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  1. drzdog

    extra fuel tank for DRZ long rides

    I think Baja design's carries a 1 gal. tank that replaces your left # plate and dos'nt bulge any farther than your right # plate.
  2. At age 42, I've only been riding for about a year. I've been reading mag.'s ever since to educate my self, and have a lot to learn. So my question of the week is "Why do they reverse shock's???" I notice my humble DRZs has them old stile but all the hot bike's have them reversed.... Hmmmm...
  3. drzdog

    heeeeelllllppp meeeeee

    ive already been there and i cant find a thing... thanks though. Im looking for a Honda CR400 but me and my friend just realized that maybe the reason it did not work is because we did not capitalize the CR so im gonna go check now .
  4. I am not the owner of this account, it is my dads and im at school right now. Im trying to find a good website that sells dirtbikes but for some odd reason my research skills are inadequet for this seemingly difficult task. If you could please reply and give me a website id be very appreciative Thanxx
  5. If you have rap around hand guards your grip might be rubbing against it causing your throttle to stick. that's what happend to me.
  6. drzdog

    clarke tank

    Any issues mounting the 3.9 on a "S" modol ? i.e. fan or horn clearance???
  7. drzdog

    drz 2005. Whats the best mods to do?

    Take off the air cover and yank the snorkle out and you will notice a slight improvement in power for 0 $$$. And slap a good skid plate on a.s.p. I'm happy with my moose skid plate (it bolted right on) but there are other good skid plates out there too. I've come to the conclusion that there is no way to make the stock carb on an "S" work as well as I want, though the jet kit helped. IMS foot peg's(wider) and an 1" longer shift lever are a GOOD thing! And I back the "new handle bar's as well. (once again wider)
  8. drzdog

    New Pipe or New Carb. for my 400s????

    10-4. So I'll notice a better power boost from a new carb. than I would from a yoshi pipe with the stock carb?
  9. drzdog

    Basic maintaince?

    I've had my DRZ400s for a year now and have 5000 mls. on it. I commute to work, so most of those miles are on the street. I check my air filter regularly and clean as needed. I change my oil every 1000 mls. A friend of mine is going to teach me how to replace my fork and brake fluids next week. Is there any thing else I should consider doing on my 1 year anniversary????
  10. drzdog

    New Pipe or New Carb. for my 400s????

    FCR??? sorry for my ignorance...
  11. I am a man of limited means, But Santa said I could do one up grade. I got a jet kit and a stock pipe. Should I buy a new carb?, or buy a Yoshi pipe for my DRZ400s
  12. drzdog

    large sand Hill in Phelan area

    Tree, I could'nt find the pic's, But that was a GREAT post.
  13. drzdog

    large sand Hill in Phelan area

    You strain your neck looking up this hill. And back in the day, on my RM, It felt like it took a minute or two to get to the top. It just go's on and on!!!!!!!! Oh, and if you come to it from the top side first. It's so steep that if you creep forward on your bike far enough to see the bottom, your pretty much committed to riding down it.
  14. drzdog

    Is TTR 230 Big Enough???

    Thank's for the imput Gearbox!
  15. drzdog

    large sand Hill in Phelan area

    I climed that hill several time's on my 85 RM 250 in 86. What a rush up and down. I was a beginer then, and still consider my self one now as I did'nt ride dirt from 87 till 03. When my friend first took me to that hill, this is the advise he gave me. 3rd gear, full throttle all the way. If you start loosing traction your not going to make it. So turn to the right ( so your kick start is'nt burried in the sand) and lay the bike into the hill. Catch your breath, then ride back down. If you make it to the bush'es, you'll make it all the way! ( of cource I have'nt seen the hill in 17 year's ) I bought a DRZ 400s a year ago and am back in the dirt again As far as going down hill's go'es... I've followed some friend's (who are much better rider's than me!!!) down some nasty hill's and have never fallen. Knock on wood! The way I go down is to brake with the rear as hard as I can with out locking it up, and using my pattoned anti lock front brake's (LOL!!!!!) Two finger's on the brake, stabbing and releasing hard and fast. The front wheel dos'nt have time to lock up and I still can keep my down hill speed under control. I'm not saying this is the best way, but it has worked for me. (So far) Question: What gear did you clime the "hill" on your DRZ400s???? Our bike's are geared higher, So when I make it out that way I was thinking of trying 2nd. Looking forward to your replie