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  1. Hey Dave...if you want to really get things messy try to make an adjuster to control the amount of preload on the mid spring. Maybe a rod in the rebound rod...etc with a clicker adjuster. Probably not feasible but a cool idea no doubt. Steve
  2. handlebar

    Sell the WR450 for a YZ250

    yes yes yes !!! Got rid of my WR450 06 and got an 07 yz250.Ride enduro's and trails and love it.Will never own another 4 stroke until forced to.The yz is much more flickable and easy to maintain.Stock suspension for trails SUCKS.You will need to get yours redone but will be very pleased afterwards.Try to get a 06 or up.They have the twin chamber forks and are a very worthwhile inprovement to the older forks.
  3. handlebar

    what stabilizer? 2006 yz-250

    i vote for the Scotts...has a high speed adjustment others do not have.Scotts also returns free to center and others do not meaning you have to fight the bars both way on others like GPR or WER. The high speed adjustment is what really sets it apart in rocks and roots however.Scotts makes a nice low mount that would allow you to keep your trailtech:thumbsup:
  4. handlebar

    Sending Suspension out????????????

    A rifle case works great...enough room for shock and forks and they are padded....pick up at wal-mart.
  5. handlebar

    Steering dampener's

    A steering damper will make your bike FEEL and handle better even with poor suspension but since you are just getting into the sport I would spend my money on good safety equipment first .then suspension next then perhaps a steering damper. I would also buy the Scotts damper. It is a much better unit than the GPR. For the GPR to work you just have to turn it up to high and if you get into anything tight it will pump up your arms.The Scotts damper you will barely know it is there. IMO a properly set up bike suspension wise will hardly need a steering damper but if you do add one it is the iceing on the cake. Properly setup suspension for your weight and ability is the most important and proper first step then the Scotts.
  6. handlebar

    velcro seal savers

    Seal savers will damage the plating on you fork legs over time if they are not keeped VERY clean.The dirt embeeded into the saver will act like fine sandpaper.Most of the time seal leaks can be fixed by the film trick.Savers work by keeping dirt from the seals.The film trick works by removing that dirt.When a seal leaks it is almost always a small peice of dirt that holds the lip of the seal off the tube and allows oil to bypass.Remove the dirt and fix the leak WITHOUT relacing the seal.
  7. handlebar

    does anyone think the rear brake is too touchy?

    Organic(some call graphite) brake pads will give a MUCH better feel and less grabyness feel to your brake...BUT will wear quicker especially in sand or mud.They also do not squeal like metalic pads and because the pad material insulates heat much better than the material on metalic pads you are much less likely to boil your brakes.They will wear quicker....but at least for me I like them.On muddy days or racing in sand I always use metallic pads.
  8. handlebar

    Where's my oil going? Arrgghh.... rings?

    The CRF250 motor will pump oil to the transmission side if the crank vent is blocked.The excess engine pressure will push it past the seal into the tranny.Been there:busted:
  9. handlebar

    Battery recomendations

    If you want to save a pound or two.You can purchase a 4 or 5 amp sealed lead acid from a online battery shop or most car part dealers.They are around $40.They will not spin the motor as long as the stock battery but plenty long enough for me to get it started especially when warm.It is working good for me.
  10. handlebar

    GPR Stabilizer in the way of Oil fill

    ! assume it is the pin holder collar you are refering to on the steering head?If so you can weld the pin holder to the steering head then grind an area away from the holder to access your dip stick.A picture would be good:thumbsup:
  11. handlebar

    Front fork rebound dubing clicks

    You did not screw the lock nut down on the damper shaft all the way before you reinstalled the cap. If you do it correct you should be able to spin the cap on by hand until it bottoms AND see a small gap between the locknut and cap.Also...back the adjustment screw ALL the way out before you install the cap.
  12. handlebar

    06 WR 450 Suspension adjusters?

    There both made by Kayaba but the WR fork is a cartridge design and the yz fork is a twin chamber design. A cartridge fork is older technology but can be made to work good IMO.The wr fork from the factory is much softer than the yz fork.If you weigh over about 170 and are going to MX your WR you will need some suspension work.
  13. handlebar

    06 WR 450 Suspension adjusters?

    You won't even think its the same bike after you do the mods....it's wheelies 1st thru 4th gear anytime after:applause: Remove the ais there is NO performance decrease and it will help eliminate deceleration poping.Its just there for emissions control.
  14. handlebar

    06 WR 450 Suspension adjusters?

    From 0 to about 3 turns...no clicking.Counterclockwise=decrease high speed compression. Clockwise=increase high speed compression It is used mainly for high speed movements in the rear shock that occur during jumping and hitting square edge type bumps like root ledges and rocks.Just play around with it .You will notice its affect.
  15. handlebar

    06 WR 450 Suspension adjusters?

    the high speed adjustment on the shock is the blue "nut" around the low speed compresion screw at the top of the shock.Just turn with a wrench(17mm I think?)