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  1. Biff Barf

    The Hill wagon

  2. Biff Barf

    Bolt on Parts

    Well it worked for Dungey , why not give it a shot . You could show him how it works .
  3. Biff Barf

    If you're an Anderson fan I got bad news for you

    Sloaner has choked on more sausage than Richard Simmons at Cocktoberfest .
  4. Biff Barf

    RIP JD Gibbs

  5. Biff Barf

    The Hill wagon

    Yes I did , I bet on Tomac for the 2018 SX title . I had two bets , one with you and someone else . The other dude I paid directly to his pay pal . The bet I had with you was to the Kurt Casselli foundation, I was surprised when the Caselli family wrote a thank you card , I cried like a little girl . The OP of the original thread I posted in to make the two bets acted like he and I made a bet , no bet was made or confirmed with him . Just you and someone else and both where paid .
  6. Biff Barf

    The Hill wagon

    Hill is going to be a contender for the sx championship .
  7. Biff Barf

    Good Read: Bob Hannah Interview

    Hannah was right . I have a young family member who I taught to ride , race and put out a 100% effort . His dad ( who never rode )stepped in and took over . Now the kid just putts around causally around the track at 50% or 60% and his mom and dad think he is the next big thing . His dad can’t even tighten his chain .
  8. Biff Barf

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    It’s a trivia question
  9. Biff Barf

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    What does Harvey Mushman and RV have in common?
  10. Biff Barf

    Just think

    The slowest motocross racers on the planet will be lining up in Vegas this weekend.
  11. Biff Barf

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    #11 Sand was not deep enough
  12. Biff Barf

    Official 2018 MXoN Smack Talk Thread

    Top 10 reasons Team USA gets the shit kicked out of them on Sunday #1 Dungey and Villopoto retired #2 Jason Anderson got hurt goon riding at the practice track #3 Zack Osborne aged out of the MXoN #4 Jet Lag #5 no time to prep # 6 someone stole the teams MAGA hats from the team hauler #7 unfamiliar track #8 new bikes #9 food poisoning from Applebee’s #10 track was like a SX
  13. Biff Barf

    France to honor Musquin

    By removing the red and blue from their flag . 🇫🇷
  14. Biff Barf

    Glen Helen...Round 2 AMA Pro Motocross_Bench Racing

    Raise you hand if you like the French Raise both hands if you are French
  15. Biff Barf

    Hangtown MX Bench Racing... Round 1

    Cig is a former 80cc D rider . He was going to be the next Mark Barnett . His racing ended when the police ran the vin # on the hot little Suzuki and returned it to the legal owner . So that pretty much makes him an expert here in the land of make believe .