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  1. Hey, i live in michigan also. I have a JD kit, zip ty fuel screw, boyseen acc.pump, power now plus, CRd absloute performance pipe, and i was having a hard time thisyear also when it began to warm up. I would suggest trying to 168 with the red needle. And i beleive 1 1/4 turn and middle position. Also i changed my leak to a 40 and pilot to a 48, the pilot change really made a difference. Hey where abouts do ya live and do you compete in any of the d-14 enduros or ride around in the upper north part of michigan? If you do or ever need anyone to ride with Nick
  2. wr450aa

    Gearing for bike

    I know this is a little bit off subject but i have been working on my bike WR450f trying to get it ready for my next enduro. I have jetted over and over and use a CRD absolute perfomrance pipe. Now the question i was wondeirng if you guys could answer was if i should dropthe sprocket one tooth on the back. I installed the JDjetting and i rock after it gets hitting but like for some reason it lags for just a second. Any idea?
  3. wr450aa

    What makes the fast guys so fast?

    I couldnt agree more with the comment made about being relaxed. I have hade the pleasure to watch Juha Salminen and Steffan Merrimen to name a few and these guy ride so smooth, they relaly do look like htey are just crawling, but smooth lines and decisions in split second situations are why they are so good. Relax on the grips and just let the bike do the work and as the others have stated stand up centered ove the bike . For breaking if you want to stay on a little longer get way back when you do break and grab both a little it really will show in the woods and on the grass tracks.
  4. wr450aa

    Riding ruts, what's the secret?

    always remember with ruts that are super muddy or in a mucky area you really have no clue of what is underneath of them. I was following a guy on minute 29 and he was on 26 or so and he flew into the rut and the rut ended having a rock he took a nice header. PErsonally i stand up most of the time while riding, so i am able to react a tad bit quicker , zigzaging is an option or if they are shallow enough to see whats there i would personally stay right into it. ~Nick
  5. wr450aa

    Soft Sand Scares Me!!!

    no actually i ride right to the front in the wide sweeping corners but like with the tight corners and of course whoops i stand. I tend to be able to ride quite a bit faster standing up in certain situations, its because i have the time to react to any situation. my 450 will get out of corners pretty quiicly so sometimes i do need to be right at the front of the tank to get in the right postion.
  6. wr450aa

    Soft Sand Scares Me!!!

    I live in Michigan and we tend to have some pretty decent sand. It is much easier to ride in the deep sand with a powerful bike then it is to ride clay. With the sand always remember like all the others said just keep the bike twisting, and go with a stabilizer i personally am a fan of GPR. But if you really dont want to spend the money just keep the throttle on and in the corners when you go into the berm or even without a bermed corner it seems that your handlebar is going to touch the sand which most of the time its really close but let that back tire do the work. Also make sure that you have a good rubber on it . I use Michilen(i think i spelled it wrong). Use the s-12's which is for soft terrain and mud that will make all the better. Sand is the eastiest thing to ride in, just use to power of the machine, not the power in your arms. And as i mentioned before be happy to riding in the sand becasue down by where i live i live in clay and with my 450 its the powerslide king.
  7. Hey guys, i have an 04 Wr450F that i run with a CRd absolute Performance pipe. I have asked before about jetting and at the time it had worked great but i live in Michigan and the weather changes quickly. I am currently having problems with a slight hitch in the get along, down low it really isnt as responsive as it was when it was cooler, after it hits that point it revs fine but it still is a tad sluggish. The temperatures are going to be right around 80-mid 90's for my race next weekend with altitudes right about 750 to 850Ft with of course sandy trails(love em). Right now i am running #45PJ 1 3/4 turns Red #5 #170 main jet, with a 40 leak. I really dont have the time to go get different pilots before the race but everything else i have. IF any of you guys have any ideas how to get this bike to rip in these conditions it would be great. I need the all the power i can get. thanks, Nick
  8. wr450aa

    Just came back from Kalkaska.......

    May 1st we had the Arbor Day enduro. I was on row 28 and it was mostly 3rd and forth gear on a 450. It was decent trail, but too much of the Enduro was ran on the trail, needed more private land, but i heard the deal for the private land fell through. Anyways its a good trail but there are many other trails that rock in michigan
  9. wr450aa

    Houghton Lake area...which trails?

    Higgins Lake has some nice trails. If you want to go like hell go to Leota, because it is mainly a open trail. If you went east on M55 outta Houghtan Lake you can go to St. Helens which has some good trails-fast , and if you go outta Houghtan Lake go South some there is Denton Creek, another good trail. If you need any directions or more info i ride these trails monthly. Nick
  10. wr450aa

    DRZ vs WR450

    I have yet to fall upon a DRZ that outran a WR, the only possiblities are if you really spent some down on the yellow bike or if you wiegh about a buck 40 and the guy on the blue beast is over 200.
  11. Hi, I race a 04 WR450f with a CRD pipe and JD jetting and a zip ty fuel screw. Right now i am having a problem with acceleration. It seems to be quite boggy and really does not hit like i thought it would. When i come into a corner and want quick results it is almost to the point that i have to slip the clutch to build the RPM's. Im almost certain that I installed a 168 main, JDBlue on the 3rd clip,48 pilot, and a 40 leak jet. I am starting to become irratated. This bike should rip and it is lagging. If their is anyway any of you can give me a hand it would be much appreciated. Nick Rasmussen
  12. wr450aa

    Pipes For 2004 WR 450

    I was looking through pipes and wondered if anyone had any input on which pipe would produce the most power put still be around 96DB. I have looked at the Pro Circuit type 496, FMF "Q", and the Yoshimura Titanium Pro Series Exhaust. Any suggestions would be appreciated. IF you would like to send an e-mail to my box it is Rasmussen600@aol.com thank you NICK