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  1. The 2 gaskets on the left circled in green don’t seem to fit the power valve covers. The 2 on the right hand side do however. Possibly power valve covers to fit other year models?
  2. Hey guys doing my first top end on my new to me 2014 300 exc/xc-w. I got the cylinder replated and a genuine top end kit from my dealer as it worked out cheaper that way. In the kit it included all gaskets needed to complete the job. It may seem like a stupid question but I don’t understand why the 2 gaskets and 2 o-rings on the left side of the photo are included. I don’t remember taking off any gaskets of that size when I tore it down. Just want to make sure I’m doing it right. Also I’ve been given 4 different sized base gaskets. Does anyone know the standard size? Thanks in advance guys.
  3. hi, just a quick question for you. did you have to swap over the front wheel and front brake at as well when you did the conversion?
  4. Sounds good, might give it a go then
  5. Sounds promising. I added some oil to the forks and this helped slightly but it's still not up to a standard that id like. I am interested to see how the rear shock bolts up. Will definitely have a go if it works out for you
  6. My 97 wr200, still wanting black rims and suspension work but other than that it's a great bike. Has FMF fatty and pro circuit silencer.
    huge bottom end gains and much more over rev
    sounds and looks better than stock. small power increase
    huge power gain over stock, helps all the way through the rev range
  7. Forks were apart not long ago, probably 5 hours or so. The seals and oil were replaced. I don't know what the spring rates are. I weigh roughly 85kg (or 187 pounds).
  8. Thanks for the reply. What has to be done in order to stiffen the rear shock?
  9. ok so here is my problem, I've got a 1997 yamaha wr200 which i absolutely love, however i am starting to out perform my suspension. the front end is especially bad, this really shows when jumping and when crossing over logs. it is simply too soft and bottoms out too easily i have tried adjusting the forks from below by turning the dials under there however this didn't do anything. my main question is would it be possible to swap the front end off of a early model yz or wrf. by front end i mean triple clamps, forks, front wheel and front brake system. if this isn't possible are there any other way to improve the forks without having to spend heaps of money in getting a dealership to rebuild them completely. thanks in advance
  10. i would recommend a Honda CRF230f as they are unbreakable and it would give you room to grow into it. i am 15, around 6 foot and i ride a 1997 Yamaha WR 200 2-stroke. i would have to say that an xr80 is much too small for a 15 year old.
  11. My 1997 wr200. Half way through restoring it. All internals are good. It's all frame and plastics now.
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