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  1. Arctic Pride

    Anderson down!

    They won't drop Anderson, he's a career Rock Star rider much like KR is a career Redbull rider...At least till Beer comes back
  2. Arctic Pride

    It's Not The Bike

    I forgot about this one, looks like the same thing that happened to Roczen but instead Kenny's was more violent, likely more speed/energy at the lip
  3. Arctic Pride

    Andrew short

    Kenny Roberts could ride anything on 2 wheels. Every once in a while a guy comes along who just has it from day 1
  4. Arctic Pride

    Andrew short

    So by that logic a pro flat tracker will be able to hold his own at Dakar or a National? Last I heard Russel trained at the Bakery with the moto guys, he did do well one moto at Unadilla this past season.
  5. Arctic Pride

    It's Not The Bike

    I find it hard to believe Ross knows how to ride a motorcycle...
  6. Arctic Pride

    It's Not The Bike

    Webb has said in interviews he feels much more comfortable on the KTM. Anyone know if Savage was riding a Honda?
  7. Arctic Pride

    Andrew short

    Just goes to show MX pro's are pretty much better at everything offroad.
  8. Finally got to watch the MOTO's. I still can't stand these short races
  9. Arctic Pride

    Is everybody racing for 5th every week and the OA in May?

    Barcia will always ride more aggressively towards a rider who he thinks he's better than.
  10. Arctic Pride

    Red Death (Revisited)

    This is highly dependent on the point in the riders career...
  11. Arctic Pride

    Jessy Nelson: Silver Linings

  12. Arctic Pride

    Red Death (Revisited)

    Roczen, Seely and Martin all within 1 year, Mookie just missed the cut...
  13. Arctic Pride

    Sheheen In for 2019 Commentator, the Pro Forum Can Rejoice

    It would make sense to use a portable light box with a timer for those starts.
  14. Arctic Pride

    Jason Needs That Mental Coach

    Wifi signals hacked, its like remote kill switch game. Probably hacked the brake wifi too, seized that caliper good n tight a few times now!
  15. Arctic Pride

    2019 Monster Energy Supercross Round 2 (Glendale) Smack Talk

    More like possibly career ending...