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  1. HPilot72

    My Impressions of the CRF250L after renting one for a week

    The rear shock can be ordered through CRFs Only...there’s a discount for TT members. Search in the Suspension thread for CRF250L. I took my front forks to a pro here in Pittsburgh. Maximum Performance Racing Engines and Suspension. They machined bleeders into the fork caps and warranty the work, including the new, much better, fork seals. You can look on Race Tech’s website for shops they designate as Race Tech installers. The difference is night and day. I even had another CRF250L owner try it and he was astounded.
  2. HPilot72

    My Impressions of the CRF250L after renting one for a week

    Awesome write up/ review. I have a 2014 with same mods as your rental, 13/42 gearing and re-worked suspension with a RaceTech GS3 rear shock performance tuned for my weight/ riding type and front forks with RaceTech Gold Valves and weight matched springs. I can attest the mods done have made the CRF250L a very formidable dual sport. Hands down, suspension mods are best mod yet! If only a bit more horsepower and it would make for a perfect option for a long trail adventure like BDR. I’m sure going to a 46 or 48 tooth rear will be my next test...but really limits highway speeds.
  3. HPilot72

    DRC tail light swap...help!

    [quote post=14780447" timestamp="1552157496" name="" userid="445023] Theres a nut in the centre, follow the wires. If your DRC light doesn't have integrated flashers there's no need to remove them. You will need to cut the wire that leads out from the hollow nut. Cut it as long as you can while also leaving enough lead to re-connect it. You will want smaller LED’s anyway. [emoji2] Then loosen the nut holding the ts to the stock mount.
  4. HPilot72

    2017 250 SXF Woods Bike

    18” rear wheel/tire, suspension will be stiff so, depending on your weight, may need altering, fan not necessary but would help, skid plate, and may need sprocket change.
  5. HPilot72


    Get rid of fake stock handguards and get a set of Zeta probends with the turn indicators molded into the handgaurd. No broken t/s and true hand protection.
  6. HPilot72

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Finally had the forks rebuilt by MPR Suspension in Pittsburgh, PA. Could not be happier. To all who wonder if we can have a bleeder...YES! MPR machined the caps and added the bleeder along with RT spring kit and Gold Valves. SKF fork seals to keep the RT fluid in the forks. My RT rear shock should be here tomorrow for install this week!
  7. HPilot72

    Suzuki drz400sm rear sprocket need help!!

    Check and see what hub it is. My buddy’s DRZ 400 has a KTM hub (stock!) and required a KTM sprocket.
  8. HPilot72

    Shorty clutch & brake levers

    Definitely wrong ones. The levers I got had CRF250L on the packaging. Should not say CRF450R.
  9. HPilot72

    Honda CRF250L/M Pics & Video

    Holy Crap!!! A lake in the trail!
  10. HPilot72

    Dual Boots?

    I use the Fox Comp 5's with the 'Off-Road' soles. They are awesome, hold up well to abuse, are fairly water resistant (not leak proof), and can not beat the traction the off-road soles give. They also fit my wider feet well. I wear a 10 shoe and the size 10 boot fit perfect. Very comfortable and not hard to walk in at all. You do give up some stiffness of Comp 8's or the Instinct lines, but at $199, they work perfect. I have also tried on the Alpinestar Tech 7 Enduro. They don't fit my feet as well due to width, but the sole is pretty aggressive for dual sporting.
  11. HPilot72

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Thanks for the heads up! You'd think after having the CRF250L out for 4 years now, there would be more support for it. There are several for the 150F on ebay.
  12. HPilot72

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Cool thanks! Found TM Designworks has one that fits 150R and accepts up to 3T larger sprocket. And it is RED!
  13. HPilot72

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    What Chain Guide did you use? Looking to do the same mod and looking for a nice Chain Block guide in Red that will work with the 48T sprocket. Thx!
  14. HPilot72

    any reliable folding gear lever?

  15. HPilot72

    MSR Grab Handle

    Awesome addition for off road riding. No grabbing a hold of plastics or subframe. Very nice machined aluminum.