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    Which bike should I turn into a Supermoto?

    What Ohio said My' 01 E is set up as supermoto. I run stock SM gearing (15/41) with heavily modded motor

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    while not an mx bike, i've always thought the drz was one of the best hill climbers i've owned. it's weight and linear power help. keep it balanced and it will cllimb.

    Wheel Lacing

    I'd skip the dial gage. A pointer which never makes contact with the rim and visual is all u need. Knowing where the spokes go and which need to go in 1st is important

    Wheel Lacing

    I just did a rear wheel for a kdx I bought recently. Bought the tusk stand on sale because I had swing arm off the bike. Really liked the stand. Well worth the $60. I've trued and set off set on swing arm or forks previously, but the stand is nice. Same deal. I used a new tusk impact rim and Buchanan supplied the spokes. Putting wheels together is actually kinda fun

    DRZ400sm Factory Rear Wheel/Dish Offset

    Don't know what factory offset is.I do know when I did the super motor wheels for my E conversion I needed to go basically as far as I could. The spokes will contact the caliper if offset too much. Your best bet may be just moving it over until you have enough clearance between tire and chain. If you change offset, its a good idea to remove tire and make sure the spokes aren't protruding thru the rim, which could result a flat tire

    Extra/Missing Dowel pin after Engine rebuild ----

    looks like it may be one of the two bushings from the oil line. one should be on top where it connects to frame & one on bottom where it connects to motor. o ring@ both ends also

    Drz400e tank on s model

    fwiw I've had e model tank then switched to the IMS 2.6 gallon tank for e model on an S for about 9000 off road miles with no problems. Plenty of crash testing,even high speed crash testing.3 hare scrambles I,'ve switched from a hard mount at the back to using the e model one strap. Also running una biker rad guards

    Bike won't start - yes I've searched and read a ton already...

    Have you checked valve clearances As mentioned you need to resolve the issue of fuel getting by

    Oil consumption after E cams?

    The only scenario I can think of where a cam swap would result in increased oil consumption would be if one or both exhaust valves were shimmed in such a way where there was less than zero clearance, resulting in exhaust valve not fully seating and letting oil by

    Valves 2004 s model.

    Change shims to bring them into spec.. I like low end of spec.. re check next oil change. Probably not worth the shim kit, unless u plan on keeping for life. Bought my' 04 S used late 2004 with about 1100 miles on it and one intake was slightly u/s

    Help! Bought used DRZ400s have quesions.

    Yes, just let that one vent to atmosphere like E model. Improvement not dumping that back into the intake.

    Suzuki DR-Z 400E Fuel Spill

    Damn spell check...facts s/b FCR MX

    Suzuki DR-Z 400E Fuel Spill

    dunno if the slant body for uses o rings on the inlet like the fact 's does, but if it does they will fail I time also. Should be easy to tell if it's leaking from above the bowl

    Don't even click on this. It's too technical for you...

    There's a baby stroller in the background,so you know he bred haha

    does the pilot jet have an o ring

    no, it does not. at least as far as i can remember.

    RHC DRZ products

    hopefully i got real RHC187 cams. i installed them june 2010. supposedly got the coated valves in 2008. i never received any paperwork from eddie for any work he did for me.

    Front Sprocket Nut Almost Destroyed Me and the Bike.....Again

    i never had mine come loose enough to dump any oil, but it would never stay tight, even with the locktite fix when i was torquing nut to 79 ft./lbs.. now that i'm using 100 ft./lbs. on the nut, i haven't had it come loose on me. knocking on wood still always a good idea to check it now & then.

