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  1. RELL

    Oil overfill

    Changed my oil and filter and for some stupid reason replaced with 2.2 litres instead of 1.2 litres,didn't realise till after 10 miles. There was some oil just starting to enter airbox via the rerouted cam breather Dropped oil to correct level,cleaned breather pipe and airbox. What damage could i have done to my engine. WR450F
  2. RELL

    Handguards for a WR450?

    Factory 909 Mashers,would not fit anything else,top quality product.
  3. RELL

    sea level

    so the elavation they give in feet,is what you are above sea level.
  4. RELL

    sea level

    Where can i find out how much above sea level i am,in the UK,is this a stupid question
  5. RELL

    450 Exhaust?

    E2 is a great exhaust,my bike runs a lot smoother than the uncorked stock muffler,but be carefull with the insert like Yount said they can be a bit tricky to get out ,i had to use a small chisel to remove mine,so i run with the spark arrester in dosen't seem to lose any power and is more street friendly.
  6. RELL

    Anyone tried the new White Bros E2 pipe?

    Agree with rickmiester,this is a quality exhaust,i cannot fault mine.
  7. RELL

    White Bros E-Series Exhaust

    No gasket or sealer needed it's just a tight fit,mine's fine like this.
  8. RELL

    WR450 suggestions, looking to buy

    I also went from XR400 03 to WR450 04 the bike is awsome,you just want to ride it all the time, so buy one now you wont be dissapointed
  9. RELL

    Which Exhaust

    Thanks Flip thats what i wanted to hear about the E2,thats why ive gone and ordered one. Cheers.
  10. RELL

    Which Exhaust

    Just ordered the White Brothers E2,hope ive made the right choice,don't think i will lose any power over stock exhaust,will i?
  11. RELL

    Who we got in the UK??

    Im in the UK From Wigan,WR450F.
  12. RELL

    Which Exhaust

    I think i will go for an FMF Q pipe to replace my stock pipe,can i use it with the stock header,and will it need rejetting,any advice welcome or may be another type of exhaust im open to suggestions
  13. RELL


    Just fitted unabiker Rad guards to my 2004 WR450,instructions/bolts all included,all holes lined up 25mins to fit,there excellent.Thanks Brian
  14. RELL

    Battery Tender

    Thanks guys, can i set up the tender junior so i can just plug charger leads to the battery via seperate leads,so i don't have to remove my seat maybe through the airbox.
  15. RELL

    Battery Tender

    Just want to know the model number of battery tender which you guy's think is best for the WR450