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  1. iFR

    2015 rmz450 makeover

    Your going to be banned. What were you thinking, posting PORN in TT? Ahah, awesome!
  2. Definitely, riding a dirt bike is great to deal with stress. I also do it. I saw my big brother die in front of my eyes, and the only time in my whole life that I feel happy, focused, and forget about the rest of the world, is when I ride my dirt bike.
  3. iFR

    2015 rmz450 makeover

    Looking forward to see the final result! Awesome!
  4. I'll check in my power tuner owners manual. Not sure
  5. +1 on timing equal +3 degrees
  6. 125 chinese pit bike IMR Racing 160cc Pit bike LTZ 400 (current) KX250F 08 YZ450F 07 YZ450F 16 (current) Macal Minarreli Super 80 50cc Really want to buy a YZ125 just to have fun on track, but they are too expensive down here
  7. Well I've ridden many bikes over the years, mainly 4T but sometimes i ride my friends 2T Just to name a few : 2T CR250 RM250 YZ250 KX 250 4T CRF250L YZ250F KX250F BMW 450R FI RM450Z FI YZ450F YZ450F FI RM450Z Athena 490 My bike is a YZ450 16 model ( previous was a 07) and to be honest, no bike compares to Yammys. But WHY there's always some guy who goes "oh, a 450? Meh that's nothing compared to a 250 2T " I mean ... Really?! Have you tried one at least?! Lol A modern MX 450 makes 60HP ( YZ) and a 250 2T makes what? 38/40? Yes , 250s are fun but nothing like a 450 brute force fun. Curious enough, those who say 250s are way better, never really rode one 450 Yes nobody gives a shit and nobody cares, just wanted to get some out of my chest.
  8. iFR

    Warped disc

    I think I'm gonna buy another one, I'm afraid the caliper will deteriorate because of this. I'm gonna save this disc and I'll try to flatten it, so that if this happens again, I'll have another. Thanks
  9. iFR

    Warped disc

    Yeah. Bummer only have 6h on this bike