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  1. Just wanted to say ,Thanks. We are going to do the pipe this winter. He sounds like a really good guy. Some of the work they have done...
  2. Ok thanks, exactly what I'm looking for!
  3. I need to delete this topic Before I can ask there. Thanks for the help, I am working on asking there ­čÖé
  4. sharperblade

    Cleaning dirt stained engine?

    Brake cleaner is the bomb, carburetor cleaner works good too.
  5. Any other Ideas guys? Does anybody on the forum make Custom 2 stroke pipes?
  6. Yes , I'm in Montana. I would like to get get it done in the states to avoid having to ship across the border. Thanks
  7. Hello, y'all I am looking to get a custom expansion chamber made for my kx500/kx540af. RPM mfg. (Joe) is no longer in business even though their website is up. Does anyone know who can fab up a 2 stroke chamber. I would rather send the whole bike to said business/person than get specs and make it here. BTW I'm in Mt. Thanks guys/gals