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  1. mossman77

    Used 250x

    Completely agree. If anything, apply some blue loctite to the pinch bolts to keep things tight. Lubing the splines is only going to attract dirt and encourage movement if the pinch bolt becomes loose.
  2. mossman77

    Used 250x

    Sorry, but it makes no sense to grease the splines on the gear selector or kick starter levers. There are no moving parts and thus nothing to lubricate. All it will do is attract dirt. Show me in the manual where it says to do so, and I'll eat my words. No trying to be confrontational. I just don't like for misinformation to be spread around the internet. Next thing you'll know, people will start greasing their splines for no good reason.
  3. mossman77

    05 Honda CRF 250x stalling when blipping throttle

    IMO, aerosol carb cleaner is okay to use. It evaporates so quickly that it doesn't have time to do damage. The issue is letting things sit in carb cleaner, which causes seals and gaskets to swell up and deteriorate. However, I would immediately follow it up with a shot of compressed air (filtered and dried air preferably) to flush out each passage as you clean.
  4. Apparently I do have a 2-piece seal case. I got lucky and only the endmost portion came off, which is why I didn't need to clamp anything. Hopefully the second one does the same thing. BTW, there is a little bit of threadlocking compound on the threads, so the heat definitely helped. I hit it with a heat gun for a minute or two, then a quick zap with the impact got it off.
  5. Okay, grinded down a 17mm driver and got the first seal housing out. I was expecting to have to unscrew another piece based on the link referenced earlier in this thread. The guy made a tool out of a 2x4 to clamp the housing in order to separate the two pieces. However, in my case, I don't see the need. The endmost piece unscrewed and I have access to the seal. I didn't need to clamp anything. Am I missing something?
  6. I've just been dealing with it, assuming it is normal for the bars to feel loose with less forward momentum.
  7. My 250X does the same thing (twitchy and unstable at very slow speeds over bumpy terrain). Forks have been rebuilt, fresh fluid, spring rates and race sag spot on, steering head greased and torqued to spec, etc, etc. BTW, I'm 6'-2" 210 lbs and typically carry a small set of tools and water bladder when I ride (Klim Nac Pak).
  8. mossman77

    Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

    Just wanted to throw it out there that you can grind the head off the break-head bolt, pull out the TPS, remove the bolt, and replace it with a regular screw. The TPS on my '07 was out of spec, so I did this very thing. Whether or not it made a difference is questionable, but I feel better knowing it is now within Honda spec.
  9. mossman77


    Actually there's five if you count the fuel petcock
  10. I have a feeling the 16mm is also going to be too small. I went ahead and ordered a spare 17mm and will grind it down.
  11. mossman77

    Jetting - where too from here?

    I would get an adjustable pilot screw (e.g. R&D Flex Jet) and fine tune your carb. Also, before starting, I rotate the cam until the decompressor clicks, give the throttle two quick whacks, and it starts right up. Otherwise, it takes a couple times.
  12. The Showas have the punch marks, but the KYBs do not. I'll use a little heat to help things along. I have a pair of soft jaws like those shown below, but I'm guessing I won't be able to clamp tight enough with these. I've seen people make a clamp out of a 2x4 (drill a hole through it then cut it in half, line the hole with rubber). I may just go ahead and buy a pair of V blocks as well, because I'm sure I could make use of them.
  13. Wait, that tool is used to hold the rod stationary while loosening the locknut? I've never needed to do that either. The locknut comes right off once the adjuster is off. I ordered a 16mm hex today. Will arrive Tuesday. Do I need to use heat to get the seal cartridge out?
  14. Is this the tool for getting the rod seal cartridge out?
  15. I read on another forum that it's just under 17mm and that KYB makes a special tool.