move from the right wing to the left. I've been thinking about running a tube with a fuel stone, or weight, over to the right wing, that way it will pull all the fuel from the right wing first, and res will be just the left wing.
  3. The purpose of the airbox is to have a large volume of low flow, low turbulance, air for the engine. You take up that volume by sticking a battery in there.
  4. I believe the PAJ mod is from a former version of the FCR, and isn't needed anymore, so you leave the PAJ in now. Also, I noticed that tab issue as well, hasn't been a problem for me though.
  5. Here is a photo from the front.
  6. That is correct, but it is the Lynx-R, the Lynx has the lights side by side. I don't think he makes it anymore.
  7. I also wanted to turn mine into a more Rally-esque, but I don't have the fab skills, or an indoor place to do it. So I had to buy a fairing.
  8. I have these mirrors, and have had no issues with them. Smacked them around when off road, crashed with them, still fine. If I needed new mirrors now, I would get Doubletakes again, although I would get the Adventure versions.
  9. How long ago did you get it? I know the website. I contacted them in 2015 and they said they stopped making them, contacted them again last year, they said the same thing, but they were going to start making them again soon. As of Sept 2016 they hadn't restarted yet. I fired off an email to them a couple of hours ago, so hopefully they have restarted making them, and I can get one.
  10. You quoted me, but you didn't actually say anything. Did you get the FC2000 a long time ago? Or was it recent. I was told they stopped manufacturing them, but I still look around for them.
  11. You can always refer to this chart > http://www.woodyswheelworks.com/rim_width_tire_size_chart.html
  12. From what I've found online, if you get the KTM wheels with the 20mm axle, than it will bolt right up fine.
  13. It's an autoclutch, and it is made up of 2 ring plates, some springs and some delrin wedges, it sits in between your clutch plates. So when you are stopped, it is essentially holding in the clutch for you. Then when you apply throttle, and it starts spinning, the wedges (due to centripetal force) move outwards and the 2 ring plates are pushed apart, and this is akin to letting go of the clutch. The springs are there to counteract the wedges, so you can "tune" the autoclutch by using different colour springs, or different ratios of coloured springs. It will give you different activation rpms. This is how the new system works. There was an older rekluse system, I can't remember its name Prostart or something, and it used steel and tungsten carbide balls, sitting on tapered raceways, instead of wedges. This newer system is more robust. I have one, I use it only to prevent stalling, although in the higher rpm I can shift without the clutch because of it. They make them for all kinds of bikes too, mostly dual sport, but within the last year they started making them for Harleys too, haha.
  14. Are we allowed to post legit things on here? Or just crazy things? I'm getting out of the motorcycle game for about a year, so I'm gonna be selling my bike, and I have a crap load of parts, that I took off or didn't install, that I need to sell. I live in Canada though, so I'm posting it on Kijiji not Craigslist. Don't want to post if it is for crazy posts though, because I think I priced things fairly and there is a lot of new things, lol. Should I just take it to the classifieds?
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