    i need help wiring a computer fan

    i thought this was going to be easy, but i guess i'm a bigger electrical idiot than i suspected. spent a good amount of time with no success, so i figured i'd ask here. trying to wire a computer fan direct to battery with an in-line fuse and toggle switch to turn fan on & off. the fan has 2 wires coming off motor (red & red w/black) the switch has 3 terminals (pos/light/neg) everything i've tried has the fan running constantly(cannot switch it off) the switch illuminates when i turn it on. can anyone tell me what wires need to go where thanks

    i need help wiring a computer fan

    fan still works. and i have no doubt it kept my engine temps down during the race. i ran the fan the entire time. fwiw,,,it's a cheapo with a sleeve in lieu of bearings. and yes,,,i know all about keeping this bike moving to not over-heat. i've owned it 10 years afterall. normal local trail riding i almost never saw the red light on standard bore. on the rare occasion i did, i would just shut it off & wait a minute. what happened last time i did this race(2011) - bike idled a lot prior to race start. almost immediatley after the start it went into a technical section and there was a huge pile-up resulting in stand still traffic. my bike got hot and stated boiling out the coolant. i think they changed the track up a bit to avoid that this year. been running 434 cc for a while - perhaps that adds some heat too. anyway, here's kinda an after shot. removing taillight paid off... mud shovel finished 5th of 24 in the C open class & 55 of 155 overall. so i guess not too bad. i had a lot of fun & i don't have to rebuild the motor,,, so was a good day!

    i need help wiring a computer fan

    not the best pics, but here's what i got. let it idle for over 25 minutes with fan on & roxanne dint turn on the red light... i also changed out my fresh honda hp coolant for engine ice. dunno if that stuff is magic, but between the fan & coolant it's better than it was. wiring is fugly but functional so don't judge haha will clean it up & possibly upgrade fan in near future. but fresh bridgestones, linkage bearings, taillight & turn signals removed and minimum gas. wish me luck in the race please lol

    Looking for an alternative to carb boot clamps...

    oem should be fine and hard to beat with something off the shelve from a home center or hardware store. if they're in bad shape replace with oem

    i need help wiring a computer fan

    between you guys & a diagram i found on line it's working as it should. switch illuminates in the "on" position only and the fan rotates in the correct direction - have it set up in stock location to pull air thru the left rad.. fwiw, the max air flow of the fan is 78 CFM should be fine as the package states "120mm highest performance DC fan" haha anyway - i can't thank all of you enough for taking time to help me. always good to get your opinion as usual Ralph even tho i had it done before i read your reply - hope all is well this is how i wired it http://www.oznium.com/rocker-switch/tech

    i need help wiring a computer fan

    yes, i was... and yes, i am an electrical idiot as mentioned - thanks this helps - thanks love it - put it into idiot terminology for me - thanks. will try this tonight. gonna use this on S model with ims 2.6 tank - i no longer have the oe fan, which wouldn't fit with the ims anyway as far as i remember. not using the oem fan wiring, so no sensor. i just want to wire it direct to the battery with a switch that lets me turn it on & off. fan is from radio shack - don't have specs with me now. i am running a hare scramble sunday. last time i ran this race the bike over-heated early on in a slow moving section & i pretty much ran the whole race with over-temp light on & cooked the motor. was able to finish, but.... sooo,,, i just need this to last me one 5 mile race. will most likely leave it on the entire race. thanks again to you all for your help - will let you know how it works out.

    Is 13/47 streetable at all?

    13/47 is will be fine for crossing the street haha or short spurts on low mph roads. i wouldn't count on it being a good "dual sport" gear ratio - meaning 50/50 on/off or thereabouts. 13/47 = 3.615. i run 14/49(3.5) on the bike i use for about 95% off road & 5% on. i can tell you it works much better for where i ride than the stock 15/44. keep in mind i rarely see over 50 mph off road. i would stay with the 14 tooth c'shaft sprocket & play with the rear sprocket to suit your needs. the benefit of the 14 tooth is less wear then the 13 & less wear on the upper chain guide. you can still get close to the ratio you have now with a 49 tooth rear. anything more than a 49 tooth on the rear will result in increased wear on the lower chain guide. even with the 49 it helps to drop the guide down a bit. if you want lower than that then try the 13 tooth with existing 47 tooth rear sprocket. it all comes down to how you're using the bike & where you will compromise.

    FCR Shorter Choke Knob Kawasaki Alternative...

    why not just modify your current choke knob to suit. very easy mod & best of all it's free