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  1. You mean got dominated by the Honda right?
  2. The 1190 is a gentle giant, once you get moving it doesn't feel 500 something lbs. My lady and i did a 3 day trip on one. As a rider and passenger we preferred it over the BMW1200GS and the Tiger800. The BMW's farkles are fun to play with but in no way make it a better bike than the KTM. We'll ride the Honda AF twin and a few others next few trips
  3. The "snap" cover is nice in theory but I've never liked it either. Always removed them and used the optional holes that use same bolts as the shrouds
  4. Not as long as the paychecks are still there. There will always be fresh meat for the grinder
  5. I'll give it to him at least he's not sitting on his ass whining about how he can't get a ride. He's doing what it takes to take care of his family and continue his racing career
  6. That track was like a Fisher Price "My First Supercross" play set...
  7. I just tossed a set 360's from the same gen. The only thing wrong with them was the elastic was shot, and some blood stains
  8. I sold my road bike last year and have been riding my cyclocross. Its slower but more fun and I can still get my spin on.
  9. Used market is definitely where its at, takes research but is worth it in the end. I'm fixing for an upgrade soon and my 13 Yeti Asr 5c is still a fantastically capable bike. Full carbon, 5 in front and rear, dropper, e/t/c a great upgrade for a lot of riders and it won't be priced anywhere near a new bike.
  10. The lefty works fine, not the best fork and surely no where near the worsr but cannondale loves the whole "unique" novelty stuff. The original one had problems, I worked with one of the guys who did testing on it, snapped a few of them lol.
  11. curious had he been doing any regular strength training?
  12. Finished 12th in points last season, does this help him come in with more race pace for 18?
  13. yes
  14. This is not uncommon, there are many companies that operate in the red or near it. Some try to do it on purpose which is another story